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#BridalBeautyBreakdown: Romantic Drama

Drama isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to your wedding day makeup. And, if you’re planning a glamorous, dramatic and oh-so romantic big day, you should look the part from head to toe—starting with your beauty. Enter Kathleen Tinney of A-List Makeup, who created the gorgeous look below. With her tips and product recommendations, you’ll look every bit the glamour goddess you are!



It’s always important to begin with a well  cared for base. The skin is one of the best ways to achieve a more youthful and healthy glow, and with that, it allows for a lighter makeup application. Start with an emollient cream and allow time for the moisturizer to sink into the skin. At the same time, apply a lip moisturizer so it has time to sink into the lips for a smooth lipstick application further into the application process. 


Lightly distribute a liquid foundation over the skin using a foundation brush to buff and blend it into the skin. Top the foundation off with a light layer of powder to set it. 


The focal point of this look was the beautiful berry lips and pink cheeks, so keep the keep the eye makeup very neutral. Begin with an eyeshadow primer to ensure then makeup will last. Then, define the eyebrows, the pillars for the face. One of the most natural ways to fill in the eyebrows is with an eyeshadow powder. With a thin angled brush, begin at the tail end of the eyebrow, and work your way towards the center, while keeping a subtle gradient of color—darker on the tail and lightest in the center. It’s easy to get carried away when filling in eyebrows, but for the most natural look, take it slow, and remember to use a gradient from dark to light. For the most natural look, if you have darker hair always go a shade lighter, and if you have lighter hair, go a shade darker. After defining the eyebrows, sweep a natural mid-tone brown over the whole lid and then used a waterproof gel liner to line the eyes, adding a wing at the end to lift and define the eyes. Next, take a light champagne tone shimmer eyeshadow and place it very lightly on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten and open them. Top of the look  with mascara, or for extra drama, apply a natural-looking, wispy set of falsies


When doing a bold lip, apply the lipstick before the blush, so you can determine the amount of blush needed in order to add color back into the face, but to not compete with the bold lip. After all, we want to look youthful and romantic and not too over done! Use a lip pencil to line and fill in the entire lip.  Then, apply lipstick to the entire lip, using a tissue to blot any of the access moisture in the lip, and then reapply one more time. 


Dab a fluffy brush into a berry toned blush and gently apply on cheeks in an outward motion. It’s always better to start very soft and continue adding until perfected. To create a cohesive lip and cheek, use similar shades for both applications. 


A very step, and one that really pulls everything together and adds that youthful glow, is to highlight! With a fan brush, ever-so-gently sweep it across the high point of the face: cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. The best tip in applying a highlighter is to remember that less is always more!

Romantic Drama Product Recommendations
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Romantic Drama Product Recommendations
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Makeup Tips: Kathleen Tinney of A-List Makeup | Photography: Retrospect Images

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A total body workout for your little white dress

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Canada is famous for its friendly people, killer hockey and bone-chilling cold. But don’t let the weather stop you from having a winter wedding, because trust us, Canadian winter weddings can be truly magical. Sprinkle in a few of these cozy, warm touches, and your wedding will be the perfect winter wonderland. Which is your favorite?

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Whether you’re planning a Canada Day wedding next year, or simply love the look of the l’Unifolié, a red and white bouquet is a wonderful option with which to honor your Canadian heritage, national pride, or simply add a touch of patriotism to non-holiday nuptials. Click through to see 15 of our faves!

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Romantic Cliffside Couple Session

Would you do anything for love? Take this couple, for example. Prior to meeting her Groom, she booked a one-way ticket in pursuit of her career. That is, until a chance reintroduction brought these high-school classmates together again. Let’s just say, the plane ticket was put on hold and the rest? Well, that m’dears you can see unfold in the gorgeous gallery a la Rhythm Photography, here!

From Rhythm Photography…. When we were talking about their engagement/pre-wedding session, I couldn’t help but propose to do the shoot in Tobermory even though it was a four hour drive away! The beautiful, serene cliff-side at Bruce Peninsula National Park perfectly reflects their personalities as they are both very sweet, kind and always put others first.

During our trip to Tobermory, I had the chance to get to know the two of them better. The two actually met each other back in high school but they didn’t get to know each other well until they went on a cottage trip years later that was arranged by their mutual friends. At that time, Chloe has already made plans to move to Hong Kong to pursue her career and had bought the plane ticket. However, meeting Kelvin has changed her decision and she decided to forgo her one way plane ticket to Hong Kong to stay with him.

On Dec 30th, 2013, Kelvin booked off the entire movie theatre and has arranged a surprise for Chloe. He asked a couple of Chloe’s friends and her sister to bring her to watch a movie. Right before the start of the movie, her friends all made excuses to leave their seats. The theatre was completely empty when the movie started and at that time Chloe still has not suspected anything. However, when the movie started, Chloe noticed something was different. The trailer was no ordinary trailer, it was Kelvin’s proposal movie on the big screen! Kelvin, who was hiding from behind the screen, came out, got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life…and the rest is history!

Photography: Rhythm Photography | Hair And Makeup: H&E Wedding Design | Location: Bruce Peninsula National Park

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Modern Pink Wedding at Berkeley Church

Is a groom that actually embraces pink too good to be true? Not with this guy here, who not only allowed it to take center stage but even had some stylish ideas as well.  It may come as no surprise that this Bride and Groom are a couple of creatives and their talent shined bright at their fantastically fun fete full of color and whimsy. Mango Studios captured every bit and this gallery is a guaranteed smile-inducer.


From the Bride… How do you have a wedding that incorporates a lot of pink, without making your fiancé want to run away screaming? How do you get custom Nike’s for the groom and all his groomsmen when they won’t even ship to Canada? Can I do a few DIY’s without stress crying, have personal pavlovas for dessert and get pumpkin ale delivered?

We had all these questions and more when my husband Steve and I started planning our wedding. But we quickly found out that coming up with the solutions was actually… a lot more fun than we expected!

Steve and I met in college and started dating in our third year back in 2008. We’ve experienced cross-continent dating, multiple job changes and some amazing vacations together. In 2011 we moved to The Beaches in Toronto together so we didn’t have to commute to work at our long-houred advertising jobs. Despite talking comfortably about marriage for years, it was still a big surprised when he proposed on the Beach of Cox Bay in Tofino, British Columbia in 2013.

To us, having a wedding wasn’t just about “from this day forward.” There are so many stories and memories and experiences that had gotten us to that day, so we wanted to celebrate that – the past, present and of course – the future. And this sort of became our theme.

We were able to really bring this idea to life thanks to the amazingly talented Jeremyville. He illustrated the front of our invitations which showed the journey that Steve and I have gone on leading us up to this exciting point in our relationship. As an art director, having a unique stationery set was very important to Steve. He completed the pieces with bold typography, some fun foil stamping and even a pink foil envelope (and believe it or not, this was HIS idea!)

The pinks in our stationery were used throughout all elements of our wedding. From the bridesmaids dresses, to the grooms shoes, to the flowers, the balloons and even the DIY tassels and party crackers that my mom and I worked endless weekends to complete.

One of the most important things for me was having a not-so cookie-cutter ceremony. We had a Unitarian Minister marry us, and I loved that we had the opportunity to work with her and create a ceremony that worked for us. In addition to writing our own vows, my mom read a story by Shaun Tan, which was all about the wild, crazy and sometimes difficult adventures people go on to get to their wedding day. It was the perfect way to express the up’s and down’s of life without having to say “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.”

To continue the journey theme, our table names were based on some of our favourite places in the world from the city of Surfers Paradise in Australia to a small Vietnamese restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario.

In terms of our vendors, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. I immediately fell in love with our florist Blush & Bloom and her amazing floral creations, and we knew we made the right decision with Mango Studios as soon as we finished our engagement shoot at the local skateboard park. They made us feel immediately comfortable and captured the real Karlie and Steve perfectly.

In the end, our wedding was more than we ever could have imagined. We danced, drank and loved the night away and we will never forget it for as long as we both shall live. See what I did there?

Photography: Mango Studios | Floral Design: Blush And Bloom | Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Bari Jay | Hotel: The Drake | Hotel: The Ivy at Verity | Wedding Venue: Berkeley Church | Balloons : Balloon Queen | Bridal Boutique: Ferre Sposa | Bridal Party’s Hair: Fuss Hair Studio | Bridal Party’s Makeup: Lisa Mandel | Bride’s Shoes: BHLDN | Doughnuts: Jelly Modern Doughnuts | Groom & Groomsmen Shoes: NikeiD | Groomsmen Attire: Moore’s | Groom’s Suit & Socks: Paul Smith (Hold Renfrew) | Invitation & Printed Pieces: The Hour is Here | Invitation Illustrator: Jeremyville | Printer: C.J. Graphics Inc

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