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Bayfield Engagement Session from A Simple Photograph

From their adorable wellies to the tandem bicycle, this couple is cute as apple pie. I opened up the engagement session, sent our way by A Simple Photograph, and with the first glance of the two of them in a field, I knew there was nothing simple about it. Two people whose lives have continuously crossed paths, from the time they were young, finally engaged. And planning a fabulous wedding in Tuscany. Can it get any better than that?


Fredericksburg Wedding At The Hoffman Haus

Ahhhhh.... although Fredericksburg is about 90 miles northwest of San Antonio, it still almost feels like "home" to me. It is a charming community, rich in pioneer Texas history and many of the original dwellings have been restored to their traditional German architecture. It's the kind of place where the hustle and bustle can be left far behind and big deep breaths are the order of the day. And so it comes as no surprise that Anne & J.B. would choose Fredericksburg for their destination...