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Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple portfolios. How do I merge them into one portfolio?

Email support to request a merge. Please include the full name of your company and your website url. A link to each portfolio is great, too!

Should I have multiple portfolios if I have different services under my umbrella?

Maybe. It's best to talk it out with someone in support as there are various reasons that you may or may not want multiple portfolios. Vendors who require multiple portfolios usually have brick and mortar stores with different street addresses or venues with different properties. Generally speaking, it's best to only have one portfolio.

Some of my real wedding features aren't showing up on my portfolio. How do I get them there?

Some of the older weddings (2013 and before) did not make it into our migration. We can manually update most of these so just shoot an email to support and we'll see what we can do.

For all other weddings (2013 and after), it is usually due to a crediting error. In either case, please send us the link to the wedding in question and we'll do our best to get it squared away!

How do I submit through my portfolio?

As you add a collection, you will see an option to submit for publication on the lower left of the window. Please make sure the vendor credits and images selections are complete before submitting. After clicking “Submit for Publication”, you’ll need to add a 3-5 sentence description and location, then click “Next” to finalize your submission.

I accidentally hit submit but I didn't intend to submit. What should I do?

Just shoot support an email and we'll make sure to note on the back-end that the wedding is not for review. And if for some reason it sneaks by you, don't worry, you will get an email from the submissions team and you can let them know then.

Can I use the old submissions page?

Yes, the old submissions page is still available, although any submissions uploaded through it won’t automatically be added to your portfolio unless they are accepted to be featured on our blog.

Where is my portfolio album of images from my old LBB portfolio?

Your previous portfolio album is in your new portfolio as a collection titled “Favorites”. You can move this collection to the top of your portfolio page (or any other portfolio position) if you prefer.