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Romantic Engagement Session at Scarborough Bluffs

I am obsessed with each and every image captured by ARTIESE of this couples’ engagement session. Seriously. Each and every image. This gorgeous couple now has a collection of images so stunning they probably want to frame them all, and one that we can swoon over for as long as we’d like right here

From the Bride…My love story with Gabe started later than it should have. My BFF met Gabe in 2007 and announced to me she had found the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, she is a terrible salesperson and although she was quite persistent over the years, her attempts were wildly unsuccessful. Eventually, I found Gabe sitting in my very own living room – she invited him over for a friend’s birthday party. After meeting Gabe that evening, I reluctantly admitted to my BFF that she had been right all along. Maybe it was his big hearty laugh or his silly hat, but somehow I could see myself being really happy with him.

After a few months of BBMing and group outings, Gabe asked me to have dinner one evening. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that it would be a date for just the two of us! Our first date lasted for 6 hours (good sign!) and at the end of it, Gabe put out THE QUESTION: “where is this going?” Obviously I was completely taken aback since this was only our FIRST date (crazy man!). In between giggling and hiding my face in my scarf, we eventually both agreed that we wanted a relationship that was lasting, serious and godly, with marriage in mind.

As our relationship progressed, so did our adventures. We both loved travelling and eating (Gabe more so than me). We had a great time exploring new lands, but we also had a hard time learning about each others differences. I learnt that Gabe is resistant to sleep, food, and warmth deprivation. Gabe learnt that Cari is a normal human being who always ends up sick and exhausted after a Gabe “vacation”. I learnt that Gabe is a simple man, with simple needs (ie: beer, fried chicken, and basketball). Gabe learnt a lot about cameras, and designer bags/shoes.

But it was Gabe’s differences that I learned to love and appreciate the most. Where I am weak, he is strong. I love how Gabe is so confident and calm about everything he does…including choosing me. Right from the get go Gabe has worn his heart on his sleeve for me and has had unwavering confidence in me. I’ve always been more cautious and anxious than I need to be, but Gabe’s complete openness and honesty always set me at ease. No matter what crazy (and sometimes mean) things I do or tell him, his love for me has never wavered.

Exactly 2 years after our first date, Gabe proposed to me at Evergreen Brickworks. This was Plan B. He accidentally leaked his Plan A to me months ago and I called him out on it. He was devastated, but not defeated. Well actually, I also had an inkling about Plan B, but this time I decided to be kinder and turned a blind eye. Gabe is the worst at keeping surprises (or anything) from me! Obviously I still said “YES!” (how can you resist that face?) and here we are now…getting ready to embark on our greatest adventure yet!

Photography: ARTIESE | Hair: Puzzle Creations

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Outdoor Engagement Session at Atwater Market

Say the words “summer engagement session” and it’s like an amazing portal into the land of sunshine, waterside picnics and ice cream cones with your honey.  Basically everything this sweet e-sesh captured by Julia C. Vona of Junophoto happens to be.  It’s an adorable duo celebrating 10 years of happiness… and the anticipation of one seriously awesome wedding.  See it all in the full gallery.

From The Bride… We met through our student job in a restaurant back in 2003, became friends and started dating the following year. We’ve been together ever since, surviving the challenges inherent of long-distance dating (which we did for three years), and of juggling master’s and doctoral studies while working. Fred popped the big question in 2012 while hiking on a picturesque path. We asked Junophoto’s team to immortalize our engagement along the Lachine canal in Montreal, close to where we first moved in together. It was really meaningful to go back to a site full of memories of long walks, runs and time spent wining down on the grass, but this time with photographers who knew how to make us feel at ease! We also loved capturing on picture our stop at the Atwater market, where we treated ourselves with a delicious ice cream cone… always my favorite in the hot Montréal summer.

To represent our love of the outdoors, family traditions of DIY of all kinds, but also the chic and glam that comes with our Montreal life, a “rustic chic” wedding was the way to go for us. Planned in 2014 to mark our ten years together, we chose a venue in Quebec city to celebrate this very special moment in the region where we are both from. With the help of family members and friends, this day promises to be filled with joy and personal touches. In short, a wedding full of Mason jars, hand-made embroideries, burlap, wood slices, a S’mores bar to close the event, but, most importantly, a wedding full of love!

Photography: Julia C. Vona Of Junophoto | Venue: Atwater Market

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Juno Photo

Korean Paebaek Ceremony In The Canadian Rockies

The mountains you’re about to see don’t look real, but I promise they are! (See: Emerald Lake Lodge) To match the scenery, every detail is equally vivid and stunning from the yellow bridesmaid dresses the the bold bouquets from Willow Flower Company. Not mention, the Paebaek Ceremony looks beautiful, fun, and moving to boot. Just take a look at Orange Girl’s photographs of the day!

State Park

From the Bride and Groom… The inspiration for our wedding was our lifestyle. We’re both fairly outdoorsy and adventurous, and we love the mountains. We like to hike, rock climb, ski, snowboard, etc, and in many ways our relationship developed and matured while we enjoyed these activities together. When we found the Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, BC we knew we had the right venue. It provided a beautiful natural backdrop, easy access to a variety of outdoor activities… plus the rustic charm and touch of refinement we wanted for the event.

Autumn’s favorite memory was a minor wardrobe malfunction as she rounded the corner to walk down the aisle. The emotions started to build as soon as she saw her parents, and as she took her Dad’s arm to walk down the aisle she could already feel her eyes starting to well up. When she turned the corner, her train (or as she called it, her tail) got caught on the fence at the edge of the patio. The snag stopped her dead in her tracks, and she couldn’t help but smile. The incident helped ease her emotions, and the rest of the ceremony was full of big smiles and happy tears.

Advice for those planning a wedding now:
Wedding planning can be a difficult and stressful process. Try to remember that you’re both going through a lot, and be supportive of each other along the way. Take a deep breath every now-and-then, give each other a hug, and thank each other for everything the other has accomplished. Hearing that your husband/wife-to-be appreciates what you’re doing makes it all worth while. When the planning is over and the big day comes, enjoy the moment and savor the memories. Everything may not go perfectly according to plan, but most guests won’t even notice, and the little hiccups along the way will provide you with great memories inside jokes for years to come.

From the photographer… Autumn and Derrick traveled from Seoul Korea to Yoho National Park in Canada for their destination mountain wedding. They included a Paebaek (Korean Tea) Ceremony after becoming husband and wife. The elders of the family were invited to sit. The bride and groom bowed to the elders, poured them a drink, and listened to their marital advice. I found the advice from the elders to be a moving part of the ceremony, what a lovely way to start your married life. The elders would then toss dates into a piece of fabric held up by the bride and groom to symbolize how many children they hoped the newlyweds would have. The bride and groom would then try to deflect some of the dates tossed to a number closer to the number of children they actually hoped to have. This was a particularly funny part of the ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony the groom gave piggybacks to his new wife and his mother-in-law symbolizing the grooms intention to carry/support his new wife and family.

Photography: Orange Girl | Ceremony Music: Music Mosaic | Bouquets: Willow Flower Company | Ceremony & Reception: Emerald Lake Lodge | Make-up & Hair: Clipso