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Gift Guide: Jewelry & Accessories

Hi, lovelies! It's gift guide time, LBB style. I really hope you aren't the super organized person who's already finished your holiday shopping, because we've got some pretty baubles for you today. I may have even added every single one a few to my own wish list. Let's face it, what gal doesn't love a little bling?! 1.


Bridesmaids’ Gifts Round-Up

Let's face it, our ladies do so much for us leading up to and on the wedding day that being a bridesmaid can almost be like having a part-time job!  Of course, they love us which is why they put up with our hysterical phone calls at 2am, shove cake into our hands when we forget to eat and are all around an awesome support system.  Bridesmaids' should be given a medal for everything they do or at least a fun gift.  When that gift can double as wedding attire even better!  I love the work...