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Bridal Fitness Inspiration For Your Wedding Day

Raise your hand if one of your big wedding goals is to get ‘in shape’. I’m betting lots of digits are up in the air! There’s no denying a wedding is a serious motivator to get fit and healthy. So today, we’re diving into the topic with this fresh inspiration from Rebecca Yale paired with tips from five SoulCycle instructors, where loving your body and strengths takes center stage, because strong is the new sexy.


Erin T: Come up with a regimen that you actually see yourself continuing post wedding. You will invest more in this new lifestyle and instead of it feeling like “crunch time” (no pun intended!) it will feel like a new and exciting chapter in your life…just like your marriage should feel! Plus, there are tons of celebratory events leading up to the wedding that can lead to unhealthy choices. These are some of the few times in your life where all of your loved ones are coming together from afar to celebrate you! You only live once, so make sure you don’t let fear and stress hold you back from fully enjoying these events, just make it a goal not to over indulge.

Becca: It’s all about what makes you feel good!! Focus on gradual lifestyle changes rather than abrupt dietary restrictions and strenuous workouts. Choose foods that won’t weigh you down and focus on an exercise that will make you feel successful. Your wedding should be all about you, so you want to set yourself up with confidence and strength rather than a stressful crash diet and overwhelming workouts.


Madison: Definitely my upper body. I have a bigger chest and decided to wear strapless. I started watching a lot of YouTube videos for toned arms! Loved it. There is also a tough arms section in all SoulCycle classes – when you teach multiple classes a week, that really adds up!

Karyn: Most wedding dresses are sleeveless which means you’ll be showing off your arms. In preparation for putting those naked limbs on display I would do the following: Bicep Curls using 10-15 lb hand weights, Pushups (great overall body exercise, but big focus on chest, shoulders and back), Tricep Presses overhead with one 15-20 lb weight, Tricep Dips, Shoulder Presses overhead with 15-20 lb weight.


Sunny: I’m always game for a good run. Throw on your favorite songs, put on your sneakers, go out for a quick run and break a sweat!! So good for you. And if you can’t go outdoors, a quick plank while you hum through one round of your favorite song will get your body feeling a little tighter!

Erin T: Be flexible and don’t have crazy expectations! If you are too busy to get to the gym, the day is not lost, fit in some kind of workout even if it is at home during the commercial breaks of your favorite show. It is usually not the missed workout, but how much we beat ourselves up about it, that significantly slows down our progress. Also if the weather is nice, try and get outside!

Karyn: Bodyweight exercises! Squats, lunges, planks, pushups, tricep dips. They’re incredibly effective and versatile (you can add variations, target different body parts based on hand/foot positioning). Mix cardio in (jumping jacks, jump squats, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.) to really up the calorie burn.


Madison: Since I work in the fitness industry working out wasn’t an issue but I knew my eating habits would have to change. I ate a lot more at home and shopping at the farmers market for the freshest ingredients. After a few months I realized I liked cooking so much that I stuck with it even after the wedding.

Karyn: Listening to my body. Eating clean (whole foods, nothing processed) makes me feel good physically and mentally. The same thing goes for working out. Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, making you feel more confident. Just get moving. Personally, I’ve never regretted working out. Just something to think about!


Sunny: A mixed baby greens salad with plain or candied walnuts (plain is healthier choice), grapefruit, beets already prepped (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods sells them this way), goat cheese crumbles and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Madison: A DIY Green Juice, the perfect post-spin drink. Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Celery, Ginger, Pear, Lemon.

Erin: Avocado toast with olive oil and chili pepper flakes.

Karyn: A protein smoothie. Ingredients: A couple ice cubes, a handful of spinach, blueberries (frozen or fresh), half a banana, a spoonful of almond butter, 1/2 cup to 1 cup of almond milk, 1 scoop of protein powder (I use BiPro whey protein).

Becca: DIY Tzatziki Yogurt. Ingredients: Chopped cucumber added to a plain Chobani yogurt with olive oil, salt and pepper.

WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING TIPS FROM Kleinfeld Bridal, Fashion Director, Terry Hall…

1. Strapless is a great way to show off your shoulders and clavicle, which is very subtly sexy. A deep V like the Dennis Basso that Karyn wore is a great way for a bride to show off her toned arms and chest because the eye is drawn downwards to the V and toned arms frame that V. 

2. For a bride who is proud of her legs, high-low illusion dresses have become very popular as can be seen in both Erin’s Zuhair Murad and Pnina Tornai dresses. The overall effect of the floor length illusion dress still elongates the body for an elegant look making the bride appear taller, yet still leaves room for the fun element of showing off those legs. 

3. Brides should look at their gowns as a piece of art regardless of price point—the focus of the dress can draw the eye to a certain point and accentuate what you love, while also drawing attention away from other areas. Madison’s striped mermaid Hayley Paige dress elongates the body starting at the sweetheart neckline and showing off some subtle cleavage without being too on display. 

4. You can always make a dress smaller, but it can be very difficult to have a dress made larger so buy the dress at your current size and then tailor it. Alterations are a vital part of how the dress will look and you don’t want to cut corners.

From Rebecca Yale PhotographyAs a wedding photographer I get to meet brides early in their wedding planning process. Over the next year of planning those brides will be constantly inundated with marketing and media telling them to lose weight for their wedding. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a wonderful goal to get healthy and fit and feel great both inside and out before and after your wedding. As someone who’s never been very athletic, discovering SoulCycle was a game changer before my sister’s wedding. The idea is to focus on health and fitness not inches and dress sizes and pretty quickly you end up feeling great and that confidence shines from the inside out on your big day. We asked five Soul Cycle instructors to model wedding dresses that show off their favorite body part and asked Kleinfeld’s bridal expert, Terry Hall, for some tips on how every bride can show of their favorite feature!

From SoulCycleFor many brides, wedding planning comes hand in hand with strict diets and endless trips to the gym. There is an undeniable pressure to lose weight for the big day and many turn to unhealthy extremes. Though, in the wake of recent “strong is the new skinny” messaging, we are seeing a new wave of women focused more on being and feeling healthy and fit instead of obsessing over their dress size. SoulCycle is a fitness community aligned with these same values. Brides ride at SoulCycle to prep for their weddings and get encouragement and motivation from the community. Aside from getting fit, SoulCycle is a place where brides-to-be come to de-stress from all the planning! The 45-minutes during class allow riders to forget about everything else, set an intention, and focus on themselves. We also host fun events for weddings parties, bachelorette parties—you name it! It’s always such a fun experience.

From Cheeky DetailsWe kept this shoot simple and fresh while letting the SoulCycle message shine through: “Take your journey, change your body, find your SOUL.” We incorporated a floral palette that consisted primarily of yellows (Soul’s color) and whites. We constructed a hanging floral backdrop,hung from the ceiling for the ladies to strike a pose in front of and loved how the yellow flowing pops added a touch of whimsy to this otherwise modern space. The second set was our favorite and was completely inspired by the black and white photo collage backdrops that Soul uses to surround their logo in their studios. As luck would have it, the shoot venue had large panel doors that were gridded—we decided that it would be the perfect way to incorporate a subtle nod to something so inspiring. We adhered 72 stems of all different types of yellow flowers to each panel to create a floral wall backdrop for the group shots—simple, yet absolutely stunning.

Accessories: Hushed Commotion | Both Wedding Dresses (Karyn): Dennis Basso | China: Vera Wang | Floral Design: Cheeky Details | Hair and Makeup: FaceTime Beauty Concierge | Models: SoulCycle | Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography | Photography - Assistance: Rachel Watkinson | Shoes: Valentino | Shoes: Kate Spade | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Venue: Studio 404 | Wedding Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal | Wedding Dress (Becca): Mark Zunino | Wedding Dress (Erin): Zuhair Murad | Wedding Dress (Madison): Hayley Paige | Wedding Dress (Sunny): Mark Zunino | Wedding Dress Group Shot (Becca): Bliss by Monique Lhullier | Wedding Dress Group Shot (Erin): Pnina Tornai | Wedding Dress Group Shot (Madison): Mark Zunino | Wedding Dress Group Shot (Sunny): Marisa

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Colorful Americana Wedding in Brooklyn

For their July nuptials at 501 Union, this perfect pair wanted to celebrate America’s birthday in a fresh new way. Events By Melissa McNeeley utilized coral and navy accents and seasonal staples to set the scene. From quintessential summer foods a la Betty Brooklyn to 74 Events kicking off the festivities with party crackers, every detail Lindsay Hite snapped was elegant yet celebratory and it’s all here!

Event Venue

From the beautiful Bride… For our July 3rd wedding, we wanted to evoke the feeling of the 4th of July without American Flags and presidential portraits. We chose our colors, navy, coral and ivory as a play on red, white and blue. We also wanted to focus on the idea of celebrating Americana and summer, so we incorporated little details like baseball and backyard games as well as quintessential summer foods like watermelon, lemonade and pie (who doesn’t love pie?).

For favors, we did sparklers and matchbooks which both hit the 4th of July theme, as well as a traditional wedding favor with the matchbooks, something that has been a family tradition. The key was to use all these details in a way that still felt elegant and celebratory, which we accomplished with the help of our awesome vendors. Some of our favorite elements were the party crackers to kick the night off, ombre centerpieces and table numbers made to look like baseball pennants.

Bridal Boutique: Mark Ingram Atelier | Catering: Betty Brooklyn | Ceremony And Reception: 501 Union | DJ: 74 Events | Design Consultant, Graphic Design & Signage: Sharpshooter Signs | Event Planning: Events By Melissa McNeeley | Floral Design: Mimosa Floral Design Studio | Hair And Makeup: Sharon Becker | Photography: Lindsay Hite / READYLUCK | Wedding Dress: Anne Barge

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Elegant Brooklyn Botanical Garden Summer Wedding

Determined to make their nuptials has unique as their own journey, this couple took their preppy northeast style and tossed in some Texas charm, coming together in one glorious celebration. Under the guidance of ever swoon, country music meshed perfectly with the Bride and her lovely ladies, with the team of Trent, Dara and Mark of Trent Bailey Photography capturing it all for us to gush over right here.


From The Bride… Adam and I wanted our wedding to first and foremost feel like “us.” We both grew up in the north, me in Toronto, Canada, and Adam in New York City, but both spent several years in Texas. We met at SMU in Dallas, Texas and knew each other through mutual friends and shared political sciences classes before dating. Because we met through mutual friends, we are lucky enough to still have an amazing group of best friends that knew us both individually before dating and have also known us for many years as a couple. After college, we both moved to Washington, DC. Adam proposed on a spring afternoon in DC with both of our families waiting to surprise me afterward to celebrate. We started discussing where we would get married and New York City seemed like the most central meeting spot for our DC, Canada, Texas and NYC crew.

We ended up picking the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (in Park Slope, Brooklyn – where Adam grew up) as the spot for our ceremony and reception. We had the ceremony in the beautiful gardens and the reception in the Palm House. We also wanted our guests to get the full New York City experience so everyone stayed in SoHo and we arranged transportation to Brooklyn. It was so much fun getting ready in the Mondrian SoHo (a hotel that shares my love of blue and white décor) and such a blast having the after-party in the stunning Mondrian bar. We felt like the blend of neighborhoods really gave everyone a taste of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Through a college friend of mine, I found Tamra of ever swoon and knew she had to be our wedding planner. Tamra is super creative, always organized, sweet, personable and constantly ready to make even the most mundane tasks a celebration… not to mention she is a fellow Texan, so it was a perfect match. We could not have enjoyed the process nearly as much as we did without Tamra guiding us through it. With me taking the bar exam one week before our wedding, Tamra was a savior!

Being faithful people, we knew we wanted someone to marry us that knew us both deeply. My big brother, Jordan, is a man of strong faith and couldn’t know either of us better – the perfect officiant. So the three of us wrote the entire ceremony together – pulling from pastor friends’ previous ceremonies and traditional ceremony books. I have to say, standing at the altar with Adam and my brother, Jordan, officiating, was by far the highlight of that day. In that moment, the bond between Adam and I was not only forever changed, but the bond between the three of us as siblings became more solid and deep than I could have ever imagined.

Adam and I have a very similar style and so we wanted the wedding to reflect that along with our New York, Texas and Canada backgrounds. So became our northeast preppy meets Texas wedding. Our décor included preppy touches like seersucker tablecloths during our cocktail hour and blue and white Chinoiserie vases and invitations, Texas touches like serving Shiner Bock beer and having an SMU basketball court groom’s cake, and Canadian touches like serving Molson Canadian beer.

As for music, our favorite types of music are country music and acoustic music artists like Ray LaMontagne and John Mayer, so we wanted a band that could play both of those genres (which is rare in a wedding band!). In the end, we found the perfect southern band, the Gold Magnolias, from Austin, Texas. Their bluesy, Austin country music style was a perfect reflection of our style.

My Uncle Gerry sang and played his guitar for our first dance. My Uncle Gerry is an amazingly talented musician (as well as businessman) and sang my parent’s first dance at their wedding over thirty years ago. We worked together to select a song that showcased his talents and was meaningful to us. His beautiful acoustic rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me” had us all in tears.

Lastly, our exit was very important to us and because our venue didn’t allow sparklers I had almost given up hopes of a grand exit. But the week of the wedding, Tamra came to the rescue and got us streamers for everyone to wave as we exited. The streamers still showed up perfectly in the dark on film (which was our other concern) and became a fun dance accessory for many at the after-party.

Overall, our day was beyond magical. We kept hearing how intimate it felt with so many family members playing important roles and with such a large group of amazing friends all there to support us. It was also a perfect reflection of who we are individually and as a couple – our styles, our backgrounds, and our beliefs – and I am so happy we spent the time to make it uniquely “us.” Our photographers of Trent Bailey Photography, also could not have captured each and every moment more beautifully. We will cherish that day forever!

Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal | Cakes: Ana Parzych Cakes | Ceremony Venue: Brooklyn Botanic Garden | Event Planning: ever swoon | Floral Design: Blade NY | Hair And Makeup: Face Time Beauty Concierge | Music: The Gold Magnolias | Photography: Trent Bailey Photography | Stationery: Lana's Shop

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NYC Multicultural Battery Gardens Wedding

Marriage is more than just the union of two people, and this heavenly wedding is proof. These Battery Gardens nuptials are the perfect blending of two families, two cultures, and two sets of traditions. Not to mention the gorgeous colors, luscious floral arrangements, and enviable decor. We got lost in the snaps from Judith Rae Photography, and you can too in the full gallery here!

From the bride: Tom and I met in college. Tom was probably among the first 10 people I met at Columbia. We ended up living in the same building, a floor apart. In almost every respect, we are two complete opposites, but I think that is what has made us work so well together – we challenge each other in almost every way, which has resulted in both of us widening our understanding of the world, each other, and ourselves. We survived two years of long distance between DC and New York after college, during which we took a trip to visit a friend in New Zealand, where Tom proposed to me. Neither of us is very cheesy nor romantic, but it was probably the most romantic setting you could imagine: in the middle of snowcapped mountains with the sun coming up.

We were pretty open minded when it came to what kind of wedding we wanted, but the decision came easily, as both of our families were especially excited about the idea of an Indian wedding. We decided not to go with a planner because the whole event was unique (a modified Tamil ceremony followed by a more western reception) and we were getting married in New York (where we and both sets of families live). We figured that, between all of us, we could handle it. Most importantly, we both felt like we knew every detail and it really felt like a personal ceremony because we had been so closely involved. The reason we were able to pull it off without a planner was because of everyone’s help. My brother stayed up with us multiple times until 2 am folding programs, checking table numbers, and helping out in countless other ways; his fiance did all of my make-up; Tom’s mother ran a million errands; and my friends came over at the drop of a hat to help me whenever I asked, and were especially helpful with sorting out all of the details for me the day of the wedding. Tom was just as involved as I was, which was hugely helpful – he came to almost every meeting with every vendor, and even went to some without me. Above all else – my mother… she did basically everything. She sorted out the entire ceremony and personally selected all of the saris you saw the women in Tom’s family wearing. She also picked my wedding sari without me even being there! The wedding wouldn’t have happened without her.

Planning the wedding was a lot of work and was a little bit stressful, but both of us had a day filled with joy, and we look back on it as one of the best day of our lives. All of the work was definitely worth it!

Band Reception: Next Faze Band | Bridesmaids Saris: Lasya (Usha Umapathi) | DJ Ceremony: Bollywood DJs | Evening Saris: Frontier Raas | Floral Design: Atlas Floral Decorators | Hair: Amour de Hair | Hair: Indu Manian | Makeup: Sarah Levin | Morning Saris: Shilpi | Officiant: Priest Badhri Narayanan | Photography: Judith Rae Photography | Reception Venue: Battery Gardens | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Video: Love In Progress

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Classic New York City Black Tie Wedding

If there were one word to describe this NYC wedding, it would be timeless. Captured through the lens of Ashley Caroline, the gorgeous bride wearing Carolina Herrera and makeup by Face Time Beauty was radiant when she got her first-look at her soon to be husband. The bridesmaids wore stunning cream gowns by Alfred Sung Via Weddington Way tying this all-white affair together. This not-to-be-missed fete is everything we dreamed of and more. Don’t miss a minute here!

From the Bride… Paul and I met during our first week as undergrads at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We dated throughout college, and after years of doing long distance on different continents, he surprised me with a beautiful engagement ring while geocaching in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado and a surprise dinner with our immediate families. For the wedding, we settled on our favorite city and the home of many of our friends and family, New York City, for a classic black tie wedding with a traditional Catholic ceremony and a small reception at The New York Athletic Club.

Our ceremony took place at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is a breathtakingly stunning church. The priest that presided over our Nuptial mass was a family friend who flew in from Ireland to perform the ceremony. Another thing that was important to us was having everyone be “present” during the ceremony, so we asked our guests not to take pictures or have their phones out. We were hesitant about how family members would react to our no camera rule during the ceremony, but it made the ceremony that much more intimate and our photographer made her photographs available for download afterwards.

The New York Athletic Club was the perfect place to capture the timeless, classic wedding of our dreams. Everyone looked sharp in black suits, tuxes and dresses, perfectly complementing my classic Carolina Herrera wedding gown and Paul’s bespoke black tuxedo complete with a “real” bowtie. The guests were greeted by live piano music during cocktail hour where they left fun Polaroid pictures in our guestbook and signed an antique globe. One of our tables was decorated with a golden elephant representing our post-marriage move to Bangkok, Thailand. Our guests raved about the walk-on patio overlooking the sunset landscape of Central Park.

Our incredible DJ/Live band combination led by Bill Galbo introduced us as dinner started, and we swept into the beautiful banquet hall for our first dance while the first course was being served. He pulled everyone out of their seats to join us as “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, our first dance, came to a close and he picked up the tempo with Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough.”  The night ended with everyone on the dance floor. We were encircled by all of our closest family and friends, and as Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” came to a close, the dancing circle collapsed into a giant 100-person group hug.

It was truly the most amazing, and memorable day we have ever experienced. We have never felt such joy and happiness!

Ariston Flowers & Boutique: John Zois Of Ariston Flowers & Boutique | Bridal Boutique: Carine’s Bridal Atelier | Bride's Sash: Oscar De La Renta | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bride's Veil: Tia Mazza | Bridesmaid's Dresses: Alfred Sung Via Weddington Way | Cake: The New York Athletic Club | Calligraphy: Southern Calligraphy | Candles: Poppies And Posies | Chair Rentals: Chiavari Chair Rentals NY | Church: The Church Of The Blessed Sacrament | DJ/Band: Bill Galbo Of The Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music | Dress Designer: Caroline Herrera | Groom's Attire: Indochino | Groommen's Tux: Jos. A. Bank | Hair & Makeup: Face Time Beauty | Invitations: First Snow Fall | Photography: Ashley Caroline Photography | Reception Venue: The New York Athletic Club | Rings: Tiffany And Co.

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Elegant New York City Fall Wedding

I’ve heard my fair share of wedding wisdom, but this Bride’s advice – to find one moment of peace in the middle of your wedding day, to candidly bask in your joy – is one I’ll take to heart. I trust her, for when you look through these pics of her classic NYC wedding, captured by Ashley Kelemen and Luke Lindgren Cinematography, I’m pretty sure she was living the dream.

From Ashley Kelemen… Erin and Tucker are a dream couple. They’re wildly in love, super laid back and have incredible taste. They pulled together an intimate, family-centric day full of laughter and chic details, with special touches like the vintage trolley to move their bridal party around the city. All in all, their beautiful, classically New York wedding was a day to remember.

From The Bride… Tucker and I have been together for just short of a decade, since our sophomore year at Villanova University, and we both felt it very important that the wedding feel very us. We were very excited to incorporate specific elements that would really resonate with our guests, from the allusions to Villanova to the personalized guest book chronicling our lives and lineage, starting as far back as our grandparents’ weddings. From the beginning I wanted the details to feel unique and interesting but not distracting from the importance of the day itself.

I worked really hard to strike what I felt was the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The church and ceremony were very traditional and sentimental; the priest who performed our homily married my parents, one of my aunts, and my sister and brother-in-law, and baptized my siblings, my goddaughter, and myself. My father walked me down the aisle to Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary at the suggestion of St Francis’ music director; thinking of the organ pouring out the first few notes still brings tears to my eyes. At the reception, the tables were named after places that meant a lot to us at school and I surprised Tucker with a groom’s cake in the shape of the Villanova V. I loved that the day’s loose theme was also reflective of our current life in New York City, with a black, white and navy color scheme throughout, and a skyline motif running through the programs, menus and placecards. Being on the water was crucial to both of us, which is why we were incredibly excited when the clouds parted and the rain stopped shortly before the ceremony, to make way for a gorgeous NYC sunset overlooking the Statue of Liberty. By the time we finished portraits and joined cocktail hour, we were ready to party. I had Roz stay and take off my cathedral veil and throw my hair into a massive bun so that I could dance. We had a big dancing faction among our friends and family and really appreciated that our band understood our boogying needs and provided one smash hit after another.

We were so fortunate to work with such incredible vendors. I was lucky enough to meet Ashley when she was still a New Yorker working in fashion sales. I always admired her passion for photography and was beyond excited when she made the transition to shooting weddings full time. She introduced us to Luke who’s responsible for our amazing wedding videos – people still call me in tears when they watch for the first time. We enjoyed them so much at the end of the night we convinced the two of them to drop their gear and party with us through the after party and into the early hours. It gave my perfectionist side a lot of relief to know that we were working with such talented vendors who executed every element of the day with beauty and elegance. If I had one piece of advice it would be to find one tiny, intimate moment of peace in the middle of the day and candidly bask in your own joy… and if at all possible, have someone capture it on film.

Overall, it was an absolutely incredible day and if it were possible, I’d live it over and over indefinitely. In the eternal words of Biggie Smalls, “it was all a dream.”

Band: Twilight | Bridal Veil: Valentino | Brides Gown: Yaki Ravid | Brides Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bridesmaids Dresses: Tadashi Shoji | Cakes: Cornerstone Bakery | Ceremony: The Church Of Saint Francis Xavier | Dress Shop: Bridal Reflection | Film Lab: Indie Film Lab | Florist: House Of Flowers | Getting Ready Venue: Andaz Wall Street | Grooms Cufflinks And Bowtie: Hermes | Grooms Shoes: Hugo Boss | Grooms Tuxedo: J. Crew | Hair: Roz Murray | Invitations: Designers Fine Press | Invitations: Write On Larchmont | Makeup: Imane Fiocchi Of The Beauty Exchange | Photography: Ashley Kelemen | Photography Assistance: Alan Barrington Evans | Programs, Menus & Placecards: Minted | Reception Venue: Battery Gardens | Table Cards: The Love Paper Co. | Transportation: Jake's Limo | Videography: Luke Lindgren Cinematography

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