Rehearsal Dinners

It seems that these days, rehearsal dinners often rival the actual wedding! We’ve seen some pretty amazing rehearsals come across our desk which has only reaffirmed our belief that one man’s rehearsal, is another man’s wedding. Here are a few of our favorites…

* * *

1. Planned by Lisa Vorce and photographed by Aaron Delesie, I heart this affair. Totally festive, totally casual…a style that is doable on lots of different budgets. This rehearsal dinner got a ton of love from readers too, which is a big plus in our book.

rehearsal dinner

2. This rehearsal is probably one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. Again, planned by Lisa Vorce and photographed by Aaron Delesie, it’s all about the chic. Could totally be a wedding.

aaron rehearsal 2

3. Jose Villa photographed this one, Alison Hotchkiss planned it. A dream team, no doubt. And, it was flawless. So, needless to say, it definitely makes our list of favorite rehearsal dinners! Their wedding actually made our list of favorite weddings, too.

jose villa alison hotchkiss

Don’t you see what I mean? The rehearsal dinner can be so much fun, so full of style and personality. We can’t wait to feature more and more of these!