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If we had to choose one word to describe the whole process of a wedding
celebration this would be: Together.

Two people dreaming of life together. A team of vendors working together.
A group of family and friends dancing, laughing , creating amazing memories together.

In Showtime we stand above offering "just successful events". We create,
we innovate, we share our commitment and energy, trying to make everyone shout:
"It was the best wedding party I have attended".

We are not just “DJs”, and no two events are ever the same for us at Showtime.
There is no “standard.” There are no “packages.” There is no average.

Every single day of the year we dream , we work, we live, we grow with one vision.
Inspiring you to have the celebration of your dreams, promising you and delivering
an absolutely awesome entertainment and making your wedding so personal and
amazing, that people will always remember.

So are you dreaming of just a successful wedding celebration or an awesome one?