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Portland Wedding from Geranium Lake Flowers + Erica Ann Photography

We weren't quite done with Geranium Lake Flowers after this mornings post. The work they do with flowers - it's magical. So it's a Geranium Lake Flowers kind of day on the LBB Blog. This Portland wedding, captured by Erica Ann Photography & Fine Arts, is filled with quirky little deets we love. Like those cheese grater luminaries - genius. The whole wedding is filled...


Peonies In Portland From Geranium Lake Flowers

This yummy, yummy, wedding took place in the deep darks of a Portland, Oregon wine cellar. It was the perfect setting for an intimate, romantic wedding because the tiny space was filled with family and friends. The bride and groom opted for soft candlelight to highlight the flowers and wine barrels and the overall effect was both cozy and luxuriously romantic. This is one of our favorites this summer because it just goes to show that a wedding needn't match the cost of your first mortgage.