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Southern California Wedding from Frame 36 Photography

This wedding is not just perfect. It's perfect for today. For a day when Fall feels like it's slipping away and we (read: I) are clinging to the sweetness of pretty wraps, bottles of wine and a gorgeous al fresco celebration. So guess what you get when you layer on beautiful, utterly romantic photography by Frame 36, a bride who literally can't contain her gorgeousness and a groom who is entirely adorable? Well, you get me. A very...


Los Angeles Wedding Full of Glamour

Every inch of this Los Angeles wedding is dripping in gorgeous, old Hollywood style glamour from the rooftop venue to the perfect in every way Claire Pettibone gown. It doesn't get much cooler, until you take in the art that is photography by Frame 36. We have a feeling the guests came for the gorgeous views and stayed for the love and the pretty cake.