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Tampa Wedding at Davis Islands Garden Club by Justin DeMutiis Photography

Let me just start off by saying that burlap and mason jars make my heart sing.  Like, seriously sing. So, when I saw them popping up in this gorgeous Tampa affair, I knew we were in for a day of non-stop lovely.  And - with my fave organic details and pretty purple hues joining forces with a garden party extravaganza like you've never seen.  It's lush whimsy meets downright perfection meets a gallery full of breathtaking images by the ever-so-talented ...


London Wedding Film from MintySlippers

Good morning my lovely LBBers. You'll want to put down your coffee before you watch this London wedding from MintySlippers. Why? You will have a permagrin on your pretty little face from the moment you hear what this groom has to say about his lovely bride - and I don't want to be responsible for spilling coffee on your keyboard. So enjoy, liquid free, and have a fabulous (and hopefully wedding filled) day! [iframe http://player.