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Maria Sundin Photography
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Maria Sundin Photography

Maria Sundin Photography

Wedding Photographer

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Maria Sundin Photography is a Dubai based wedding photography studio focusing on weddings, lifestyle and portraits in the UAE and the Middle East as well as in Sweden.

As a brand and as a business, we’re all about capturing realness, simplicity, the gentle, the genuine and the serene. The natural moments that unfold on a wedding day, the precious moments at an engagement session or during the time spent with a close-knit family. The natural emotions we try to awake from creating an environment for an editorial shoot. Or the moments we capture for a brand to help positioning that brand as a lifestyle and as a source of inspiration.

We draw inspiration from all kinds of places such as movement, dance, history and from other types of art but also just from moments in every day life, the people we work with and colours. We completely emerse ourselvse in the creative process and constantly pay close attention to light.

If you'd like to have a closer idea what it would be like to work with us, we'd love to meet up with you, over Skype or in person in Dubai.