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Real Wedding: Chandra and Micheal, V

Most of the photographs that we feature on SMP are full color…they just seem to “pop” more than the black and whites. With that said, these black and whites, shot by Tammy and Jenny at Red Loft Studios, are STUNNING. Simply stunning.

real wedding chandra and micheal

One last tidbit from the lovely, lovely, lovely bride…

Micheal and I were barefoot (we each had seashell-like jewels decorating our feet) the whole time. We planned for a year and truly trusted Jeanne Kolander, our LA travel agent and the resort to make our day come true. And when all was said and done, we were left in awe.

Even as we celebrate our first year anniversary, we still find ourselves in awe.

It was the absolute best decision we could have ever made. What an extreme blessing!

Thank you so much to Chandra, Michael and Red Loft Studios for inspiring us to no end…and for reminding us in the midst of planning frenzies, what really is the most important part of a wedding. Each Other.

Real Wedding: Chandra and Micheal, IV

Here are more beautiful photos and details from today’s featured wedding…

real wedding chandra and micheal

all photos by Tammy Horton and Jenny Stafford of Red Loft Studios

From the bride…

Immediately following the ceremony, an outside reception was set up on the beach. It was such an intimate moment — all of our guests sat at a beautifully decorated square table with us. Micheal and I sat in these oversized “king” and “queen”-type woven chairs. A five-course meal was served and enjoyed. Along with wedding cake, their was also pastries arranged on tiers. The resort printed and wrapped a transparent menu in raffia – such a simple but dramatic touch. I also created fans for the wedding and reception.

More to come!

Real Wedding: Chandra and Micheal, III

Here is what I have decided about today’s featured wedding…if I am ever annoyed with my husband, if we are ever fighting or not getting along, or worse yet, if we are ever simply bored with each other, I am going to come back to this wedding and drink in the beauty of this couple. The pure joy that is poring out of the photographs. The love that seems filled with excitement and fun. It’s the kind of wedding that reminds you of why people fall in love, why people take the huge leap of faith that marriage really is…

real wedding chandra and micheal

all photos by Tammy Horton and Jenny Stafford of Red Loft Studios

So much more to come! In the meantime, check out the feature on gorgeous veils that is playing on the Little Black Book Blog right now…you even get a little peek at my own wedding veil!