My love for this engagement shoot from Marissa Lambert is off the charts. It’s stylish in every sense of the word, and filled with special moments these lovebirds will cherish forever. It’s image after image of some of the prettiest engagement pictures you’ll ever see, and they are all sitting pretty right here.

From Marissa Lambert…This session was photographed with film in a gorgeous park in New Orleans. In the past, this couple has spent plenty of time at the tree in the photographs. Living in Louisiana, I see many majestic trees with Spanish moss, but I have yet to see one as magical as this one. The story is that this tree first started as two separate trees and over time became one. How romantic!

The soon-to-be bride is Gabriela, and her man’s name is David. They are a full of love and giggles. Gabriela invested much of her time pondering how to make this shoot unique and special to them. I believe that she nailed it! The dress, the flowers, the bow-tie, and the rose filled ice for the Dom Perignon that was poured into those fabulous champagne glasses – sheer perfection!

Photography: Marissa Lambert