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Downtown Toronto Restaurant Wedding at Boehmer

Ok, time out. Before we dive into this wedding, I feel like I need to quickly say I am obsessed with it. Obsessed. And really, you will be too once you take a look at the super chic pics snapped up by A Brit & A Blonde. I mean, come on. Those shoes? That venue? This couple? It’s all so beyond, and there are so many more cool pictures of these two here.


From A Brit & A BlondeAndrea and Ian live in downtown Toronto. They had their wedding at a tres cool, tres awesome restaurant called Boehmer on one of the city’s funnest streets Ossington. Andrea adores fashion and now works in that world too – so it is no surprise that she chose probably the coolest shoes in the world for her big day. A pair of truly unique, super rad Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. He is a British shoe designer that makes beyond rad shoes that are quite jaw dropping. Andrea’s certainly fit the bill! Her beautiful Elizabeth Fillmore dress was a perfect match for those amazing heels. She got ready at their condo – which was great since her atelier is right there too full of her fashion inspiration and made for a great backdrop.

Their wedding was on the eve of the first day of Fall. The lovely florals mixed in with fruits had a real harvest feel and were perfect for a September wedding.

Andrea & Ian had a feeling that it might rain on their big day – so they came prepared and bought some really super fun umbrellas. These ended up coming in extremely handy when it did rain when we were set to do the photos of the wedding party. The umbrellas really saved the day and they looked fantastic. Which allowed Mother Nature not to rain on Andrea & Ian’s parade.

Here is a bit more from Andrea & Ian…..We were originally looking to have a wedding out in the country, but couldn’t find a location we loved. We went out for dinner at Boehmer, and it instantly clicked for us. We completely shifted gears and went for a city wedding. We loved the food, the ambience, and the wooden chandelier. It was an intimate and relaxing environment, but still cool enough to be unique and sophisticated. It just seemed to fit.

Definitely the ceremony was our favorite moment of our big day. It really set the tone for the rest of the wedding. We were so happy that we decided to have our wedding at a restaurant. The staff at Boehmer were awesome. They were incredibly attentive to both us and our guests. Everyone raved about the food. We also loved the music. We had a saxophone player walking around the restaurant during dinner, and that was pretty cool. We also loved the fact that we did our photos before the ceremony, which meant we could spend cocktail hour with our guests.

Photography: A Brit & A Blonde | Floral Design: Sweet Wood Ruff | Wedding Dress: Elizabeth Fillmore | Cake: Bobette & Belle | Invitations: Carte Blanche Design | Bride's Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood | Bridesmaids Dresses: Aritzia | DJ: Bello Sound | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Boehmer | Umbrellas: Belle De Provence

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Romantic Engagement Session at Scarborough Bluffs

I am obsessed with each and every image captured by ARTIESE of this couples’ engagement session. Seriously. Each and every image. This gorgeous couple now has a collection of images so stunning they probably want to frame them all, and one that we can swoon over for as long as we’d like right here

From the Bride…My love story with Gabe started later than it should have. My BFF met Gabe in 2007 and announced to me she had found the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, she is a terrible salesperson and although she was quite persistent over the years, her attempts were wildly unsuccessful. Eventually, I found Gabe sitting in my very own living room – she invited him over for a friend’s birthday party. After meeting Gabe that evening, I reluctantly admitted to my BFF that she had been right all along. Maybe it was his big hearty laugh or his silly hat, but somehow I could see myself being really happy with him.

After a few months of BBMing and group outings, Gabe asked me to have dinner one evening. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that it would be a date for just the two of us! Our first date lasted for 6 hours (good sign!) and at the end of it, Gabe put out THE QUESTION: “where is this going?” Obviously I was completely taken aback since this was only our FIRST date (crazy man!). In between giggling and hiding my face in my scarf, we eventually both agreed that we wanted a relationship that was lasting, serious and godly, with marriage in mind.

As our relationship progressed, so did our adventures. We both loved travelling and eating (Gabe more so than me). We had a great time exploring new lands, but we also had a hard time learning about each others differences. I learnt that Gabe is resistant to sleep, food, and warmth deprivation. Gabe learnt that Cari is a normal human being who always ends up sick and exhausted after a Gabe “vacation”. I learnt that Gabe is a simple man, with simple needs (ie: beer, fried chicken, and basketball). Gabe learnt a lot about cameras, and designer bags/shoes.

But it was Gabe’s differences that I learned to love and appreciate the most. Where I am weak, he is strong. I love how Gabe is so confident and calm about everything he does…including choosing me. Right from the get go Gabe has worn his heart on his sleeve for me and has had unwavering confidence in me. I’ve always been more cautious and anxious than I need to be, but Gabe’s complete openness and honesty always set me at ease. No matter what crazy (and sometimes mean) things I do or tell him, his love for me has never wavered.

Exactly 2 years after our first date, Gabe proposed to me at Evergreen Brickworks. This was Plan B. He accidentally leaked his Plan A to me months ago and I called him out on it. He was devastated, but not defeated. Well actually, I also had an inkling about Plan B, but this time I decided to be kinder and turned a blind eye. Gabe is the worst at keeping surprises (or anything) from me! Obviously I still said “YES!” (how can you resist that face?) and here we are now…getting ready to embark on our greatest adventure yet!

Photography: ARTIESE | Hair: Puzzle Creations

Marie Antoinette Inspiration Shoot

Say the name “Marie Antoinette” and immediately visions of opulent design and gorgeous gowns pop into your head.  It just happens.  So starting off the week with a Marie Antoinette-inspired shoot from the talented team of Paige Lewis EventsAnista Designs and Krista Fox (among many others) is a total no-brainer.  It’s breathtaking details meets pure elegance.  See it all here.


From Paige Lewis Events… With a growing number of requests to produce French themed weddings, I wanted to respond by designing a shoot based on the French icon herself, Marie Antoinette. Although popular, brides and ladies alike will never get enough of Mrs. Antoinette and her timeless taste for opulence. With this in mind, I went to work on gathering an extensive team of amazing vendors to put together our own version and vision of this fabulous icon.

Everyone on board was excited to create in a mirage of pastels, pinks and golds and to bring back the timelessness tones that all of us love. Although we were all working in the same direction, it was fantastic to see the results of each vendor’s own personal Marie Antoinette touch. Our goal was to create the grand tablescape with all of the much loved details, a plethora of cakes, a vanity scene, a multitude of props, favours and details, and, of course, stunning bridals.

Keeping in mind the age and the tone of Marie Antoinette, the bride was to have two looks – one that brought out a royal, fancy side, and one that brought out a softer, sweeter side. Ines DiSanto gowns were necessary in achieving this look. The champagne and intricate beading of the Metis gown were perfect for the royal look, while Versailles’ soft white lace and fine details showcased our sweeter side. Tara Fava’s jewellery was perfect in that it extended to both looks with different pieces for each, while Blair Nadeau’s floral fascinator suited the Versailles dress exquisitely and really brought out the floral look we were going for. Samantha Wilson of Blush Pretty ensured a high bouffant royal look for our bride and then softened the effect by having light wisps and strands of hair fall for the second look. Vivian R. captured Marie Antoinette’s young and innocent complexion by keeping the makeup light and pretty, while working in the pink tones of the overall theme.

The location of the shoot could no have been better. The McLean House at the Estates of Sunnybrook boasted exceptional amounts of sunlight in a lovely white room, and presented a perfect white canvas for our pastel palette. Paige Lewis Events chose a lush combination of several rose varieties and hydrangeas in pastel tones, while adding in various hues of beige to replicate the colours of the time. Floral creations included several lavish arrangements, floral chandelier covers and floral chaise backs for extra details and luxury. Gold vases were used in addition to the intricately detailed china on the table, which also reflected the era’s golds and touches of muted turquoise. William Ashley China provided these place settings, as well oversized crystal champagne goblets, fit for any queen.

Placed delicately on the china were the menus, beautifully made and provided by Anista Designs. The menus showcased an entire course of desserts in true Marie Antoinette style, and featured soft pinks and mauves, as did the invitations; much like the historic stationery created for the actual engagement party of the young Dauphin and Dauphine in 1770.

As for the infamous cakes, Connie Cupcake did a spectacular job of creating three cakes for our shoot: one adorned with gold truffles and hand-crafted crown molding, one with beautiful pearls, gold claw feet and topped with a soft ostrich feather, and one beautifully high cake covered in sugar florals and pretty pinks. Connie also provided petite mini cake creations for each guest place setting, which completed the tablescape design.

Guest Favours were fabulous fascinators provided by Blair Nadeau, placed in pretty hat boxes with gift tags provided by Anista Designs. Last but not least, and in order to detail and finish the look as a whole, various props were supplied by Anne & Co., including french perfume bottles, vanity mirrors and our favourite: masquerade ball masks covered in lace.

With a fantastic group of ladies in a room and a multitude of gorgeous details, creativity is at its best, and our shoot was no exception. We decided to use the stunning lavender bridal suite at the venue to create a boudoir style setting for our lovely bride, whilst bringing in the various aspects of the shoot, including elements such as cakes, stationery, hat boxes, shoes and fascinators. This scene provided us with an entirely different look, while staying focused on our theme.

Photographer Krista Fox was phenomenal in capturing every look and detail of our work, and finished the project by providing breathtaking photos. From the sun-lit room to the lavender boudoir, the shoot was a fantastic display of all things French, pretty and girlie. We were thrilled with the results.

Photography: Krista Fox | Floral Design: Paige Lewis Events | Cakes: Connie Cupcake | Stationery: Anista Designs | Make Up: Vivian R. Makeup | Hair: Samantha Wilson Of Blush Pretty | Bridal Jewellery: Tara Fava Jewellery | China & Stemware: William Ashley China | Design, Styling & Production: Paige Lewis Events | Fascinators (Bridal & Favours): Blair Nadeau Millinery | Gowns: Ines DiSanto | Linens: Have A Seat | Props: Anne & Co.

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