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My love of hair styling started early. When my friends were busy dressing Barbie, I was braiding her hair. When I didn't have access to a doll I braided grass or the fringe on the afghan blankets that always kept our sofa warm at home. when I was tall enough to reach I became the family hair cutter with a folding chair and sewing scissors in the garage. And by high school I had a regular 'clientele' of girls taking turns sitting in front of me in science class to have their hair styled during lectures. They paid me by sharing their notes. And of course prom day was always busy for me.

In beauty school I quickly became the go to for bridal parties, quinceaneras, and prom. I had won my first styling competition and had my first published wedding in Bride Again magazine before I officially had my license. As the years have gone by I have learned that as much as I love the creative aspects of my career, I am just as in love with the people. Getting to be in the background as families come together to celebrate the most important days of their lives, well, there is nothing more soul satisfying! It never gets old for me. As they say, the rest is history. I feel more than certain that I have found my niche in life and I couldn't love it more.