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Beautiful Outdoor Rochester Engagement Session

These two met online before it was the cool thing to do. In a chat room, 15 years ago they found love (trendsetters, I say) and to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, they grabbed Alexandra Meseke Photography and galavanted around the beautiful town of Rochester, NY. To say it’s beautiful is quite the understatement.

From the photography… Katie and Dan are the kind of people that make you fell better about the world. They have a love for life, that I find is so rare these days. They truly to their cores are humble, caring, kind, and giving people. From our very first email exchange I knew that Michael and I were really going to love photographing Katie and Dan’s wedding, and they hadn’t even booked us yet. I just had a feeling. We didn’t meet in person until the day of their engagement shoot this past July, and they certainly did not disappoint. They were fun-loving, out-going, super sweet, and completely HILARIOUS. The four of us were laughing it up the entire time. But even better, it’s not just that they were great in front of the camera(which they of course claimed they wouldn’t be), it was more that Dan had a wonderful way of showing his love and adoration of Katie even with the cameras there. The way he held her and looked at her, and nuzzled up to her had me squealing like a silly girl the whole shoot.

Neither Katie or Dan live in Rochester, but they knew that Michael and I are dividing our time between there and NYC, and they wanted to put the shoot into my hands, and trusted me to choose the locations that I thought best for their shoot. What a dream!! When a client gives you all the creative freedom you could want for their shoot, and send you an email full of inspirational shots from your own website, you know you’re a perfect match for each other. They gave me a few guidelines, but basically we got to wander around my favorite City of Rochester neighborhoods for an evening, and have a blast doing it. I was even able to find some spots I didn’t know existed. It was a GREAT shoot, and their wedding this fall at the Mansion on Delaware in Buffalo is sure to be a stunner.

From the Groom to be… When we tell people we met online, they invariably say something like, “Oh my sister met someone on eHarmony!” But you have to take it much further back, before, before Facebook, even before MySpace. For two kids who met arguing about music in an online chatroom in the days of dial-up internet, more than a thousand miles apart in different countries, we’ve come a long way. The odds against a Georgia boy ending up on one knee atop a snowcapped mountain popping the question to a Canadian girl must be astronomical, but when a thing is right you have no choice but to move heaven and earth to make it work. Fifteen years after that first chance encounter, we’ve traveled so many new places together that it only made sense to explore a new town for our engagement shoot. Alexandra Meseke showed us a side of Rochester we never could have seen without someone who was born and raised in the area. Her ability to help us relax and create genuine moments while maintaining attention to all the little details (not to mention her amazing husband Michael scouting locations and turning on a dime when we spotted a beautiful spot!) turned the shoot into a day to remember.

Photography: Alexandra Meseke Photography | Shoot Location: Rochester Museum & Science Center | Shoot Location: The Little Theatre | Shoot Location: Highland Park

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Rochester Wedding at the Harro East Ballroom by T & S Hughes Photography

Every detail counts…And that’s obvious in this wedding by T&S Hughes Photography. My favorite weddings are all about the delicate, personal touches that embody the story of the bride and groom. With prohibition style mason jars, vintage fabrics from the bride’s great grandparent’s collection, splashes of lace and so many more … my heart could literally burst! Thankfully, there are even more details to swoon over in the gallery.

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From the Bride… I loved the bouquets! My mom made them herself out of old fabrics from the Great Depression era that my great grandparents had given her, fabric from my baby room and fabrics from a flower girl dress I wore in a wedding when I was younger. There was also lace from my mother’s wedding dress, as well as the finishing touch — my “something borrowed,” which was a brooch my grandmother wore to my mom’s wedding.

I was so pleased with both venues, as I felt they really worked for our day and created the relaxed and vintage tone we were hoping for. The church is a little local church in Pittsford, New York, called St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran church. It was old clapboard with white picket fences and big red doors — very typical American for our English visitors to enjoy!  The church also hosted our “English Cream Tea” reception.  Our evening reception was in Harro East Ballroom in the city of Rochester, New York.  It was a lovely old theater auditorium from the 1920-30s with big tall ceilings and huge windows! The reception hostess there is lovely to work with as well, and everyone has commented on how delicious the buffet was! Alex and I would highly recommend them both.

My main hope was to go with a feel for our day that truly represented Alex and I as a couple. Alex and I wanted a relaxed and unique wedding day. We both really like eclectic and vintage style things and really enjoy going to antique shops! The typewriter, birdcage and old picture frame with our photos pinned in were all ideas that I found on Pinterest. The suitcases were pieces that I had used in my room growing up and are something that very much represents Alex and I, as we like to travel and are living abroad in England. The heart-shaped map cutouts were a tiny detail that I really loved, as I spent time picking out maps of places we’d both been to. The centerpieces were a work in progress and developed over time out of old wine bottles, jars and swirly, feather pieces. I felt that I really wanted to display details of Alex and me in our wedding decor, which we used with the American and English themes running throughout the day as well. We enjoyed putting it all together, and it was never work — it was fun and so many people helped us out along the way!

Wedding Photography: T & S Hughes Photography / Ceremony: St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pittsford, New York / Reception: Harro East Ballroom in Rochester, New York / Fabric Rose Bouquets: DIY by the Mother of the Bride / Wedding Dress: Tusneem Bridal / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Various of Their Own Choosing / Men’s Suits: T.M. Lewin / Rings + Necklace: Tiffany & Co.