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Starling And Sage

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMP
We, Starling and Sage, are a husband and wife team that travel worldwide, documenting moments of wonder with adventurous couples in love. Emotive, Stirring, Radiant, Artful Masterpieces. When we think about photography, these words come to mind. Because photography is our fine art, we live and breathe its beauty and finesse. But besides photography, we truly are in love with love. Having a crazy love story ourselves (read about it on our website!), love is the real reason we get up in the morning, excited to be a part of the most amazing day.

We want to tell your story in the most romantic, wonderful, authentic way, with family, with friends, and the one you call your favorite person in the world. With every curated click of our shutter, we promise to show you the moments of wonder all around you – the radiance of your skin as you walk down the aisle, the softness of your veil as it blows in the wind, the smile of your beloved as you reminisce about what it took to get to this moment.

Here’s to a lovely journey of friendship, laughter and wonderful memories.