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Peru with Merari Teruel

This is now the fourth time this month that Peru has made its way onto my radar. That’s got to be a sign, right? I knew it was chock full of gorgeous sights to be seen, but after taking a look through Merari Teruel’s photos, I’m fairly confident that I need to experience it for myself. Because, and let’s be honest here, this is not something I want to miss! There’s more from this wonderful trip right here in the gallery.

From Merari TeruelPeru is a country full of rich history and friendly smiles. I’d been wanting to go to Machu Picchu or the Lost City of the Incas since high school. I’m a bit of a history nerd and visiting an ancient Incan city got my nerdy antennas going. As a photographer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore such a place with my camera. I volunteered my sister to come along and we headed to Peru for a week for a little sibling trip.

We purposely didn’t plan all that much since my favourite part of adventuring is getting lost and finding things off the beaten path. We walked miles upon miles, rode horses, a train and many, many buses. Along with Machu Picchu, we had the chance to visit Cusco, Aguascalientes, Pisac, Saqsaywaman, Urubamba, Oyantaytambo and the capital: Lima. All with unique history and all filled with the kindest people. Markets, little shops, children playing with baby llamas and men playing their flutes was the usual scene throughout.

We drank Coca tea every day which helped a ton with altitude sickness, and the typical dish of Lomo Saltado, steak and potatoes with rice, was enjoyed consistently. So good!

Our headquaters in Cusco was the Ninos Hotel. I researched quite a bit for an affordable, clean and beautiful place to stay for the trip and this place did not disappoint. It’s an old villa filled with bright colors, beautiful flowers and the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. On top of that, all proceeds from the hotel go to the Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation which help local Peruvian children with schooling, meals and medical assistance.

Peru was a wonderful learning and exploring experience. It’s humbling to stomp on the grounds were folks used to live hundreds of years ago. People who lived quite differently than we do now. I highly recommend everyone make it out there at least once in their life! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will cherish forever.

Photography by: Merari Teruel | Hotel: Ninos Hotel Ninos Unidos Peruanos Foundation

Itapema Beach, Brazil Destination Wedding from Alem Photo

I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of visiting Brazil ever since a good friend of mine spent two months soaking in the amazing landscape and culture.  He said it was awesome… and after seeing this sweet affair captured by Alem Photo, I agree whole-heartedly.  A fun-filled day set against the beautiful Itapema Beach, it’s drop-dead gorgeous blooms from Clari Decorações meets a laid-back, yet elegant vibe meets one of the most stunning brides you will ever see.  Join me in the gallery for all of the pretty.


From the Bride… Our ceremony and reception took place on the beach of an oceanfront restaurant in Itapema, Brazil.  We rented a wooden deck and a tent, which, in combination with the decorations created a wonderful ambience. We were both so thrilled! The reception was on-site, at the restaurant, immediately following the ceremony. We had a beautiful reception, filled with flowers, the finest seafood of South Brazil, and a wide range of delicious desserts. It was an incredible night, everyone looked so happy and we saw all our guests enjoying the party!

Dave and I like to travel and live abroad. Subsequently, there were guests from the United States, China, Colombia and Brazil. They were able to experience American and Brazilian cultures in one big event. In both the ceremony and reception, we kept some Brazilian traditions, while adding some American flair to almost everything we did. As an example, instead of the classic garter toss, Dave followed a Brazilian tradition of being blindfolded, spun around, and placing a tie over the head of one of the bachelors, who move in a circle around him.

As a graphic designer, I loved creating the plans and layouts for my own wedding. Things went very smoothly with my wedding decorator as I gave her a clear picture of what I wanted, so she was able to do her job of making it all possible. It was breathtaking to see all of mine and Dave’s work come together just as I had imagined.

Fourteen people came from America to see us say “I Do” and I wanted to make sure that everything would look perfect for them, since they had come all the way to Brazil. Our American family and friends loved the atmosphere and the joy that the Brazilian culture brought to the reception party. Likewise, our Brazilian guests were amazed with all of the American details we added to our big day!

Wedding Photography: Alem Photo | Ceremony Venue: Itapema Beach in Itapema, Brazil | Reception Venue: Recanto da Sereia Restaurant in Itapema, Brazil | Wedding Cinematography: Mottiva Filmes | Wedding Coordination: Agape Cerimonial | Floral + Event Design: Clari Decorações | Catering: Recanto da Sereia Restaurant | Wedding Cake: Eveline Maia | Dessert: Menta Pura | Macarons: Les Amies Macarons | Music: Tiago Catafesta | Wedding Stationery: the bride Perfetto | Wedding Dress: Yolan Cris Barcelona | Bride’s Headband: Black Tie São Paulo | Bride’s Shoes: Macy’s | Hair + Makeup: Juliane Friedrich

Brazilian Save-the-Date Film by Par Filmes

Save the Date gone glam, this film by Par Filmes is the epitome of chic. It’s cinematography with style, and sweet as all get out. Can you imagine getting something like this to announce the day a couple was tying the knot? It’s just beyond. It’s all style and sweet sentiments, so get cozy and get ready for some serious heart fluttering…

From Par FilmesThis is Kelly and Felipe, and they will marry on September 29th. They work together at a fashion brand, and they asked us to make them a save-the-date film inspired by vintage cinema and fashion editorials. We loved this idea and booked a real vintage hotel room at Belo Horizonte, a big city in Brazil. Finally, to make everything still more special, the groom wrote a letter to his bride, but she didn’t know anything about it beforehand. It was a real surprise!

Carol and Renato of Par Filmes / Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil