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Olimb Photography

Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I'm Cassie and my husband Andrew and I are Olimb Photography! We specialize in Wedding Photography in the 30A area of Florida along the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Like all photographers, I want my photos to stand the test of time. I want those future generations to not only see a beautiful portrait of a bride and groom at the alter, but more than anything what I want them to see is the joy, to feel the happiness and hope behind the image, to catch a glimpse of who their mothers and fathers, grandparents, great grandparents, who they once were.

I'm always looking for the wonder in life and in telling the stories found in the world around me. I feel as if my love of finding wonder, my love of writing, in finding the story, has allowed me a unique view into a bride and groom as they begin the rest of their lives together.