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Portland Cambodian Wedding from Stott Shots Photography and Videography

I hope your manners are nice and polished, because after spending all morning with this Portland wedding, you are going to be profusely thanking the talent of Stott Shots Photography and Videography. I know I have been since I first laid eyes on it. There are so many fantastic pieces to this soiree, but they are all made even better by the couples' obvious love. It's beautiful.


Save the Date Handkerchiefs!

One of our readers, Rachel, sent me THE cutest pictures of her handkerchief save the dates and I had to share. Especially since it goes with our shabby chic theme for the day. Here's how she did it! I'd previously seen handkerchiefs and other bits of fabric printed on and really liked the idea of texture. I also wanted to create a keepsake. I ended up scouring ebay for about a month, collecting vintage handkerchiefs. In the meantime, I created a vintage-y layout using our silhouetted...