Love stories never fail to make me weak in the knees, but when they happen to someone like this gorgeous (ok, seriously gorgeous) Bride-to-be, that’s when I thank my lucky stars my job is to share it all with you. I’ve actually personally known this beauty for some time, and to see that she found her (very dashing) prince charming makes me all giddy inside. The best part? Even if you don’t know this duo, you can see just how much they adore each other in each and every beautiful image from Kelly Dillon Photography, and how can you not love that? See so much more of this adorable couple right here.

From Kelly Dillon PhotographyBrianne and Rick grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts, less than two miles apart, but they would have to wait two decades before fate brought them together. A shared childhood friend, bridesmaid Sarah Graham, connected the pair in the fall of 2011 and when their first phone call lasted over two hours, they both knew – right away – that they had found someone special.

On a Friday night not unlike any other, Brianne finished up work under the presumption she would be meeting Rick for dinner along with some friends visiting from out of town. Instead, he showed up at her office with news that it was time to go to the airport. In disbelief, she was escorted to a car waiting downstairs and whisked away on a flight to Florida. When they landed that evening, Rick took her to the Polynesian Resort on the grounds of Walt Disney World (a place they both loved growing up and still frequent to this day), where they found a lone hammock overlooking the water. He popped the question, and the two were betrothed!

Wedding Photography: Kelly Dillon Photography | Dress: Aidan Mattox “Sequined Mesh Tea Rose Sheath Dress” | Jeans + Bangle: First Date Boutique | Sweater: Nordstrom | Boots: Tory Burch