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Ojai Tomato Farm Wedding from Amber Events

Monday mornings are perfect for foggy weddings. What is it about foggy-day weddings that is so absolutely romantic? Maybe it's because everything seems closer and more intimate somehow. Or maybe it's the lighting. Whatever it is, I'm proclaiming myself president of the foggy-day wedding club. I'm also proclaiming myself present of the fan club for this California wedding. Sent to us by Amber Events, the whole affair has put me into a...


Malden Island Wedding from Maine Seasons Events + Jenny Moloney

Maine has always been on my travel bucket list (which seems to be growing and growing since I started this job!) but after this fantastic waterside affair, I might be heading north pronto. The wedding, captured by Jenny Moloney Photography, went down at the groom's family's private home on Malden Island, and was designed and planned by Maine Seasons Events. The result?