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Glamping-Inspired Wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

There are about a million and one reasons that I believe camping is the most awesome thing ever, so hand me a weekend with a crazy gorgeous glamping-inspired affair and I am about as happy as you’ll ever see me.  Especially when that affair is chock-full of vibrant blooms from That Time Events and a gallery of beautiful images from Tory Williams Photography.  See them all right here in the full gallery.  


From the Bride… We are couple that was East Coast born and raised, that now resides in California; we really wanted to capture our roots. Both of us (as typical East coast Jews) attended summer camp for years. We always have been outdoorsy and love camp activities. Our ultimate goal was to have a destination feel wedding without asking too much of our guests. If we were traveling for our own wedding, we wanted it to last longer then one night, we wanted an entire weekend that was affordable for all. Cedar Lakes Estate was the perfect venue to capture that getaway feeling while only having majority of our guests travel about an hour. The rustic yet chic cabins, activities and grounds inspired us to tap into our camp attitude and approach our wedding with a “Glamping” feel (Glamorous Camping). Glamorous being the venue and decor-adding hand made dream-catchers throughout the venues, handmade decor from every member of our family and the Camping was the sleeping accommodations in addition to the weekend long activities of Zip lining & Blobbing all weekend long .

In California I made life size dream catchers to fill the barn.  I also wrapped 20 bottles with twine, showed my mom and she had “Twine wrapping parties” in NJ so we would save on shipping and time. After three parties of her friends coming to help, we had over 200+ recycled bottles beautifully wrapped in twine we used for the reception tables.  Another favorite detail was our painting guest canvas – rather then a signing book, we now have a piece of art from everyone who painted on a canvas.

We stood on a beautiful Persian rug that was a gift from my Sister and Brother-in-Law. Underneath the rug are our vows. The most special gift we received.

Rather then having a first dance where people awkwardly watch you slow dance, we decided we wanted to be dancing when people arrived to the reception. As you walk into this massive lit up barn, we were already dancing as people started to arrive from Cocktail hour. It was a great moment to watch every single friend and family enter. Everyone immediately felt the energy and began dancing with us as we first danced with everyone and began the rest of the night dancing until 2am. It was amazing to get to see every guest as they walked in and began dancing. This was a unique first dance we can’t ever forget. 

Something always goes wrong and that’s something I KNEW I had to accept. A few things did, aside from raining 30 minutes before I walked down the aisle, the men’s suits not only arrived the DAY OF the wedding, but none fit. When the suits arrived, none of them fit. No jackets could close and no belt was needed. However, we embraced it and laughed at the fact that “slim was in” for guys.

Photographer: Tory Williams Photography | Caterer: Cedar Lakes Estate | Makeup: Jessa Blades | DJ: Lifetime Entertainments | Band: Live Wire | Venue: Cedar Lakes Estate | Floral: That Time Events

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Upstate Wedding from Carolina Rivera Photography

I liken my love for this beautiful Fall affair to that first cup of coffee on a lovely Monday morning.  It’s pure, unadulterated bliss… a feeling that, given the chance, I would happily relive time and time again. This wedding is that first tasty sip, a rush of happiness all in one sitting with a color palette that will knock your socks off, an adorable bride and groom and one devastatingly gorgeous image after another captured by Carolina Rivera Photography.  See them all in the full gallery.


From Carolina Rivera Photography… Andrea and Pat are the perfect match for each other – both have that spunk in their personalities, love to just have fun and enjoy life.  In fact, their honeymoon was a camping trip up into the mountains of Canada, which comes as no surprise that their wedding was a super fun event, on the property of Pat’s parent’s in Old Chatham, NY (upstate) with fall-themed and barn-themed details to go along with the rustic charm of this small town wedding.

Their ceremony ran into a bit of rain, so it had to be tented, but shortly after the sun made it’s glorious appearance during our portrait session, which I couldn’t get enough of!  Afterwards, soaked shoes and all, we all headed up to the tented reception with a gorgeous mountain and lake view!

The goal of this wedding was simple and unpretentious: no dances or formalities, just straight up fun, local caterers who brought food from their farms, and prepared it right on the farm.  Two cakes, one homemade gluten-free for the bride, and locally brewed beer with lots of dancing and a surprise fireworks display at the end of the night.

Photography: Carolina Rivera Photography | Location: Private Residence, Old Chatham, New York,  | Event Planner: Debbie McNairy

Whimsical Upstate New York Wedding from Dutton + James Photography

From this moment on, this sweet fête will forever define whimsical backyard weddings for me. Why you ask? Well because it’s just everything. Everything that makes me adore backyard weddings mixed with a seriously talented (and handy) couple who helped make it all come to life. And when we get to see it all come to life via the gorgeous images from Dutton + James? That’s when I’m a goner, and I will officially proclaim this wedding as a must see. Do so here. 


From the Bride… There was never a question on where we would get married. We caretake a house on 180 acres in Upstate New York and the owner gave us his blessing on using the land, so that was a no brainer. It was so important to us to give our guests an experience. We wanted an “adult camp” vibe. We built a bar from old windows and cedar posts, had a BB gun range made from pallets and lots and lots of consumed beer bottles, a fire pit, a teepee, and lots of fireworks.

Our wedding day is a blur. The level of emotion and adrenalin on your wedding day is indescribable. Just imagine that everyone you know are there: from your childhood best friend that you haven’t seen in a decade, to your parent’s friends who have known you all your whole life, plus your family, friends, and coworkers. And there is so much love and energy directed your way, it’s just amazing!

Jeff and I both work in set production so we spend a lot of time building, sourcing and shopping for jobs. That came in very handy for our hodge podge aesthetic. Everything about our wedding was for us, by us, so we had creative free rein. We also had time to make it happen since we were living at the venue. We rented the tent, tables, chairs and dancefloor from Sav On Party Rental in Kingston, New York. Everything else was a mix of estate sales, thrift stores, yard sales and found objects. Our friends were very generous with their time and resources. For catering we hired Hickory BBQ Smokehouse in Kingston, New York. They were unbelievably helpful and delicious and happy to accomodate me with my provided vintage platters. The beer came from Brooklyn Brewery and Keegan Ales. Wine and Liquor from Astor Place Wines (who accept returns on unopened liquor!)

Wedding Photography + Photo Booth: Dutton + James | Ceremony Location: Hunting Lodge near New Paltz, Upstate New York | Flowers: Wildflowers picked by our friends from the neighboring fields | Catering:  Hickory BBQ Smokehouse  | Wine + Spirits: Astor Place Wines | Beer: Brooklyn Brewery + Keegan Ales | Tent + Chairs + Tables: Sav On Party Rental | Wedding + Dress: Vintage