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Rustic Alberta Summer Wedding

As I quickly approach my own wedding day in only a few short months, I continue to pin photos whenever I stumble upon new ideas. And this rustic celebration led to a whole bunch of additions, from the quotes along the aisle to the perfect sparkly touches. Milton Photography snapped them all and this gallery won’t be leaving my laptop anytime soon.


From The Bride… Our backdrop, centerpieces, party favors, invitations, and pretty much all the decor was handmade. I learned that buying materials second hand can make for really cheap reception decor! Brides are always looking to sell or rent their old decor, and it’s usually always cheaper than you could buy it for – and with a little DIY, you can make it look completely different than how the previous bride used it!

Make sure you start your diy projects in advance though! DIY projects can become very stressful and unenjoyable if you’re in a time crunch! Also, the more helpers you have, the faster and more fun a project usually is! If you provide some food and drink, your wedding elves can make a night out of helping you accomplish your DIY dreams!

The majority of the comments we received from our guests from our wedding it that the day was very personal and really showed off who we were as a couple, which I contribute mostly to the numerous DIY projects we did!

Photography: Milton Photography | Floral Design: Panda Flowers | Ceremony Venue: Deer Valley Meadows | Bridesmaids' Dresses: Victoria Lane Brides | Catering: A-1 Catering | Mens Attire: John's Men's Wear | Bridal Boutique: Bridal Couture

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Waterton Lakes National Park Anniversary Session

Anniversary sessions never fail to leave me super sappy and sentimental. No props needed, there is just something so wonderful about people coming together years after the big shebang to say – “after all these years, you’re still it.” So I couldn’t be more grateful that Marcie Meredith Photography shared her beautiful images of this couples’ beautiful story with us, and you can see why here.

From Marcie Meredith PhotographyDuring their 10 years of marriage, this couple has been through a lot. It was a sweet way to celebrate their upcoming anniversary by photographing their love in such a beautiful setting.

From The Couple…Our marriage is precious to us, and our time together as a family even more so. Two full military deployments to combat zone, and many months of away trainings to various locations, have made us forge a bond between us that cannot be broken by time or distance. Our three sons have shown us our best and worst traits, and they continue to help us grow as their own unique personalities allow our family to see and experience different perspectives. Much has happened since our wedding 10 years ago: between us three college degrees, three major open-heart surgeries for our second child, and half a dozen moves across the county. We would not change it–our marriage is what it is because of the things we have gone through together. We look forward to seeing how the next 10 years will strengthen it even more.

Photography: Marcie Meredith Photography | Clothing: H&M | Venue: Waterton Lakes National Park

CEDAR Juice + A Discount + A Giveaway!

Looking your best on your wedding is a given — but feeling your best? It’s a must. That’s why were loving CEDAR Juice, the cold pressed juice cleanse that will help you look + feel amazing for your big day. Not only do CEDAR Juices taste amazing, but they are the perfect kickstart to a whole new healthy living routine!

With CEDAR Juice, not only will you feel rejuvenated on the inside, but you’ll be glowing on the outside — all in time for your big day! Here are just a few of the amazing benefits you’re in for:

  • Energy, Energy, Energy: By the end of day 2 you’ll feel energized & up for anything. We’re not talking the kind of energy you get from your 3pm coffee…this is long lasting energy!
  • Improved Skin Tone:  By flooding your body with nutrients, and omitting processed foods, dairy, meat and grains, your skin will glow. Hello, wedding day photos!
  • Real Weight Loss: Though some of the weight that is lost is water weight, you’ll also naturally lose “real” weight by cutting processed foods, empty calories + dairy!
  • Increased Mental Clarity: There are a million things that need to get done before a wedding, and CEDAR Juice will help you get that to-do list finished by clearing that dreaded “brain fog” we all get.
  • Better Sleep: No more tossing + turning for you! By the end of the three day cleanse, you’ll look forward to better sleep patterns.

Before your cleanse begins, CEDAR Juice provides you with information on how to best prepare (what to eat, what to avoid, etc.) and they also include their Black Book of instructions to help you stay on track. During the cleanse, CEDAR will be in touch to make sure all is going well and after it’s all over, they provide guidance on how to ease back into real foods!

Since doing a cleanse is always easier + more fun with friends, get your honey or bridesmaids on board — because feeling amazing is for everyone! Getting started on your CEDAR Juice cleanse is easy. Simply order online, and they’ll ship the juices right to your door (shipping is free across Ontario). As a special offer for Style Me Pretty readers, CEDAR Juice is offering their three-day cleanse for just $199 with promo code stylemepretty!


The Prize: A lucky reader will win a 3-day cleanse from CEDAR Juice!

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