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Seaside weddings make my heart happy.  And a seaside wedding at Morada Bay?  Well, that’s an entirely new level of joy.  Think a breathtaking bayside setting, a talented team of wedding experts and a never-ending lineup of fabulous resources that will turn that dream day into an absolute reality.  We are sooo on board.

From their stunning locale in the heart of Islamorada to their staff that knows everything there is to know about throwing a fabulous party, Morada Bay’s fabulous accommodations and sparkling beaches were simply made for marrying.  Which means that whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair with just your nearest and dearest or a grander event with 200 special someones, Morada Bay has JUST what you are looking for… and all overlooking those pristine beaches and glistening waters the Florida Keys are known for.

Contact Morada Bay TODAY to begin planning your unforgettable wedding.  We CAN’T WAIT to see the results.

Photography (Top to Botton): Maxime Photo & Video (Photos 1,3,6) + Pierre’s (Photo 2) + Jannette De Llanos Photography (Photo 4)

After He Proposed, They Literally Sailed Off Into the Sunset

It’s a little ironic that a wedding nearly ruined this Groom’s proposal. Originally planning on taking his Bride for a walk out to a scenic lighthouse, he was forced to stall his plan when the path to the lighthouse was obstructed by a wedding. As soon as it ended, though, the plan was back on and he led his future bride to the lighthouse where he got down on one knee before they literally sailed off into the sunset. See every sweet moment, captured by Sheradee Hurst Photography, in The Vault!

From The Bride…Although Kevin and I had several mutual friends, our paths never crossed until two summers ago. He was interning with a friend of mine at an oil company when they came across my Facebook page. He became very adamant about getting my Snapchat name. She, knowing that I was not interested in a relationship, denied him the information. He decided to take matters into his own hands. He eventually found my username and added me immediately. We began snapchatting, the newest form of communication at the time. After weeks of sending pictures of our daily lives, we decided to go to a movie. We continued to hang out, after all, there were only a few more weeks of summer and life would soon go back to normal. Those few weeks ended, but we weren’t ready to. Going to rival schools, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, we parted ways for the school year, meeting up on weekends, having daily Skype dates, and very quickly falling for each other. This past year I graduated and began teaching third grade, and impatiently waited for him to get down on one knee, something I had been dreaming of since the very beginning.

As spring break approached, I became very suspicious. I just knew he was going to propose that Friday. Everything was lining up perfectly, until he showed up in sweatpants. I was so disappointed. If it didn’t happen Friday, I couldn’t figure out when it was going to. It was definitely not the following night due to a double date we had planned. Once we arrived to our planned double date, Kevin began walking in the complete opposite direction of the restaurant. Evidently he had no intentions of actually going inside. I insisted that we go check in for our reservation and he finally obliged. After listing every possible name that the reservations could be under, with a line forming behind me, we left. Our friends were running late, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. Kevin decided that we should go walk around the lake to the lighthouse while we waited on them. To his surprise, there was a wedding going on, altering his entire plan. We began aimlessly walking in circles and he became glued to his phone, trying to figure out a quick backup plan. Eventually, the wedding ended and we made our way down the to the lighthouse where he asked me marry him, making me the absolute happiest girl in the world. Just when I thought the moment could not get any better, he pointed across the cove of the lake where a sailboat stood, awaiting us. We sailed around the lake on what could have easily been the coldest and windiest day of the year, drinking champagne, cuddled up in blankets. I could not have asked for a more perfect day in the world.

Kevin is currently finishing up school at Oklahoma State University and will be getting degrees in both mechanical and aerospace engineering. We plan on moving to Edmond, Oklahoma and are ready for whatever life brings. June 10th, 2017 cannot come soon enough!

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Sheradee Hurst Photography | Location: Corcomroe Abbey

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Coffee + Waffles + Beer, This E-Sesh is Foodies Dream

Total engagement session envy is happening over here, because this couple? They included coffee, waffles, AND beer in their special day – talk about the best day ever! Captured by the talented Sheradee Hurst Photography we’ve got the cutest couple waiting for you in The Vault!

From Sheradee Hurst PhotographyI photographed this lovely film engagement session of Quinn and Hannah in two places that where perfect for their love story. Hannah loved the idea of a local coffee shop for part of their session, and for their outdoor photos she wanted a wooded look. They selected natural colors to wear and the tones were on point for the two locations Quinn and Hannah are so comfortable with each other. There is no need to pose a couple that is as in love as they are.

From The Bride…Quinn and I met our Sophomore year of college when my Sorority and his Fraternity were paired together for a Greek Competition. It took me a while to realize that Quinn had a crush on me, although he thought he was being pretty clear. Within a few months he convinced me to date him, and within a year he had stolen my heart!

After three years, we knew we wanted to spend forever together. On November 13th I accepted a big girl position that I would be starting after graduation. Quinn wanted to take me out to celebrate the big occasion. However, he had bigger plans. He told me we needed to stop at my grandmother’s house because she wanted to congratulate me in person. When we got to the doorsteps of my grandmother’s courtyard, candles and lanterns were scattered about. Quinn took my hands, got down on one knee, and asked me to make him the luckiest man and be his wife. I didn’t need any convincing. Of course, I said YES!

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Sheradee Hurst Photography | Ring: BC Clark Jewelers | Location: Cafe Evoke Catering

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