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An Insiders Guide on Planning the Ultimate Party

It’s a well known fact that we love ourselves a good party, but planning said party? Well, it’s no easy feat, but thanks to the talented team at Be Inspired PR we’ve broken down the tips what what it takes to take a celebration from casual to crazy fun. Read on below and find even more party inspiration in The Vault!


Make it eye catching! Have a few really cute areas for people to take great photos in front of! It’ll make it memorable and it’ll look really professional. Also, fresh flowers really bring a space to life…not to mention they smell amazing.


Utilize all of it! Get creative and hang things from the ceiling if you want. Balloon chandeliers (an easy DIY!), projected bar menus and suspended dessert displays are all great uses of hanging space.


make sure there’s plenty of space for people to sit! Cocktail parties are great for mingling, but heels hurt. Style cute seating vignettes around the event to give your guests a place to lounge.


Pay attention to the time of your event. If it’s during a meal time, make sure you’re feeding your guests! Even if it’s small tray-passed bites, you don’t want guests to leave early because they were too hungry.


While a full bar isn’t always necessary, adding a fun signature cocktail to your wine selection will give your guests another beverage option. For your non-alcohol drinkers, an aguas frescas station brings them in on the libations fun. If you place your flavored water next to the dance floor it can also double as a hydration station!


The beginning of parties is always the most calm, especially for evening events. Bring in a small quartet to play some lower key music for your earlier guests to enjoy. As it gets later, start the DJ jams and get everyone on the dance floor!


Always have something sweet because a party without cake is just a meeting, right? Make it interactive so guests can pick and choose what they want or even see it being made on the spot.

Party Favors

The best part of any party! Send your guests home with a little gift as a thank you for coming. It can be anything from a sweet treat to a bottle of wine. You can personalize it too so they think of you when they use it!

As the host you’ll likely be too busy “hosting” (aka attending to last minute to do’s and mingling with guests) to appreciate the event as a whole. Make sure you have someone there to capture all the excitement on film so you have something to look back on after.


You worked hard on planning your party…Now it’s time to make memories and enjoy yourself and your guests!


Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Anna Delores Photography | Cinematography: Anthology Films | Stationery: Shindig Bespoke | Catering: Modern Art Catering | Lighting: Classic Party Rentals | DJ: Red Shoe Productions | Band: Van Tuyl Entertainment | Venue: Hudson Loft | "We Fancy" Lounge + Nametag Display Design: Couture Events | "We Fancy" Lounge Floral Design: Foxtail Florals | Beverage Services: Terlato Wines | Beverage Services: One Hope Wine | Cocktails: Gaviota Tequila | Desserts: Beverly's Bakery | Furniture Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals | Host + Event Production: Be Inspired PR | Lounge + Hanging Dessert Display Design: A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production | Lounge + Hanging Dessert Display Florals: The Hidden Garden | Lounge, Bar + Dance Floor Design: All You Need Is Love Events | Lounge, Bar + Dance Floor Floral Design: Foxtail Florals | Napkins + Gift Bags: The Roc Shop | Photo Booth: Joysquad | S'mores: Mallow Mallow | Staffing: Toast And Flute | Wood Signage: delovely details

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A Wedding That Proves Pink Peonies Are Always a Good Idea

Swoon a wedding that begins with THIS peony and garden rose filled bouquet? You don’t have to ask me twice. But it only gets better because The Hidden Garden decked out the entire wedding in florals you’ll want to steal, with planning by Samantha Scott, hair + makeup by Kacee Geoffroy, and an entire gallery just waiting to be discovered. Lacie Hansen, we heart you so for each and every perfect capture.

Al Fresco

From The Bride… The seeds of our love story were planted in high school where were started as best friends. We sprouted and grew throughout college at our alma mater, Cornell University. Despite the headwinds of long distance, we truly blossomed in the following years to come. Having been a part for a few years of our relationship, we thought it would be amazing to celebrate our marriage and return back home together by having a wedding in Los Angeles with our family and closest friends.

The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills at Los Angeles was a fabulous venue with best-in-class staff and service. The venue had the perfect combination of a lovely garden ceremony, a covered outdoor cocktail hour, and an elegant ballroom reception – simply a dream come true.

We wanted the night to be elegant and entertaining, with splendid pops of color, delicious food and inspiring drinks! We brought in florals that reminded us of the gorgeous rose blossoms from the Huntington Library, our favorite spot to enjoy in our hometown. The day was perfect and we felt lucky to have everyone celebrate with us. We are incredibly thankful for a wonderful wedding team that made this day so special!

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Lacie Hansen | Event Planning: Samantha Scott Events | Floral Design: The Hidden Garden | Wedding Dress: Vera Wang, Beverly Hills | Bride's Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood | Jewelry: Mother's Heirloom | Rings: Van Cleef & Arpels | Hair + Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy Hair and Makeup | Band: DeBois Entertainment | Favors: Compartes | Groom's Attire: Lauren by Ralph Lauren | Venue: Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis | Beaded Reception Dress: Herbert Rosenthal | Champagne Tower Glasses: The Whaling Club | Red Reception Dress: La Sposa By Pronovias

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Stop Everything: This Couple Had a Pillow Fight in the Woods

Yes, you read the title correctly. Instead of going the traditional route for their engagement session this couple opted for a pillow fight in the woods. If that doesn’t hook you right off the bat then these captures should do the trick, all thanks to The Vondys. It’s a playful, crazy fun engagement session that we’re completely smitten with. See it all in The Vault!

From The Vondys….JD was a working actor in Manhattan. While casting a show, JD’s roommate came across their casting call and decided to invite his roommates to the audition, neglecting to tell them that it was for a reality show. They rushed to the audition, just as Kelsey was getting back from lunch waiting in the elevator. They ran in, making the elevator just in time. Fate would forever change Kelsey & JD’s lives.

From The Bride…However, JD was not into the actual audition once he found out that it was for a reality-type show. So what does he do? He “acts” his way through the audition, pretending to be Malibu the gladiator, claiming he is really only interested in “beaches & babes”. From that day on, he became the “beaches & babes guy” in our department! I clicked with these three guys immediately and knew I could be friends with them. I was fairly new to the city without many friends (and a crazy room mate that I needed to get far away from). After several months, they had a room open up in their house that they needed to sublet to someone and reached out to me knowing about my current living situation. I accepted and became the “New Girl”…yes, it was just like Jess from New Girl situation. It was then, once we started living under the same roof, that a relationship started between JD and I, and we have lived together ever since, and always will. (Super cheesy, unconventional, and our favorite love story of all time) p.s. Once my casting director got wind that I was dating someone, she called me over to her desk and said, “Kelsey, I heard you were dating someone….care to tell me who it is?” I was like, “What are you talking about?” When she exclaimed, “ARE YOU DATING THE BEACHES AND BABES GUY!???” It was one of the funniest moments of my life!

We have been together for 6 years this year, so as crazy as it sounds, I have been planning our wedding (well the design part at least) since year 1, when I knew it was him I would see at the end of the aisle. We are both very free-spirited, creative, fun, and we goof around a lot. One day I was diving into the black hole of Pinterest, pinning wedding ideas left and right that pertain to our style, when I randomly came across these two little kids jumping on a bed with feathers flying, laughing, having a pillow fight. That moment, a light bulb in my head lit up and I turned to JD and said, “We must have an adult pillow fight for our engagement session!” He loved it. We both knew that we didn’t want it to be the conventional bedroom pillow fight though (because anyone who knows us, knows that we are always going against the grain). We both decided that we love the forest, and since we are also getting married in a forest-like setting, we deemed it the most appropriate to have our pillow fight in the woods in California!

Be yourself and stay true to who you are as a couple. JD and I, like I said, are wild, free, creative, and joke around a lot. We really wanted that to be portrayed through our engagement photos. Knowing we were going to be using them for our Save The Dates, we wanted to give people a taste of the fun they will have to look forward to at our wedding! We have since decided to include feathers throughout our wedding decor as well, so we will have a feather in each envelope of our save the dates. Think about those little details when you are planning your engagement session. Are you using these photos for your save the date? Will they reflect the “theme” of your wedding, or portray the tone you want set for your guests? But number one, always remember to have fun while planning and during the session!

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: the vondys. | Design: Piece By Paz | Venue: Los Angeles

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