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Korean Paebaek Ceremony In The Canadian Rockies

The mountains you’re about to see don’t look real, but I promise they are! (See: Emerald Lake Lodge) To match the scenery, every detail is equally vivid and stunning from the yellow bridesmaid dresses the the bold bouquets from Willow Flower Company. Not mention, the Paebaek Ceremony looks beautiful, fun, and moving to boot. Just take a look at Orange Girl’s photographs of the day!


From the Bride and Groom… The inspiration for our wedding was our lifestyle. We’re both fairly outdoorsy and adventurous, and we love the mountains. We like to hike, rock climb, ski, snowboard, etc, and in many ways our relationship developed and matured while we enjoyed these activities together. When we found the Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, BC we knew we had the right venue. It provided a beautiful natural backdrop, easy access to a variety of outdoor activities… plus the rustic charm and touch of refinement we wanted for the event.

Autumn’s favorite memory was a minor wardrobe malfunction as she rounded the corner to walk down the aisle. The emotions started to build as soon as she saw her parents, and as she took her Dad’s arm to walk down the aisle she could already feel her eyes starting to well up. When she turned the corner, her train (or as she called it, her tail) got caught on the fence at the edge of the patio. The snag stopped her dead in her tracks, and she couldn’t help but smile. The incident helped ease her emotions, and the rest of the ceremony was full of big smiles and happy tears.

Advice for those planning a wedding now:
Wedding planning can be a difficult and stressful process. Try to remember that you’re both going through a lot, and be supportive of each other along the way. Take a deep breath every now-and-then, give each other a hug, and thank each other for everything the other has accomplished. Hearing that your husband/wife-to-be appreciates what you’re doing makes it all worth while. When the planning is over and the big day comes, enjoy the moment and savor the memories. Everything may not go perfectly according to plan, but most guests won’t even notice, and the little hiccups along the way will provide you with great memories inside jokes for years to come.

From the photographer… Autumn and Derrick traveled from Seoul Korea to Yoho National Park in Canada for their destination mountain wedding. They included a Paebaek (Korean Tea) Ceremony after becoming husband and wife. The elders of the family were invited to sit. The bride and groom bowed to the elders, poured them a drink, and listened to their marital advice. I found the advice from the elders to be a moving part of the ceremony, what a lovely way to start your married life. The elders would then toss dates into a piece of fabric held up by the bride and groom to symbolize how many children they hoped the newlyweds would have. The bride and groom would then try to deflect some of the dates tossed to a number closer to the number of children they actually hoped to have. This was a particularly funny part of the ceremony.
At the end of the ceremony the groom gave piggybacks to his new wife and his mother-in-law symbolizing the grooms intention to carry/support his new wife and family.

Photography: Orange Girl Photographs | Ceremony Music: Music Mosaic | Bouquets: Willow Flower Company | Ceremony & Reception: Emerald Lake Lodge | Make-up & Hair: Clipso

Canadian Rockies Wedding by Orange Girl Photographs

I must admit, when I first laid eyes on this wedding sent to us by Orange Girl Photographs I thought it was a photo shoot because it was JUST THAT GOOD. Not only are the views unreal but the styling is impeccable (Hello ghost chairs in the wilds of Canada) and the couple? Completely adorable. So once you pick your jaw up off the ground and realize that this is indeed a real and absolutely smitten-worthy wedding, you are going to want to click on the gallery because there is more; lots more!

see the full swoonfest here!

From the Bride:

Wildlife marked the path on our journey to our destination wedding in the Canadian Rockies. Nature welcomed us with grizzly bears, elk, big horn sheep, mountain goats and moose. We arrived at Emerald Lake Lodge greeted by the smell of pine and the splendor of the aqua glacier water. It was the perfect setting for our family and friends to explore and experience a week’s worth of making precious memories together. On the eve of our wedding we were graced with the presence of a majestic double rainbow over the emerald waters. What a sight and blessing it was as we all gathered in the cabin to experience it together.

With the help of ‘Day of Coordination’ in executing my decor and design plan “bees and blossoms”, we were able to enjoy the day with our loved ones and fully live in the moment. Our ceremony took place lake side; the ceremony path lined with pinwheels and pretty poms along the clear ghost chairs facing Mount Burgess. Vintage handkerchiefs were handed out to each guest for their tears of joy. With large playful yellow and peach pinwheels in hand, the bridesmaids each in J Crew dresses and custom hair pieces made their way down the aisle. Ross in his grey JCrew suit waited with loving energy. My Watters gown was perfect for the setting; a demure classic with the right amount of lace, satin and sparkle. It paired nicely with my blusher veil and bouquet of peonies and roses. Our harpist, Deborah Nyjack (Harp Angel) worked with us to create a lovely song selection for our ceremony which included “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the bride’s procession. I love the symbolism captured in Kirstie’s photographs. One of my favourites: during the procession- my mom having a hard time letting go of my train after coming down the stairs – she just couldn’t let go period!

Guests were treated to a performance by my friend Jennifer as she interpreted the poem “My Honey Bee, by Ben Youngblood” to the song Claire de Lune on the harp. Her hand painted dress matched beautifully. We enjoyed ‘champagne kisses’ after the ceremony on the patio as we watched two baby cubs play across the lake. After, we made our way around the lodge property for photographs and even sported our favourite Hunter Wellies! Every element was selected with purpose and had inspiration and love behind it. The colours reflected the happiness and joy that we felt in our hearts. A vintage bicycle on our invitation to communicate our destination. The setting, peaceful and one of a kind. Bees because they work together to make something lovely and sweet. Chairs that you could see through so as to not take away from the natural beauty of the location. The sparklers to represent optimism and light in our new life as husband and wife. The decor came to life as what we had imagined and felt in our hearts. The day was so magical!

Photography: Kirstie Tweed of Orange Girl Photographs / Cinematography: Nicole Anhel of Confetti Wedding Films / Flowers: Willow Haven / Event Concept and Design: The bride Jenna / Make-up and hair: Stephanie Roy / Venue: Emerald Lake Lodge in Field British Columbia, Canada / Custom Designed Cake Topper: The Small Object / Cake: Buttercream Bake Shoppe, Calgary / Invitations: One Reverie / Hanger: Knick Nack Paddy Wack / XOXO Banner: Funky Shique / Pinwheels: Rule 42 / Dress: Watters, style Torrean / Veil: Lo Boheme / Ties: Tux and Tulle

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