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5 Reasons to Add this Colorful City to Your Travel Wish List

We talk about a ‘pop of color’ all the time in weddings, home and fashion. But travel? I don’t think we’ve ever featured a mini guide as hue-happy as this one. Captured by Studio Finch, Cartagena is just the destination you should look into if you’re craving a dose of color. Studio Finch is giving us a head start with these 5 must-do’s!

From Studio FinchCartagena, Colombia is one of the most amazing hidden gems I’ve ever seen! It’s an adorable walled city port town, filled with color and lush flowers everywhere. Caratagena is located on the northern coast of Colombia, filled with cobblestone streets and colorful stucco buildings from the 16th century. Everywhere you look, there is a pop of color, hat and fruit salesmen. Out of all of the amazing things to do and see in Cartagena, here is the list of recommendations I was able to narrow down.


It’s a must! Cartagena is an old pirate port town, and with that comes the most delicious raw seafood in citrus juices. You can get it at just about any restaurant, or ceviche truck. To go for authentic, go for the ceviche trucks!

Go for a stroll on the walls surrounding the walled city.

Parts of Cartagena’s walled city has portions of it which you can walk on. The best time of day to go for a stroll on the historic wall is just before sunset. You can have the amazing opportunity to watch the colors in the sky change as the sun goes down.

Watch the traditional perform at night at Plaza de Bolivar.

Another bonus, it’s free to watch! The plaza is filled with young couples dressed in traditional outfits. The dances have so much energy, and also tell a story.

Enjoy a beer on the wall at sunset.

At El Baluarte Tasca-bar, on the South Eastern part of the wall, you can enjoy a beer while listening to the live music in a wooden adirondack chair.

See the arches Torre del Reloj.

Not too far from El Baluarte Tasca-bar you can wander around the square and see the historic arches. The beautiful arched gate walks you into Plaza de la Aduana.

There are so many things to do, and so much color to take in that I highly recommend seeing this beautiful town for yourself. Fun touristy tip: check out the Russian themed bar! It’s on the NorthWest corner of the Plaza Fernández de Madrid.

Photography: Studio Finch | Film Lab: The Find Lab

San Andres Island Wedding from Valeria Duque Photography

An amazing way to start the work week?  This darling affair captured by Valeria Duque Photography, or as I like to call it, a destination love fest with pretty pink hues, a darling bride and groom and a little “day before” session magic mixed in for good measure.  It’s basically the perfect combo for a whole lot of pretty and you can see it all right here in the full gallery.


From Valeria Duque Photography… When Salua called me last year to tell me she was going to get married in the beautiful island of San Andrés and wanted me to take her pictures I was jumping up and down with joy! not only is the island a gorgeous locations for pictures (pool like ocean, palm trees, white sand, etc…), but I knew Salua and her now husband, Pocho, from another wedding I shot in San Andrés a couple of years ago and they are both such lovely and fun people!

Things got even better when Salu told me that she wanted to do a pre-wedding session around the island the day before, this might seem like a normal thing to do in the US but in Colombia, it’s a miracle when the bride is okay with being seen by the groom before the wedding.  This was a first for me (and I have been shooting weddings in this country for five years now), so I was really looking forward to this afternoon and my expectations were absolutely fulfilled!! We visited some amazing places, like the old baptist church, and La Loma neighbourhood which is the oldest and more typical part of the island!  Afterwards we went to El Cove, a beautiful rocky beach where the sunset is played at it’s best! We rode around in Salua’as brother’s Vespa and had fun with the rest of the pictures, a sweet detail was the sign that they held reading “quiero todo contigo” which means “I want everything with you.”

It was so good to feel calm and have plenty of time to do all kinds of things, and having all of the couple’s attention on the pictures and what we were doing. Normally at a Colombian wedding, I get 20 minutes tops to shoot the couple’s pictures and they are, more often than not, concerned with whether the guests arrived okay, or the band has set up, etc, etc….

The wedding decoration was inspired by the colours of the caribbean and the island, every table was named after a part of the island, and the invitation was an illustration of the couple with the line “hasta que la vida nos alcance” which means “till there’s no more life to live.”  On every plate there was a fortune cookie as a present for each guest with customized quotes selected by the bride and groom.

San Andrés is known for it’s beautiful ocean, that’s known as the sea of seven colours, because of the different shades of blue and green that you can see in it, it’s also a natural reservation and it’s coral reef is one of the most beautiful in the world!

Photography: Valeria Duque Photography | Gown: Saja | Shoes: David's Bridal | Club: Nautical Club, San Andrés | Decoration: Sai Weddings | Groom's Shoes: Lacoste

Taller de Oficios de Barichara Wedding by efeunodos photography

Held in the small, picture perfect Colombian town – Barichara, this wedding by efeunodos photography is a cultural beauty for sure. Rich in tradition and style, each and every detail reflected the couple’s personality. Of course I can’t go through this entire post and not mention the couldn’t-be-cuter flower girls and the bride’s FAB dress! It’s a cultural celebration full of love and style, and there is even more to see in the full gallery!

Click here to see the entire gallery of images!

From efeunodos photographyThis is a very special wedding because it was done in one of the most beautiful towns of our country. It’s a small very well-kept colonial town called Barichara, it’s located between the mountains very close to Parque Nacional del Chicamocha, a gorgeous natural park. The bride’s name is Maria Juliana and the groom’s name is Luis, they both live in Bucaramanga a city about 2 hours from Barichara by car. They decided to get married in Barichara because they wanted a wedding with a lot of personality and in a place that would be different from the city and they chose well!

They got married in the main church of the town plaza, a beautiful and huge colonial church, everything was decorated in beige and pink, pink symbolizing Maria and beige symbolizing Luis and their union. They used organic materials such as felt, and a local fiber called Fique for the decorations. The bouquet, boutonnieres, flower girls headpieces and flower girls shoes decorations were hand-made by request of Maria Juliana by Puro Love. The wedding reception took place at the lovely Taller de oficios de Barichara, a big house that works as a school for local artisans and crafters, they divided that venue in several rooms each having the name of a different craft such as: cooking, pottery, carpentry, etc.

The bride and groom met an hour before the ceremony in a colonial house to take some pictures, after the ceremony they walked the 2 blocks to the venue with a typical town band playing music and all the guests followed. The men were dressed in Guayaberas, typical Colombian attire that is considered formal in warm weathers and that looks amazing because all the guys wear white. After a toast by the bride’s father,  dinner was served and the party lasted until 4:00 am.

Wedding Photography: efeunodos photography / Wedding Gown: Pronovias / Bouquet, Boutonnieres + Flower Girl Headpieces: Puro Love / Bride’s Shoes: Jorge Ramirez / Groom’s Suit: Distinguidos / Floral Design + Decor: Marta de Bohórquez / Venue + Catering: Taller de Oficios de Barichara / Band: Rey and Rey / DJ: Nicolás Rojas / Wedding Cake: Pastelería Nevada

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