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Brighter Lights Media

Wedding Cinema

CinematographyPublished on SMPLBB Since 2013
Brighter Lights Media was founded in the summer of 2011 by Christopher Scesny & Christian Nachtrieb. Getting involved in the wedding industry was never out initial goal, but we wouldn’t change our journey in for anything. Having never seen a wedding video before, our idea was to simply try and bring that cinematic “big screen” feel to our lms, while at the same time keep an incredibly low pro le & avoid all the hassles typically associated with video production. After travelling the globe for some of the most amazing couples we’ve ever met... we believe we’ve succeeded in doing so. Our goal is to simply create something that’s fun, that really captures the emotion of your day, and deliver a professional keepsake you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Our team specializes in what’s known as “short form” wedding lms. e short form, as the name implies, is a more condensed, yet still very comprehensive movie that ties all the meaningful chapters from your wedding day into a very personal, romantic, work of art. Your lm is custom built from the ground up, with a thorough 70-80 hours of post-production work. We work tirelessly until every frame is placed, graded, and mixed, and your wedding day becomes our latest masterpiece, and your lifelong treasure.