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Wedding Cinematography by Elysium

Elysium is far and away one of the best cinematographers out there. Their work is intimate, it's artistic but most of all it's real. I know that many of you don't necessarily have the budget for a cinematography, BUT if you can make it absolutely should. I pull out my own wedding video all the helps me to stay connected to my husband and to a day that I put so much love and energy into.

I could babble on forever, but instead, I'd rather introduce you to Julie...


Wedding Cinematography

Wedding Cinematography is one of those things that may or may not make it on to your wedding checklist. I debated whether to hire a videographer for months, as the added expense seemed to tip the scale just a bit too far. In the end, we did hire someone to film the wedding and to this day....I think that it was the best decision we made throughout the planning process.

I've probably watched my wedding video twenty or thirty times since I got married. Every time, I see something...