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Atlanta Wedding at Le Fais do-do from Jamie Howell Photography

This minimalist bride and her eclectic Southern groom combined their styles for a wedding theme dubbed "Modern Farmdustrial."  Both the church and reception venue, Le Fais do-do, were blank-slates and the couple took full advantage, creating a black+ white fête with rustic touches that was uniquely them! Throw in a stunning tiered Rivini gown, some adorable DIY elements and we've...


Marietta Wedding at Brumby Hall & Gardens by The Studio B Photography

You know what I love? Garden weddings and this is about as gardeny as they come. You know the type: loads of greenery and fresh florals as far as the eye can see. This Georgia peach has all that and more with images by The Studio B Photography that tell a tale of an oh so in love couple and their alfresco shindig with the cutest floral bridesmaids dresses might I add.