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Fredricksberg Wedding from Everest Road Photography

Dog attendants at a wedding propel said weddings to the top of the heartwarming list. Dogs really just make everything happier, don’t they? So I was already in love with this wedding, thanks to the sweet pooch, when I read bride’s words and fell in love with their story. Sprout, the lady behind the lovely flowers, was the groom’s second grade teacher. Everest Road Photography was a camp counselor with the bride’s sister. The whole day was a memory in the making… one I’m sure the couple and all their guests will look back on forever fondly.


From the beautiful bride… I fell in love with Fredericksburg through my bridesmaid Cori Dickie by attending the 4th of July parade during college and it became an annual tradition. Her mom always buys us matching american flag shirts at Walmart. Cori and I became friends bonding over DQ Blizzards and had monthly “DQ Dates.” Once Riley and I started dating he came with me for the festivities. We never thought of getting married any where else. The Ruff Haus was the first venue I saw and I was in love. I never dreamed I would get married outside, but it was perfect for Fredericksburg and us. We wanted something casual and inviting – like a big party in our home. Along with it being a wedding we wanted it to be a celebration where everyone was there to have fun. The glow sticks were one of my favorite touches on the dance floor and for the exit. They came about because the venue pretty much didn’t allow throwing anything or any kind of fire – so we made our own light.

Riley and I graduated from the same high school, three years apart. Our parents live a few blocks from each other and did not know each other. It has been so fun to see our families come together and the fun our parents have together and the Christian marriages they have modeled for us. Riley’s mom, I would say the shyest of the group, came up with the idea of performing a surprise dance at the wedding. They took 8 weeks of dance lessons choreographed to “Shake Your Booty.” Unfortunately, the band did not have the right song so they were not very pleased with their performance. I told them don’t worry we will make you perform it at every major holiday from here on out.

Riley sells promotional items for companies so we came up with the idea of making a logo for the wedding and putting it on napkins, cups, koozies, welcome bags, and cookies. I created the look I wanted and the fonts and one of my mom’s sweet friends help me invert the letters and convert the format. We just about cleaned out all of the Targets in Dallas looking for mason jars. We wanted it later on account of the heat and so wanted as much lighting as possible. Riley’s mom is incredible with flowers and she did some of the arrangements on the tables.

When we decided on an outside wedding I knew we had to have our dog, Judge, in it. We got him the weekend that Riley proposed at William Faulkner’s home in Oxford, MS. My brother trains black labs and gave us Judge and his dog Tex is like part of the family. Having them in the wedding was one of the best and most stressful things. Judge spent the entire ceremony trying to get my bridesmaid Abbie to throw her bouquet for him to fetch. My brother even got in wedding planning mode and found and ordered the matching dog collars from a friend. One of our guest books was water color paintings and stories about oxford and the other was photography from Texas Hill Country.

Most of the details happened along the way. I never thought I would have orange as a color and could not have been more pleased. The flowers were done locally by Sprout, owned by Michelle Hodges – who we later put together when Riley’s parents met with her that she was his second grade teacher in Dallas. Also, I was so excited to find out my bonus-sister was a camp counselor with our photographer. The little connections like that made it very special.

For the flowers I had never really heard of Dahlia’s. This spring Southern Living did an article on them and I knew they would be the perfect fit for our wedding.

Programs – we knew it would be hot so thought fans would be a great idea. They were – except for the fact that assembling them is quite a bit harder than we had anticipated. We had a glueing party one night and used rubber cement which did not stick at all. It was a learning process.

My favorite DIY, if you can call it that, is the logs the cakes were on. Riley and I were walking Judge one night and someone had cut down a tree in their yard and the logs hadn’t been picked up yet. We went back home and got his truck and snatched them up. Little did we know they weighed a ton and got his back seat super dirty.

Lavender – my mom befriended the owner of Urban Herbal and we just had to have lavender scented things everywhere. My stepdad came up with the idea of iced down lavender scented towels. He may be more proud of that idea than getting his online certification to be a minister.

Photography: Everest Road Photography | Coordinator: Jasper Eisenberg | Flowers: Sprout | Wedding Dress: Lulu's Bridal Boutique | Cakes: The Sweetish Chef | Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan | Catering: Delicious Details | Groomsmen\'s Attire: Jos. A. Banks | Lavender Products: Urban Herbal

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Fredericksburg Wedding from Caroline Plus Ben Photography

You Texas lovelies really know how to throw a wedding.  Like those drop-dead gorgeous, heartwarming kind of affairs that are chock-full of beautiful details and magical moments every which way you turn. Basically, you Texans rock… and when you throw a group of uber-talented vendors in to the mix (hello Viridian Design Studio, CarteWheels Caterers,  Marquee Event Group and Caroline + Ben Photography), it’s like a literal lesson in just how awesome weddings can be.  See it all in the full gallery.


Q. Most inspirational tool for deciding your wedding details?

Bride: I probably bought $400 worth of wedding magazines and just ripped out the pictures I liked and I didn’t like. I literally made a book for Tricia of my likes and dislikes and she took it from there. Obviously, anything Martha Stewart. Also, look at interior design magazines for floral and décor inspirations – Elle Décor, Veranda, Architectural Digest.

Q. Favorite Photo?

Bride: I honestly have about a million.

Groom: Us with the storm clouds in the background. It was fun, especially knowing that the storm never hit.

Q. Any DIY projects or Etsy goodies?

Bride: When you have a wedding coordinator like Tricia Hamil, she does it all.

Q. Were there any special additions to your ceremony that made it unique?

Bride: My Uncle Harris read from the same bible that was used when my grandparents got married. This was a total surprise, but obviously a wonderful and very touching surprise.

Q. What was the best moment of your wedding day?

Groom: Right after the Ceremony with our wedding party.

Bride: For me, seeing Philip for the first time. Tie for second – first dance with my father. Tie for second- Pre-wedding festivities – getting ready at my mom’s house with all my wonderful friends and family. We all had so much fun that day, I’m pretty sure I’ve never laughed so hard. It was truly so relaxing and fun. That is my advice to any bride – surround yourself with your best friends and family before the wedding and just have fun. I love all the pictures from mom’s house – opening up Stella Artois in the kitchen – such a classic.

Photographer: Eric from Caroline + Ben Photography | Wedding Planner: Viridian Design Studio | Flowers: Viridian Design Studio | Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier | Cake: Sophie's Bakery | Invitations: Houston Invitation Service | Jewelry: Past Era | Catering: Cartewheels Catering | Make-up: Alyssa Garcia | Hair: Stephen Leleune | Groom's Attire: Jos A. Bank | Boots: Lucchese Boots | Rentals: Marquee Rents | Wedding Venue: Crabapple Church

Monique Lhuillier is a member of our Look Book. For more information on how members are chosen, click here. Marquee Event Group and CarteWheels Caterers, Inc are members of our Little Black Book. Find out how members are chosen by visiting our FAQ page.
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CarteWheels Caterers, Inc

Fredericksburg Barn Wedding from Rachel Whyte

Barn weddings are amazing, that pretty much goes without saying.  But when you take a fabulously styled barn wedding and add in two cuties who are sooo in love, it’s palpable, it’s better than anything you could possibly imagine.  Because this is a day that is not only chock-full of pretty details, but a whole lot of heartwarming moments, too.  See every last one captured by Rachel Whyte in the full gallery.  It’s a love-filled beauty.


From Rachel WhyteFrom the moment I met Rachel and Reed, I knew they were going to have a really unique wedding. Rachel is one of the kindest and most sincere brides I’ve ever had the honor of working with. Reed is a college football coach who really wanted to be involved in the wedding planning process. It was so refreshing! Their wedding took place in the historic town of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country. They rented out the precious Myrtle Cottage for the weekend for their entire wedding party. Rachel threw an awesome surprise wedding “after party” for Reed, and she even got his favorite band to come play! It blew me away how focused they both were on serving each other, their friends and family even though it was their special day.

Rachel and Reed chose the “party barn” at Alegria (between Fredericksburg and Kerrville) for their venue. The barn was built by jewelry designer James Avery as a place to have parties and retreats and it is such a hidden gem! A sketch of the barn was featured on their custom invitation suite, which I LOVED. I also loved the combination of gray dresses and mint green accessories Rachel chose for her bridesmaids.

She used a local grocery store, HEB, as her florist (who knew you could even do that?). Her mom did a majority of the table centerpieces, which were a mixture of vintage and rustic. The couple gave their guests flower seeds for favors which was such a sweet touch. All of the little DIY details were perfect, but the thing that stood out the most to me about their wedding was the pure emotion. Rachel and Reed’s love for each other is rare- it’s passionate and strong without an ounce of selfishness. While I’m a newlywed myself, I’ve been married long enough to know that that’s the kind of love you need to make a marriage last. Take notes, y’all!

Photography: Rachel Whyte Photography | Event Styling: The Bride & Mother of the Bride | Flowers: Lynn at HEB Fredericksburg | Cake: Sophie's Choice Bakery | Caterer: Calbob's Smoke Shack | DJ: Patrick Kelley | After-Party Band: Eleven Hundred Springs | Month of Coordinator: Viridian Design Studio, Inc. | Rentals: Pursuing Eden Vintage Rentals | Venue: Alegria Barn