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Real Wedding: Steph & Greg, VIII

Thank you so very much to Jessie Broome of j {studios} for sending us today’s featured wedding. The photographs are heart wrenchingly beautiful, which speaks so loudly to your talents. And of course, thank you so so much to Steph & Greg for letting us share in your celebration.

A quick note about the fires that surrounded today’s wedding. From SMP and j {studios}, we hope that today provided a moment of beauty in the absolute tragedy that so many had to endure. Our hearts, our prayers, our thoughts are with everyone that was touched by the fires, everyone who had to experience such a scary and unbelievably difficult experiece.

From Jessie of j {studios}…In March all session fees for portraits (maternity, newborn, family, engagements, couples or individuals) will be donated straight to the Victorian Bushfire appeal. I am also working with many other talented photographers in Melbourne and Australia to offer free sessions to any family who has lost everything (including their precious photos) to hopefully start the healing process and create some new photographic memories for them.

j photo real wedding

Oh and if you haven’t already, check out the DIY inspired wedding that Jessamyn Harris photographed over on the Little Black Book Blog….so so cute! Until tomorrow!

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Real Wedding: Steph & Greg VII

Here are a few more oh-my-gorgeous pictures from today’s featured wedding, shot by the lovely and talented Jessie Bloome of j {studios}….

j photo real wedding

I heart this wedding so much. It actually took place on one of Australia’s darkest days…where fires claimed the lives and the homes of hundreds upon thousands of people. The photographer nor the couple knew of the devastation that was happening just miles away and yet as ash rained down on the guests, the bride, the everything, they all knew that something really rare was happening. A moment of complete beauty on the ugliest day.

Real Wedding: Steph & Greg, VI

Now for the reception. And the cake, of course. I love, love, love the black chairs paired next to the simplicity of crisp white linens and a really simple, elegant centerpiece. Everything about this reception is chic and oh-so-stylish from the understated decor to the perfect little wire birds…pure gorgeousness.

j photo real wedding

all images by the amazingly talented Jessie Broome of j {studios}

The cake was designed by Special Treats by Caroline and if you don’t already know about her work, it’s basically as beautiful as it gets. And the lovely flowers were designed by C & D Voigt Flowers in Woori Yallock. Much more to come in just a few!

Real Wedding: Steph & Greg, V

If you are just now joining us, we are featuring the work of one of the most talented Australian based photographers I know…Jessie Broome of j {studios} with the most gorgeous real wedding. The photographs are so vivid, so full of life and yet they are artistic enough to grace the walls of your home. Each image highlights the absolute, unabashed loveliness of the day with beauty poring through every detail…you can’t help but fall in love with this affair.

j photo real wedding

I really love the simple, understated color palette…whites paired with creams, chocolates paired with iridescent taupes. Gorgeous textures adding a sense of real depth to the entire wedding style.

Aside from the absolutely beautiful photographs, one of the reasons that I fell in love with today’s wedding was the cake. It’s coming up next so stay tuned!

Real Wedding: Steph & Greg, IV

Lovely. It’s the only word that properly fits today’s featured wedding, which was sent to us by the clearly talented Jessie Broome of j {studios} in Australia. Jessie’s photographs only elevate the already beautiful day, making me feel like I am stepping into this really beautiful moment, filled with family, love and laughter…

j photo real wedding

So, so, so much more to come!

Real Wedding: Steph & Greg, III

We are featuring the loveliest Australian wedding today, one that is perfect in it’s simplicity and style. There are moments of quirkiness, moments of sheer elegance and of course, moments of beauty in every photograph. Thanks of course, to the talents of Jessie Broome of j {studios}

j photo real wedding

The fashion behind the affair is always beautiful. That is usually a given. But. to see that every detail just fits, every hair pin, every necklace only adds to the organically beautiful day. LOVE. Her shoes were from Giallo and her accessories (hair piece and & earings) from Raffaele Ciuca.

So much more on the way!