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Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Weddings

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMP
Weddings are a living, breathing phenomenon. Every couple has a love language that is unique to them and I am privileged to be able to capture that language on film. I live for it. I am moved by sincerity, gestures of purity, and the disappearing value of the tangible. My vision and aesthetic are paramount to who I am as as artist — my desire is to create photos that are full of life & express beauty in an honest way. For this reason, I choose to photograph using film — the organic nature of film allows me to slow down & turn a discriminating eye to detail and documenting moments that are meaningful.

The Gulf Coast of Florida is home to me; the idyllic seaside community I grew up in strongly influences my work today. I regularly photograph weddings all along the panhandle of Florida and the Southeast, but have also been fortunate to travel the world, photographing in destinations across the U.S. and abroad.