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Art Deco Inspired Downtown LA Wedding

Situated in a romantic urban garden, this art deco inspired wedding captured through the lens of Candice Benjamin Photography oozes romance and beautiful detailing from Found Vintage Rentals. With the help of First Pick Planning, this downtown LA wedding is the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. Be sure to flip through every detail here.


From the beautiful Bride… Like many people in their 30’s, Eric and I had been to many weddings; so when it came to our own, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. After visiting several country clubs and hotels, we decided to stop by Café Pinot on a whim. As soon as we got off the elevator, I was enchanted. We hadn’t even walked around the whole property before I turned to Eric and said, “This is it!” Café Pinot had it all; the quaint garden, the luminous skyscrapers, and the art deco façade of the library. I knew it was going to be the perfect setting.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I had always admired the beauty of downtown. The ornate architecture and the decorative signage were always an inspiration to me. It was these attributes that I tried to emulate when designing our wedding. Keeping classic elegance in mind, I designed our invitations with art deco characteristics and hand letterpressed them for an old-world feel. We kept our color palette simple with classic navy blue, gold, and silver but added touches of fall with deep jewel toned floral arrangements.

Eric and I could not have been happier with our day. The beauty of the venue and the attention to detail wowed our guests. DJ Aaron from A Night to Remember transformed the space with his amazing lighting and kept everyone dancing until the end. Claudia from SubRosa Floral Design overflowed the venue with gorgeous floral arrangements of dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, cabbage, and fruits. Jewel from Found Vintage Rentals helped choose the perfect vintage pieces, which created a comfortable, at-home vibe. Kristy Levario from Kristy Levario Makeup Artistry made us girls look and stay beautiful all day and the same for Hannah Samayoa from Effie and Co. with our gorgeous hairdos. Jen Bergmark and her awesome crew from First Pick Planning put all my meticulous planning impeccably in place. And everything was exquisitely captured and documented by the amazing Candice Benjamin from Candice Benjamin Photography and Kiera and Josh from The Adventures Of. Without these wonderful people behind us, our wedding would not have been as fabulous as it was.

Any day you get to stand up with your best friend and pledge your love to one another surrounded by your closest family and friends is a great day. Thank you to all the helping hands that made our wedding special – it was pure magic!

Photography: Candice Benjamin Photography | Videography: The Adventures Of | Coordination: First Pick Planning | Floral Design: Sub Rosa Floral Design | Wedding Dress: Mon Amie Bridal Salon Dress By Lazaro | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Mon Amie Bridal Salon | Makeup: Kristy Levario Makeup Artistry | Hair: Hannah Samayoa | Officiant: Rabbi Michael Mayherson | Wedding Venue: Cafe Pinot | Bridal Jewelry : Maria Elena | Cake And Catering: Patina Group | DJ And Lighting: Night To Remember DJS | Linens: Designer Specialty Linens | Rentals: American Rent All | Vintage Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals

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Unique Library Wedding in Los Angeles

I love this quote from the bride of today’s stunning wedding…”I wanted it to be memorable and special the way every bride does, so it had to be unique without being themed or weird.” Isn’t that what we all strive for? To have a wedding that reflects our own personalities without feeling too fussed upon or odd? Well, I would say that this couple pulled just that off…and so much more. With photos by Docuvitae this wedding is everything stunning in the world. More here!


From The Bride…When Brook proposed, I felt so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams that it almost seemed like an embarrassment of riches to be able to plan my dream wedding on top of it all.  But it was better than I could have even hoped for and I had been hoping for this kind of wedding since I could make a veil out of my mother’s dishtowels.

Classic and Unique.  This was where I started when I started thinking about what I wanted for my wedding.  Classic, meaning something elegant and timeless and avoiding trends that would date our affair, but at the same time, I didn’t want our wedding to be boring.  I wanted it to be memorable and special the way every bride does, so it had to be unique without being themed or weird.  The paradox of being traditional and unique at the same time also seemed to represent Brook and me.  He works in finance now, but grew up in a transcendental meditation community and still meditates; I am a lawyer who now writes full-time, but used to dance with a ballet company so if we could achieve this feeling of being both special but timeless, we’d have the perfect wedding for us.

I looked at a lot of venues in LA, and I mean a lot.  At one point, I had a spreadsheet (thanks to a fiancé in finance) with over 50 venues on it and I don’t think I realized how difficult venue hunting was going to be if I wanted to avoid a hotel.  We had to rule out a lot of places that didn’t allow for at least 175 guests, or that had a noise curfew (everything in Malibu has to shut down at 10pm), or was too far removed from where our guests would stay.  But when I walked into the Historic Rotunda of the Downtown Los Angeles Public Library, and saw the majesty of the beautiful little-known room that almost none of our guests had ever seen, I knew it was the right choice for us.  Plus, we could have the reception outside in the garden, catered by the on-site restaurant Café Pinot which I must say exceeded our expectations with their delicious food, and which would give Brook the outdoor aspect he was hoping for.  Another thing that really mattered to Brook and me was the experience for our guests.  Planning a destination wedding where our guests would have to drop $450 a night to stay at a hotel was unrealistic for our friends and family and we didn’t want to have fragmented groups, so luckily the Biltmore Hotel just across the street from the LA Library gave us a great rate which allowed over 120 of our 175 guests to stay in the same hotel as us, including many locals, so we got to make a whole weekend out of it all!  However, soon after signing the contract for our venue, I realized why so few people choose the LA Public Library to get married at even though their rates are quite reasonable – when dealing with the City, it can be a logistical nightmare between insurance and approvals and the fire marshal and laws about candles, but, of course, it was so worth it in the end. 

Luckily, right after the venue choice, I found my wedding coordinator, Samantha Scott, who I really have to give all the credit for on every design aspect of my wedding.  Even though I interviewed a number of coordinators, as soon as I saw Samantha’s pictures, I knew I wanted her.  Her taste and aesthetic are what you see in our wedding photos and she took my adjectives and delivered exactly what I wanted but would never have been able to put into action without her.  And while the inside of the library required very little décor, aside from our magical chuppah, made possible by Samantha’s florist, Brad Austin, the area outside in the gardens was ripe for ideas, so I needed someone with a strong artistic sensibility to add the kinds of details and touches that I’m not good at on my own.  And additionally, even though we were getting married at the library, I didn’t want a library-themed wedding, and luckily Samantha’s vision for that outdoor space came to life in a way I wouldn’t have known to ask for, while ensuring that the space demanded the formality of a black tie affair.

Our invitations and other paper goods were designed by Ceci New York and they created the most beautiful leather book invitation for us that included a laser cut image of the library and a bookmark, but avoided being gimmicky.  In addition to Samantha’s incredible florist, who transformed a public plaza into an enchanted garden, she brought in the rental company Town & Country and I don’t think I had any idea what a difference they could make till I saw the space for the first time on my wedding day and there were so many beautiful things to look at that I had no idea would be there!  The other major contributor to our aesthetic was Amber Lighting; I knew I wanted to bring in a lot of lighting since after joining Pinterest a few days after I got engaged, I realized I was really drawn to bringing in chandeliers and other types of lights to outdoor spaces.  Initially, I was concerned because Amber was the only company I could use since they were contracted with the city, but whoah was I lucky about that!  They navigated through all the regulations and still were able to bring in lots of chandeliers and LEDs and it really brought the space up a notch.

 My dress and veil were Carolina Herrera and which were also found only at the end of an exhaustive search.  I looked everywhere because I really wanted to avoid fashion trends, things like feathers or tulle, which can be very in for a season, but can quickly seem dated like the big puffy sleeves and shoulder pads of 80’s wedding dresses.  But at the same time, I didn’t want my dress to be boring and I started to feel like everything classic and traditional was just more of the same.  I had seen the CH dress early in my search, but it had a blue sash and since blue wasn’t one of my colors, it just didn’t seem quite right.  But I kept thinking about it and coming back to it and it was the only dress I could picture in my mind without needing to see a photo of it.  So I went back to CH and luckily, Maradee Wahl was there, who is now a bridal stylist, and she helped arrange the custom lavender sash just for me!

 Our photographer, Laura Kleinhenz from Docuvitae was also a really important selection.  She doesn’t do a lot of weddings, which results in her photos looking more natural, less posed, and avoids the cheesy wedding photos that don’t capture the day well.  It was her idea to sign our Ketubah in the children’s library and that made for a really fun backdrop as we sat together amongst all the colorful books.  She also did our engagement photos which helped us practice having our picture taken by her and put us more at ease on the day of.  The family photo part of wedding day is often the most fraught and most tense time of the day and I really wanted to avoid a repeat of taking my Bat Mitzvah photos.  And of course, her finished product basically speaks for itself.

 We were also so lucky to have Rabbi Naomi Levy marry us, even though we got married on a very popular day for Jewish weddings, Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  She has really inspired Brook and me and really reconnected me with my faith over the last year, and having her there on our wedding day really helped center us and remind me of what was most important.  She lead just the two of us in a brief meditation before we signed our Ketubah and one of the most spiritual parts of the day was walking down the (very long) aisle inside the library, and seeing Brook and her underneath the resplendent Chuppah in a temple of books, as she held out her arms to me the entire way.  That moment made me so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people there, but also so connected to the generations and generations of my ancestors who had gotten married under a Chuppah before me (if only this hadn’t made me cry so much!).  She also did a great job of engaging our guests in what was a pretty traditional and religious ceremony.

 Lastly, I have to mention our band, Encore, from West Coast Music, which everyone kept telling us put on one of the best dance parties they had been to in a while.  The whole evening felt like an epic dance party and people were busting out serious moves all night, which was something we wanted and also was a reason Brook and I worked very hard on our first dance.  As I used to be a dancer, I really wanted to do something special, but Brook had never taken a dance class in his life, so he indulged me in taking Tango classes for over eight months before the wedding, but predicated it on the fact that we keep it a big secret from everyone, so there wouldn’t be any pressure on us.  This actually got a little complicated because my mom kept suggesting different ideas for our first dance up till the week before the wedding and I had to tell her that Brook and I just wanted to improvise.  Thank god for our creative and patient yet diligent Tango Instructor, Makela Brizuela, because I have to say she turned Brook into an amazing dancer and we nailed all of our lifts!  Our guests were shouting and on their feet through our whole first dance!  And hours later, we closed out the party with our friend, DJ Sol Rising who played Britney Spears’s “[Keep on Dancing] Till the World Ends” for a last dance and Brook and I performed a very unplanned (and slightly risqué?) dance that our friends said closed out the evening perfectly.  My only regret was that I couldn’t make it all last longer.

Photography: Laura Kleinhenz, Docuvitae | Videographer: Trevor Dauten, Oskar Strawberry | Styling: Maradee Wahl | Planner: Samantha Scott, Samantha Scott Events | Floral Design: Brad Austin Imaginative Florals | Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera | Invitations: Ceci New York | Ceremony Venue: Historic Rotunda Inside Los Angeles Public Library | Reception Venue: Cafe Pinot In The Maguire Gardens Of The Los Angeles Public Library | Catering: Christina Romano, Cafe Pinot | Makeup: Zoe Rehberg | Hair: Brooke Tittinger | DJ: DJ Sol Rising | Music: Encore, Booked Through West Coast Band | Tango Lessons: Makela Brizuela

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Abby Capalbo

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Maroon 5 Crashes A Romantic Carondelet House Wedding

On your wedding day, you’re already on cloud nine, surrounded by such an overwhelming amount of love and joy. So what happens if one of the top music stars of today just happens to stop by and perform? That’s exactly what happened for this lucky couple, when Maroon 5 crashed their Carondelet House celebration to perform and film their hit “Sugar.” Thank goodness Love & You Video was there to catch it all because it’s literally hard to believe; this wedding film is gonna be a hard one to beat.


From Love & You Video… On December 6th, 2014 we filmed Melanie and Ryan’ s wedding at Carondelet House in Los Angeles. It was such a beautiful wedding, full of little details in the design and a very personal and sweet ceremony. The super team of wedding vendors made their wedding day go flawlessly. Little did we know that at the end of the night we would also have a surprise of the lifetime!

We were told that there would be a surprise after their first dance, but not even the wedding planner knew what it would be. The groom had informed the planner but wanted to keep the surprise hidden.

As the guests were finishing up dinner, we saw a big ‘Hollywood Production’ team arrive and they started to set up a stage for a band in the front room. At this point we figured that the surprise would be a band performing, but we were still trying to figure out why it was taking a 20 person crew to set up for this band.

Turns out that it was not a regular wedding band. To everyone’s surprise, Maroon 5 crashed the wedding! They not only performed their new single “Sugar,” they also filmed the song’s music video.

We found out that Maroon 5 crashed several wedding that night and Melanie and Ryan were one of the lucky couples that got to experience a live performance from the band.

Besides singing their new single “Sugar” twice, Adam Levine also serenaded the couple during their first dance to their classic hit “She Will Be Loved.” It really was a very sweet, beautiful and totally unique moment.

Getting to watch and film the excitement of the newlywed couple and all their wedding guests is something that we will remember forever.

Videography: Love And You Video Event Planning: Burgundy Events | Floral Design: Fannys Flowers| Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss | Hair And Makeup: BE.NYLA | Ice Cream Truck: Coolhaus | Photography:Katie Pritchard | Rentals And Lighting: Chivari Chair Rentals | Shoes: Lanvin | Wedding Dress: Reem Acra | Wedding Venue: Carondelet House Catering : Tres LA | DJ: Smiles Davis 

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Custom Gowns with JINZA Couture Bridal

There are bridal salons, and there are personalized bridal salons like JINZA Couture Bridal.  A place where beautiful collections and breathtaking custom creations join forces with the most amazing customer service you’ll ever experience to create an individually crafted design made just for you.  Think private appointments with top-notch consultants or your very own personal designer, aka, a team of wedding geniuses that know a thing or two about making you look awesome for your special occasion.

Serving Bay Area brides since 2002, JINZA Couture Bridal’s new and exclusive Los Angeles boutique is now open in the heart of West Hollywood (933 N La Cienega Blvd), which means that even more brides get to experience the gorgeous gowns and attention to detail that JINZA Couture Bridal is so well-known for. Imagine a timeless piece created from scratch using only the finest of fabrics with custom tailoring to fit your figure perfectly, alterations included.  Brides can try on a range of gowns or mold a custom creation.

Explore high fashion styles, updated classics, unconventional sheaths, opulent ball gowns, the popular soft mermaid style and JINZA’s own signature couture designs at the new Los Angeles boutique. Each gown is light weight and comfortable (no shape wear or bra needed!), so that you can dance the night away with the one you love.  And you can complete your bridal ensemble with a veil, jewelry and shoes all available at JINZA Couture Bridal.  Amazing.

Classic, elegant and totally sophisticated – contact JINZA Couture Bridal TODAY to begin creating that dress of your dreams.  Take it from someone who knows – it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.


Silver Time Studios + A Giveaway!

Loves, it’s time you met Silver Time Studios, the talented team of e-session geniuses that are about to change your entire world.  Think a fab boutique studio offering full-service (+ drop-dead gorgeous) engagement session packages featuring set designs, props, wardrobe, makeup AND hair.  All you have to do is bring the one you love and prepare to pampered in true Hollywood style.  Sounds good to us.

At Silver Time Studios, worrying about the logistics of your e-shoot is a thing of the past.  That’s because the amazing team at Silver Time Studios has everything you need to make your engagement session dreams come true, right in their very own downtown LA studio.  And whether your style is classic, casual, vintage, romantic or glamorous, Silver Time Studios has a package that is perfect for you and yours, complete with a beautiful album.  They’ll even book transportation and scout outdoor locales!

Contact Silver Time Studios today for your free consultation and dress fitting.  Your e-shoot is going to be soooo fabulous.


What:  Enter to win up to $1,000 credit towards an engagement shoot with Silver Time Studios AND get $100 credit on Rent the Runway for one of your outfits during the shoot!

How: Simply Like the Silver Time Studios Facebook page, Like their giveaway post and comment on the post with your Maid of Honor’s name!  Get additional entries by sharing with your friends and tagging @SilverTimeStudios on Facebook and Instagram!

Who: Silver Time Studios will be announcing up to three lucky winners on their social media channels on May 7, 2015! Good Luck, lovelies! xo