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Romantic Summer Spanish Wedding

There isn’t an adjective in the book that would justly define this Mallorca beauty captured by Jimena Roquero and planned by Bodas De Cuento.  The ceremony venue alone, Son Marroig, might be one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen, giving this couple and their guests one memorable place to say I do. After you’ve soaked in all the pretty, be sure to watch this destination wedding celebration unfold in the film by Focus Lab.


From Jimena RoqueroAna & Jenson flew from California to the Balearic Island of Mallorca to celebrate their love among their very close friends and family surrounded by thousands of white and pink roses. They got married at the unique location of Son Marroig, an old pavillion at the top of a cliff with amazing views. The reception was at La Residencia in Deia, a beautiful small town in the North-West of the island. These gorgeous locations were key on their wedding evening as the couple with all their guests were able to enjoy the sunset.

From the Bride… Jenson and I met each other in college while we were both attending Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. He was on the tennis team and I was on the running team. His two best friends, while going through our third year, came up to me at a school event and told me about Jenson and how they thought that we should meet each other. The next week we met at another school event and talked all night and exchanged numbers at the end. The next day he invited me to his house for dinner to cook his “specialty,” which included pasta and a cucumber salad. I liked him so much that I didn’t want to tell him that I was very allergic to cucumbers and I saw how hard he tried to make the dinner perfect that I ate every last bite and just dealt with an itchy and swollen throat without saying anything about my allergy. The next night he invited me over to cook for me again, and this time he ended up making steak with his cucumber salad again! He didn’t find out that I was actually allergic to cucumbers until a few months into our relationship. Ever since those first two nights, we never left each other’s side and he proposed to me on the beach two years later at our “special spot” the hour after we finished finals of our last semester.

We wanted to have a long engagement so that we could enjoy being each other’s fiancé. Even though we had an almost two year engagement, we didn’t decide on the venue until about 6 months before we got married! We went back and forth between venues for over a year until we decided on the island of Mallorca in Spain. We knew that we wanted to get married in a town where we had never had any previous memories so that the town only represented the memory of our wedding to us . We also wanted to have a very small wedding because we loved how small weddings were very intimate and romantic. We decided to find a place to hold our wedding in Europe!

As we went through the possible cities, we knew that we wanted to be in a place that had the beauty and charm of one of the countryside villages such as those in the South of France, while also being close to the Mediterranean Sea. We felt that being in a beach town, there would be more activities for everyone to do, which was very important to both Jenson and I as well our family and close friends. We heard about Mallorca a few months before because one of our favorite tennis players, Rafael Nadal, grew up there. Both of our families, being very into tennis, made us start to look at this small island off the coast of Spain. Jenson and I fell onto the website of the hotel La Residencia located in Deia, Mallorca, and immediately fell in love with the gardens and Olive groves that surrounded it. After looking at this small town and learning that it is a romantic, picturesque, coastal town where many poets and artists retire to, we knew it would be the perfect place balancing beauty and romance for our wedding day!

Once we chose the destination for where our wedding would be held, we found Carmen and Paula from Bodas De Cuento and started to work with them and their team during the next six months before our wedding! Jenson and I had to plan everything over Skype and were only able to go visit the venue and Mallorca one time a few months before the wedding. Even though we were gone for most of the planning process, Carmen and Paula were able to place everything together in the short amount of time we had before the wedding and without having Jenson and I there to help decide on everything in person.

We wanted the wedding to be whimsical, elegant, and beautifully romantic, with everything covered in roses and with the color tones of ivory, cream and blush. Once September rolled around and most of our guests arrived about five days before the wedding day, we had daily treats such as cake pops, cookies, and petit fours brought to them representing the theme of the rose. On the wedding day, I wore a lace gown and even though I had collected my something new, old, blue, and borrowed, I decided the only piece of jewelry I wanted to wear was my engagement ring my husband gave to me nearly two years before. We held our ceremony at the historic 19th century manor, Son Marroig, located just before the village of Deia, and got married under its beautiful marble gazebo overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at sunset. After the ceremony, we went back to La Residencia for the reception to eat at its award-winning restaurant, El Olivo, run by executive chef Guillermo Méndez and his team. We ate the candlelit dinner under a ceiling of hanging hydrangeas and roses. After dinner, Jenson and I spent the rest of the night dancing in the middle of our family and friends as they waved sparklers and savored the last hour of the most magical day of our life.

From the Groom… My best friend and I, when we both started Pepperdine University our freshman year, each had one girl that if we had the chance to date, we would marry. For me, that girl was Ana Christine. Every time I saw her, I would stop in my tracks and admire her. However, during the first couple of years at Pepperdine, she was in a long-term relationship, so I wasn’t able to get to know her. One day, at the end of our first semester of sophomore year, my best friend noticed that her relationship ended on Facebook and we started jumping up and down celebrating. The next year, after she came back from being abroad, both of my best friends (later my two best men at the wedding) went up to her at different times at a school event without me knowing, to tell her that I really wanted to meet her. The next week, she and I finally met and talked all night. By the end of it, I was leaving the event with my friends, and told them that was the girl I was going to marry. Two years later, I proposed.

Photography: Jimena Roquero | Videography: Focus Lab | Event Planning: Bodas De Cuento | Wedding Dress: Jin Wang | Ceremony Venue: Son Marroig | Reception Venue: La Residencia De Deia In Mallorca From Belmond Hotels | Hair & Makeup: Sherrie Long | Photography - Assistance: Volvoreta

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Mallorca Wedding at Cap Rocat by Chyna Darner Photography

If there is one thing we love in SMP land, it’s glided glitter. When that lovely piece of glittery gold goodness is in gown form, we are forced to surrender. Surrender to a wedding that makes our glitter loving hearts pitter patter and flutter all at the same time. And when this gorgeous occasion just happens to be in Spain, we are done. Speechless. All we can say is, the full gallery by Chyna Darner Photography is a must see today.

Click here for the FULL wedding!

From Chyna Darner PhotographyThe year was 2008, and the location was The Coyote Ugly Saloon in New York, not a usual hang out for either Greta or Waldo. Greta was living in New York and had friends visiting the Big Apple for the first time, so naturally, she was showing them around town. Waldo was in New York on business with coworkers who wanted to see the famous Coyote Ugly Saloon from the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly. When Waldo walked thru the swinging saloon style doors he locked eyes with Greta, and any doubts that love at first sight existed were left outside. Waldo’s male coworkers unsuccessfully petitioned Greta to dance with them. Then Waldo walked up to Greta, took her hand and led her to the dance floor. She was waiting for him. From that point on, they were almost inseparable. He had to return to London shortly thereafter, but Greta visited him within a week. After a few months of constant flights back and forth, Greta moved back to London. She had been living there the year before while attending fashion design school, but she had transferred to New York to be closer to her friends and family. 

Once Greta was back in London, Waldo was able to introduce her to his family, who mostly live in Sweden. By the time the wedding arrived, Greta had mastered Swedish well enough to give part of her wedding speech in Swedish. 

Once engaged, they decided they needed a neutral ground in Europe to have their wedding. Since Waldo is half Spanish, and the Balleric Islands are so gorgeous it was an easy choice. A destination such as Mallorca would definitely lure her friends and family from the States to attend. The events started Thursday as close friends and family arrived for the rehearsal and family dinner at Cap Rocat. On Friday night there was a pre-wedding meet and greet at Puro Beach, allowing friends and family from different continents to meet one another. The ceremony and reception on Saturday took place at Cap Rocat Hotel (a former military fortress). As a jewelry designer, Greta has a flair for design and created many custom details for the event. This included both of their rings, her earrings and several jewelry pieces worn by guests. The reception events and dancing went on well into Sunday morning.

Wedding Photography: Chyna Darner + Jennifer Low of Chyna Darner Photography / Wedding Venue: Cap Rocat in Mallorca, Spain / Event Coordination: Anfitrian / Event Styling: Greta Nelson-Alvarez (The Bride) / Floral Design + Plants: Floristeria Merce Francia / Wedding Cake + Sweets: Cupcake Sisters / Wedding Invitations + Menus: Monika Day of Paperplain / Singer: David Gee / Saxophone: Anthony Rivers / DJ: Felipe Schiefer (34 601231512) / Wedding Dress: Alison Rodger / Hair + Makeup: Mariella Morreale / Rings: Greta Nelson-Alvarez of Garbo Jewelry (The Bride — / Friday Night Cocktail Venue: Puro Beach

Mallorca Wedding by Nadia Meli

I really, really needed this wedding today.  It’s like a breath of fresh air, so perfectly sweet and serene.  And it’s not just the details, though they are delightful. It’s the blissful look on the faces of the bride and groom, the breezy beaches of Mallorca, Spain and the soft, dreamy photographs by Nadia Meli.  Of course, everything is made even that much more magical because it was all created and prepared by friends, family and loved ones.  Take a little getaway to this majestic destination wedding and chill out for the rest of the day in the full gallery!

Click here to see the entire image gallery!

From the Bride… From the very first moments of our relationship we dreamed of a destination wedding on a beach. Independent from each other it was a dream we both had. And when we got engaged, it was clear that we would search for a way to realize our dream.The most important thing to us was that it should be a relaxed wedding. We didn’t want a big and loud wedding, we wanted more of a family party with people who are important to us, who we love and feel familiar with.

When we started to plan the wedding my husband started to look for a wedding planner somewhere on an island. We found Mallorca in Spain and immediately knew this was the right place for us. Then we got in contact with the wedding planner Petra Emmerich of Mallorca Promotion, who helped us find a location, a restaurant and an agency who provided the chairs for the ceremony. We wanted  a restaurant that was close to the beach, so that we could be by the sea for the whole day. Mrs. Emmerich found a bay called Cala Romantica on the eastern side of Mallorca. There is a small beach restaurant there, the Bella Romantica. It was perfect because everything was at the same spot. A few months before the wedding we flew to Mallorca to have a look at the place and talk with the restaurant owner. We were thrilled how perfect everything fit into our initial plans.

I really felt that the day was perfect, just how I wanted it to be all along. Lots of things were made by family or friends. My friend did my hair and my sister and mother in law put up the decorations that I had made on my own over the last year. The aunts of my husband picked wildflowers the same wedding morning, my cousin and friends made some flower bouquets in old brass vases I collected in flea markets in Germany.  My mother and sister dressed me, my brother-in-law and my brother made the music during the ceremony with a bongo and a ukulele. Our pastor, who is a friend, married us. My best friend, who happens to be a great photographer, took these beautiful pictures. My nephews played on the beach or took pictures with cameras we put out on each table. I just loved being surrounded by people who were relaxed and were enjoying themselves.

A very touching moment was when I was finally dressed and all ready and my mom kissed me and looked at me and told me how beautiful I was. Also, when we bowed down on the ceremony and our pastor held his hands over us and prayed for us. It was very important for me to be blessed by God, who gave us this unforgettable day as a present. And, of course, when I sang a song for my husband from the musical “Tarzan” – that really moved me and I loved his reaction.

The perfect ending to this perfect day was when we all danced together into the night. We all just had fun together and everyone was jumping and singing along and laughing. Late at night we drove off to our honeymoon residence, with our hearts full of memories and joy and gratefulness. Everything was just like we dreamed and imagined it before.

Wedding Photography: Nadia Meli / Wedding Planner: Petra Emmerich of Mallorca Promotion / Wedding Ring Designer: Nina Buchmann / Wedding Dress: Atelier Aimee / Bride’s Shoes: Lola Cruz / Bride’s Jewelry: Crystal Treasure Box / Hair: Friend of the Bride / Makeup: The Bride / Wedding Ceremony Location: Cala Romantica, Mallorca / Wedding Reception Location: Bella Romantica, Mallorca / Groom’s Attire: Body Gear + Anson’s / Flowers: Friends of the Bride + Cousin of the Bride