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Brazilian Beach Wedding by Daniel Nobre

Up next in our lineup of goodies is a perfectly sweet beach wedding that is instantly going to cause a little pain in your heart for those warm summer days. Daniel Nobre was there to capture all of action on the sands of Tabuba beach in Ceará, Brazil. For even more of this South American beauty, head to the gallery. Sandy, beachy goodness awaits your click.

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We are a Brazilian-American combination, and we live in Washington, DC. We met each other almost three years ago in DC, It was love at the first sight and since then we have been together. Last year we got engaged in Negril, Jamaica and one month later we had our civil wedding in Vermont, where Johannes grew up. It was so beautiful and sweet, with a few good friends and his family. We tried to keep it simple and the wedding was all DIY. I bought my dress (from the 30’s) at a vintage store and we had an adorable morning/afternoon with our loved ones. But we decided to have another, bigger wedding in Brazil on the beach near where I am from, so all of my family and friends could attend. We made the wedding invitations ourselves, and they featured one of Johannes’ woodcuts. Our second wedding was August 7th and it was a dream. We rented a beach house at Tabuba Beach, Ceará (Brazil) and the ceremony was on the beach around twilight. I was wearing a custom made dress by a Brazilian designer who is a friend of mine. Johannes brought a seersucker suit from the U.S and was wearing a pink tie that I gave him. For the entrance, we had an accordion-solo and everybody was very emotional. During the wedding we did the “sand ceremony” which is very common in Brazil. The bride and the groom mix colorful sand, representing the two lives that are being made one. After the ceremony we had a reception at the house with live music, DJs, a fruit cocktail bar and a lot of fun. We wanted the wedding to have a fun and festive vibe, nothing too formal. We also tried to keep the rustic atmosphere and have spontaneous pictures, and we passed out buttons with cute caricatures of the two of us.

Photographer: Daniel Nobre / Ceremony Location: Tabuba beach – Ceará, Brazil / Reception Location: Beach house – Tabuba beach, Ceará, Brazil / Wedding Dress: by designer Silvania de Deus, from Brazil / Wedding Sandals: Calvin Klein

Colombia Wedding by Efeunodos Photography

If this is the way that people celebrate life, love and all things wedding in Colombia…beam me up Scotty. This wedding was actually submitted by the bride’s best friend, Valeria, whose adorable wedding we featured a few months back. And who, along with her husband Juan Felipe Rubio, happened to be the photographers behind these unbelievably lovely images. And they are so unbelievable lovely, I can hardly stand it. But before you dive in, remember that we have even more romantic, amazing, make-you-fall-in-love-all-over-again photographs right here.

colombia wedding

colombia wedding

colombia wedding 3

colombia wedding

colombia wedding

colombia wedding

colombia wedding

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The couple’s names are Andrés Montoya and Natalia Molina, they have been dating for 11 years, they were high school sweethearts!! Andrés works for Noel, a candy company managing international affairs, and Natalia is a graphic designer with a Masters in fashion marketing. They got married in an old colonial house near El Retiro, a small town near Medellín (the second largest city in Colombia) called Fizebad.

The decor was focused on origami cranes that we made ourselves. Natalia, Andrés and myself worked for months on them, making them all sizes and colors. Natalia has always been great at making origami animals (as teenagers she used to send me messages with the paper folded as a frog or a pig). We also loved the Japanese tradition of making 1000 paper cranes before the wedding meant to signify as much love, patience and tolerance as a marriage requires. We thought that was beautiful.

We also used lots of white lighting, so there were christmas lights tangled all over the place. For centerpieces, Natalia ordered the Ikea serving platters and in them she placed cupcakes made of different flavors: lemon, chocolate, strawberry, coffee (we are in Colombia after all) made by a local Medellín bakery called Como Pez en el agua.

Natalia also made the bouquet She bought the roses from one of the many exporters in our country and assembled it herself the day of the wedding. The bottoniers were comissioned by me as a surprise and were made by Paulina Valencia from Maria Fermina Accesorios who found a way to treat fabric in order to be able to fold it like origami.

The dress was designed by Natalia and a local tailor made it for her. The headpiece by made by local designer Carolina Malabet Tocados ( she has no website, you can see some of her works on my flickr) whom you can contact here. The shoes were custom made for Natalia by Tamara Bazdys also a local designer.

Perfect Wedding in Colombia, II

The bad news about today’s first featured affair is that it took place in Colombia, utilizing some of the best local vendors…which of course means that it might be hard to replicate the wedding. The good news is that many of the ideas are completely steal-able and could be done in just about any setting.


Here are a few details from the AMAZING photographers behind the day, Valeria and Juan

The bride and groom are really good friends of ours, Carlos and Laura, both industrial designers. All of the decorations were handmade by the beautiful bride Laura: the center pieces, the flowers around the altar, the sugar mushrooms in the center pieces, the bouquet…you name it, all was carefully planned and designed by her. The beautiful groom prepared the candle sign in cursive type that you see on the pics as a surprise for Laura who was absolutely thrilled.


The food was a Thai Stir fry, amazing, because once you picked your vegetables you went to a place where there were 4 cheffs each of them with 4 woks and they prepared your dinner with the exact ingredients you wanted: rice or pasta, curry and orange, pepper or tamarindo (a local fruit) sauce, peanuts or sesame. The wedding was catered by Banquetes Santa Mónica. The picture with the chalk board shows how the serving of the food was explained to the guests.

Don’t you agree that there is just something special about this affair? It’s thoughtful, it’s beautiful…and yet it seems so effortless. So lovely in it’s simplicity and style. Thank you so much to Valeria and Juan for introducing me to your work. I can’t wait to see more weddings from you!

Perfect Wedding in Colombia

Today’s first featured wedding is pure romance. I fell head over heels in love with these images the moment that I saw them and only wish that my own wedding was as effortlessly lovely.  The photographers that sent me the affair, Valeria and Juan, are a husband and wife team in Colombia…one a fashion and advertising photographer, one a photojournalist, the team has begun shooting weddings on the weekends. And man oh man, are they good.

This particular wedding was held in Rionegro near Medellín, in Colombia, at the bride’s parent’s home…


The bride’s gorgeous gown was made by the very talented Juliana Correa, designer of the Colombian brand OnA and is total perfection. Actually, everything about this wedding is as close to perfect as you can get. The music during the ceremony was all performed by friends who are musicians (the best man was actually playing the piano!). At the end of the ceremony, the couple gifted their guests a cd with the music that had played throughout the evening.


More on the way!