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Bridesmaid Jewelry Round-up, Part II

We are chatting with our adorable round-up editor, Carrie, about all things bridesmaid today. All about those little piece of jewelry for your girls to wear, making their already gorgeous look, even better. Hopefully, today will give you some really great, always chic ideas for your favorite maids!

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You've chosen the dresses, now you just need the perfect accessory to bring your bridesmaids to wedding-day-ready status. I know I am not alone in thinking that the...


Bridesmaid Jewelry Round-Up

I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend! We spent the weekend soaking up baby time, sneaking in bits of work while she slept. It was one of those really great weekends that you always keep close.  As for today, our new round-up editor, Carrie, is back with some absolutely gorgeous jewelry finds, perfect for your absolutely gorgeous girls. So without further ado!

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After last weeks...