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Gabriel Navas

Wedding Photographer

PhotographyPublished on SMP
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I don’t feel comfortable describing who I am or how I do my work. I just can say one thing: the photography is my passion and my life. That’s because I have chosen a short review of the comments I get from my work on my blog:

"Gabriel is magic. That's the word that can best describe his work and himself.

He gives every instant, filled moments of emotion, he is able to capture the light and reflect it like a soul in each photograph.

And only when you see the picture you realice that he was there by your side, stealthy, creating flashes filled with harmony, passion, laughter .... He is able to capture the essence of each moment.

He is unique, he lives with such passion his work, that makes art in every work that you live next to him and his camera. It is a mystery how he translates feelings, complicity and soul ... Playing with the light, white and black, colors, frames etc, to present it in an original and creative way "