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5 Reasons You Should Definitely Do a Babymoon

Now that I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy, things are becoming more and more real. Like, wait a minute—you mean I won’t be able to just head out the door for a mani whenever I feel like it? Or go on a spur of the moment date with my hubs? Yeah, that parent-to-be reality is hitting us, which is exactly why we’re taking a cue from this dreamy babymoon sesh captured by Maitha Lunde and seriously considering a babymoon. Plus, tips on why you should too if you’re expecting!

Maternity Session

Taking a babymoon is a great opportunity to do a maternity session and capture those sweet bump moments. Memories that you’ll cherish, look back on and someday show your child or children the sweet months that led up to their arrival into this world.


Life doesn’t stop or slow down and give you time to catch up when you get pregnant or have a baby. Each of those nine months will feel long and quick at the same time and you’ll realize that you still haven’t had that special time to bond and talk about all of your dreams for this baby as a couple. Or, look back at your memories as two. Forcing yourself to take a babymoon is making the time to do that—to bond, to converse, to dream, to reminisce to share your worries and fears, to share your excitement and happiness and give each other the credit that you deserve for your strength in this journey.

Because, you deserve it.

Take it from someone who just went through the physical and emotional challenges that the first trimester brings. Creating a human is tough business, not only on the mama-to-be but her partner too, who picks up the extra slack when nausea and fatigue take over. Treating yourselves to a little vacay before baby comes is SO deserved and will give you that extra boost you need before the real fatigue of sleep deprivation sets in.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Sure, you’re going to have babysitters, family and/or nannies to call on when you need a night out or want to take an adult-only vacation down the road. But will you ever take a kid-less vacation again without feeling like you left a piece of your heart at home or have little worries about those sweet babes in the back of your mind? Probably not. And that’s totally OK and a part of being a parent. But take this last mindless getaway while you can!

Why NOT?

In my opinion of pregnancy thus far, it is WAY harder than planning a wedding. And we usually treat ourselves to a honeymoon after a wedding, right? So, don’t feel guilty if a babymoon sounds selfish just because it’s a semi-newer concept. It’s not. You’ll get a few traditional people who look at you like, what the heck is a babymoon? But you don’t even have to call it that if you don’t want to. Just tell those eyebrow-raisers you’re taking a well-deserved vacation before baby arrives.

From Maitha LundeI’ve shot in the Amalfi Coast several times now as it’s becoming a very big destination for couples. Khatu & Darren contacted me because they were booked to have their babymoon in Positano, Italy. They were interested in a style maternity session. Khatu, a Vietnamese style blogger and a recent graduate from School of Fashion Design in Boston, Massachusetts made her own dress just days before! Her powder blue gown blended effortlessly into the Tyrrhenian Sea. During the summer it gets super busy. The first time I met them was at 4:30 AM, just before sunrise. I wanted to avoid the heat and crowd as I didn’t want to risk of having a crowded beach at sunset. Positano is pretty hilly so I kept the location simple as to not distress Khatu and her swollen legs. We had perfect weather and I think the location really suited the stylish couple and their last memory of being just two.

A Hairstyle to try for your maternity session!

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Photography: Maitha Lunde | Dress: Khatu | Shoes: Allen Edmonds From Nordstrom | Suit: Saks Fifth Avenue | Bowtie: Ted Baker | Hat:

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#anniversarygoals? Look No Further.

I have new hopes for my future anniversaries and it’s right here in front of you. Thanks to Sophie Epton and these two adorable lovebirds, I’ll be spending my week (and many weeks after) imagining myself in this beautiful landscape. Lake Como may be for lovers but it’s also for amazing anniversary shoots – get your week started oh so well with our Vault right here!

From Sophie Epton PhotographyShooting Madison and Eli in Lake Como was the true Italian dream. This sweet couple (originally from Nashville, TN) were living in Belfast and wanted to escape the cold, gray weather to commemorate a year of marriage… And what better way to celebrate than to fly down to beautiful Lake Como, Italy! The lake and surrounding towns are one of the most stunning destinations we’ve ever traveled to and photographed, and provided such a serene backdrop for the entire anniversary shoot. We spent a sunny afternoon walking all over the historical town of Varenna and exploring both the botanical gardens with turquoise water and ancient sculptures, as well as the quaint city center covered in splashes of soft sherbet hues. Madison chose both a bright mustard yellow and poppy red dress to wear that blew perfectly with the breeze and really accentuated the colorful landscape. As the sun started to set behind the Italian Alps, we took a boat out on the lake and ventured out to the historical Villa Balbianello, which was such a great way to cap off the entire day. They say “Lake Como is for Lovers,” and this anniversary shoot was not only beyond magical, but a fabulous way to celebrate commitment and love all over again.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: Sophie Epton Photography | Reception Venue: Villa Balbianello | Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab | Mustard Dress : Forever 21 | Pants: H & M | Red Dress: Free People | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Shirt: Topman | Silk Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

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An Engagement in the Heart of Florence

Before we dive into Tony and Claire’s wedding day (coming up this afternoon!) it’s important to hear the love story where it all began. It’s the tale of two Americans who met in college, moved abroad and became engaged while living in Florence. Naturally, they asked KT Merry to photograph their e-session in the city that holds their hearts with their sweet pup, Louie along for the fun.

From KT… Two Americans who meet during their final year at Northwestern University followed their work to Italy and found themselves engaged and living abroad in one of the world’s most romantic cities – Florence. To document their love of travel and this adventurous time in their life we photographed Claire and Tony (and their darling lab, Louie!) in the their new home amisdt the history and busy culture that make Florence such a magical place. The birthplace of the Renaissance is the perfect place to begin a love story…

From the bride… Tony and I met in January 2012 during our senior year at Northwestern University. We were at one of the city’s trashiest college bars and I was inebriated beyond recollection and feeling bold. I introduced myself to Tony, who unbeknownst to me was the designated driver that evening, chatted his ear off and quizzed him on my name several times throughout our conversation. Later that night as Tony tried to end his night early as the designated driver, he asked if I wanted a ride back to Evanston, which I misinterpreted as him trying to make a pass and responded, “Um, no! But if you want, you can ask me for my number and maybe we can go out sometime…” Surprisingly, Tony took me up on the offer and asked me for my number. Tony texted two days later and asked to go to Peet’s Coffee on Sunday, where we had our first sober conversation and I decided he was “The One.” We had our first official date on Tuesday, our first kiss on Saturday, and the rest, as they say, is history! In December 2014 Tony and I were living in Florence, Italy and planning to visit my home in California over the holidays. Tony tried his hardest to keep the proposal a secret, but I spoiled the surprise when I “accidentally” stumbled across a text message about the engagement from his mother. However, Tony did surprise me when he popped the question on Christmas Eve in front of all of my family and planned a surprise engagement party with all of our friends and family. We knew we wanted to get married in Northern California, but we wanted our engagement photo session to document our time living abroad in Florence, Italy. Fortunately, our wedding photographer, KT Merry, was in Greece for a destination wedding and we were able to coordinate a destination engagement session several months prior to the big day.

We met with KT and her husband, Chad, bright and early at 6AM to avoid the crowds, catch the sunrise, and hit up some of our favorite spots in Florence. KT and Chad were both so professional, personable, and friendly and made our engagement session such a fun and relaxing experience.

We are so happy we decided to do an engagement session in Florence because it gave us an opportunity to document our time abroad with an amazing photographer in a city that has played a huge role in our relationship and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Vault CTA

Vault CTA

Photography: KT Merry Photography

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