I’m gonna go ahead and say that the folks over at Little Borrowed Dress are total geniuses! They’ve created a totally new and totally fabulous way to shop for bridesmaid dresses online. And the best part is that your besties are renting and not buying the dresses! It’s seriously insane how many times we’ve heard, oh, you’ll totally wear it again only to see the dress hanging in the depths of our closet for forever and a day. Let’s be honest, guys have had it easy for decades, renting everything from their suit to their socks. Now it’s our turn!

Little Borrowed Dress is so simple to use. All you have to do is decide which style you like best for your girls, place your reservations online, and the dresses arrive ready to wear on your bridesmaids’ doorsteps. Then after your big day, the girls simply slip their dress into the pre-paid packaging and drop it in the mail. See, I told you, total geniuses! Read more about how it works here.

These gorgeous dresses are 100% silk and designed specifically to fit and flatter all body types with NO alterations required! Rental prices start at just $75 for an eight day rental, which includes dry cleaning and return shipping. Pretty sweet, right? And now, to introduce their newest collection and to give your besties a chance to try the dresses on before they rent, Little Borrowed Dress is hosting a weekend pop-up shop in Soho from Feb 19th through March 11th. Fittings are by appointment and available between 10am-6pm.  The best part? All orders placed at the shop will receive 10% off!  RSVP now for an appointment and happy dress shopping!