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SMP Midwest Welcomes Our Advertisers + A Discount + A Giveaway!

Today we're thanking our lucky stars for WASIO photography, the sole reason your Saturday is about to take a giant step up from normal to extraordinary.  I'm talking an entire portfolio of jaw-droppingly gorgeous images from one of the most talented photography teams you will ever meet.  How's that for the perfect weekend?  Dive into all of the pretty (+ a discount and giveaway) below! From...


You'll love these vendors in Illinois

Hello Darling, floral and even...
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The Laugh Box
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LOLA Event Productions
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Loudbyte Cinematography
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SMP Massachusetts Welcomes Our Advertisers + A GIVEAWAY!

You know what I love more than anything?  Pretty, pretty paper goods.  Ask any one of my friends and they'll tell you... hand me an exquisite letterpress invitation and I'll be over the moon for days.  So the amazing Tweedle Press?  I love them.  Because not only do they have drop-dead gorgeous invitations and stunning paper goods down to a serious science, they also happen to have some of the finest customer service and know-how...


Chicago Wedding at Cafe Brauer by Kina Wicks Photography

Settle in because you are in for a gorgeous albeit insanely long post. You see, Kina Wicks takes really pretty pictures. The kind of pictures that tell a tale of one very lovely couple and their garden-inspired affair at Cafe Brauer. They also are the kind of pictures that are too gorgeous to edit down. Read: I made seventeen boards and could have...