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Alicia Swedenborg

Wedding Photographer

Manhattan & 2 more locations
Amalfi Coast
PhotographyDestinationPublished on SMPElopementsLBB Since 2012
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Renown scandinavian wedding photographer who shoots with film, serving the entire tri-state area. Inspired by emotions, light and traveling. Energized by a daily dose of chocolate and hugs. Laughs a lot and will probably shed a tear (or fifteen) during your ceremony.

I’m Alicia, a dorky farmer girl turned big city wedding photographer. I’m bubbly and laugh, a lot and loud. I’ve always wanted to be a tall dark bombshell, but i’m short and pale with a big sweet tooth. I have the worst luck, I’ll finish a good book in a day or two no matter how thick it is, my hair curls when I want it straight and it’s straight when I want curls. I hate to clean but love to have it clean and the divorce rate among my socks is astonishing. My voice is high pitched, I sound like a frog when I get the hiccups, cake makes me drool but I am celiac so I cant taste a crumb. I can’t do skin colored bandages. I have no good explanation to that, they just freak me out. I love to travel, if i could live in a suitcase visiting new countries every week I would (and I could probably afford it if I had a dollar for every bobby pin I’ve lost). I’m aslo obsessed with the sun, a cold glass of Pol Roger, strawberries, Kate Spade, a cute pair of heels and hugs. I luuuuv hugs. To hug, to be hugged. I’ll hug just about anyone, so watch out!

I’m based both in New York and Stockholm, and I charge no travel fee to any of those places and surrounding areas! I’ve been published in both national and international magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides and Vouge, and 3 times has my “real brides” been on covers! I’m also specialized in destination weddings and been to Italy, Russia, France, India, Brazil, Malta (to name a few places...) and all over the USA to document couples big day. I love my job. Like really love my job. Meeting new people and turning them into friends, making them feel and look fabulous infront of my camera. And I get to be a part of one of the biggest day in my clients life and it’s all about love – how can I not love my job?!