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Our Labor of Love

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPhoto BoothPublished on SMPLBB Since 2008
Our unique photographs capture real beauty—the kind of beauty you find only in the original, in the actual, in the present. We don’t have models for what we find beautiful, and we don’t shoot anything stock. We see beauty in everyday moments when people are living their lives, and we will capture your beauty as you live it, in your real moments, in your natural environments, in your candid presence.

What you won’t get from us is any cheesy, stuffy, smile-for-the-camera, awkwardly forced photography. No senior picture, prom pose, boring blah here. We know that’s not the way you live your life, so why would you want to memorialize that schtick by framing it and putting it on your wall?

We know how to deliver you to you, in photo form—the you who is clean, fresh, simple, authentic, charming, colorful, quirky, fun. We think you, your family, your friends, and your true loves are beautiful, and any images you would want to keep should reflect the pure joy in your shared moments.

Sure, we bring our cameras when we meet you, but that’s not what makes our time together stand out. The cameras come out only after we’ve hung out for a bit, chatted, walked, moved, asked questions, put you at ease. We make sure you’re actually there, fully present, in the moment, before we help you memorialize it. Because what’s the point of capturing an image of a moment you weren’t even there for in the first place?

We’re about encouraging a natural and organic experience that you not only want to be in but that you want to remember having had. And with our photos, you will recall that experience, and you will revisit it with joy. Every time.