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St. Louis Art Deco Wedding from L Photographie

Christmas is just 364 days away my loves, and we have an early, absolutely gorgeous, present for you to unwrap today in a gallery if images from L Photographie. You'll find an Art Deco, Great Gatsby, Old World New Orleans inspired fĂȘte complete with a cake so wonderful we have been dreaming about it for days, balloons galore, and a Second Line Band escorting...


Whimsical South African Wedding from dna photographers

I've never been (but have no fear, it's been on my Must Travel list for ages) but I'm here to say South Africa must absolutely be FUN. Every wedding I see from the Rainbow Nation has the most perfect touch of whimsy to balance the crazy in love romance, and this one is no exception. We've fallen for the rainbow of bridesmaids, the fab florals, and the fantastic relaxed ballroom setting, all captured brilliantly by dna photographers.