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Tirtha Luhur Wedding

Here at SMP, we’re total suckers for a good love story. So when I heard about these two sweeties whose paths fatefully crossed on the isle of Greece 7  YEARS after their first meeting, I nearly went weak at the knees. It’s an amazing tale with an equally amazing celebration, so believe me when I say you can’t miss LightedPixels Photography’s gorgeous gallery + Bali Metro Digiart’s stunning film below!

Beach Resort

From the Bride… The love story of Jay & Amy hark back to 2004 when they met each other at Sentosa beach in Singapore. Warm sunshine, soothing sea breeze and the blue ocean as the backdrop of where their paths crossed. 7 years later, destiny finds its way back to these two lovebirds in the isles of Greece. Their craziness about each other overpowered the air around. 5 months later, Jay followed his heart, flew to Singapore and proposed to Amy. Her answer sealed their way to happiness and happily ever after.

Why the theme “Breeze from the Aegean Sea”…We fell in love on the Greek Islands where everything is blue and white there. So we wanted our wedding to reminisce the place where our love blossomed. An intimate affair filled only with the people we love most in a beautiful setting for the perfect, unrushed reunion, there is surely nothing better than to have it on the cliff-top overlooking the Indian Ocean. And to have all the decoration and details in blue and white.

We prepared the wedding one year in advance together with my wedding planner from Tirtha Bridal. They helped us with conceptualizing major items such as flowers, stage and decorations. And for the small details i wanted to DIY myself so that i can keep these crafts and pass it on to my future children such as: ring pillow, unity candles, bridesmaids’ corsages, floral crowns, invitation cards, thank you cards, escort cards, table menu. It was so much fun doing them!

The wedding day turned out to be exactly how i have imagined it for the past year. It was so romantic, enchanting and fairy-tale like. Although we had many friends and family with us that day, we still felt like we were in a bubble of our own. If I could, I wish to re-live that day once more!

Photographer: LightedPixels Photography - Alwin Lim | Videographer: Bali Metro Digiart | Wedding Bands: Saxifrage | Bridal Gown Designer : Tan Yoong | Bride's Hairpiece : Gioielli | Bride's Shoes : Jimmy Choo | Engagement Ring & Earrings : Joaillerie du Centre | Hair & Makeup Artist: Ely Augustina | Wedding Day Venue : Tirtha Luhur, Bali | Wedding Venue : Tirtha Luhur, Bali

Banyan Tree Ungasan Wedding

Visiting Bali has always been on the tippy top of my bucket list. And this stunner of a wedding? It’s only given me MORE reason to believe making it to there is an absolute must. It’s truly one of the most amazing “I dos” we’ve ever come across (have you seen those views?!) and it has everything to do with the amazing work of Flying BrideErika Gerdemark captured the day behind the lens and Balimetro crafted a film you just mustn’t miss. Catch it all below!


From the Bride… Kevin and I got married in Bali on 28 Juy 2012. The ceremony took place at breathtaking Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel, followed by wonderful reception at JuMaNa, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. At the end of the wedding, and even after many months later, our guests would still talk about our wedding, of how meaningful and impressive the wedding was they deemed it to be the best wedding they have ever attended. Soon, through word of mouth many people approached me and asked me to help them with their wedding, And thus, Flying Bride, a wedding concept & design company was born.

THE LOVE STORY: It all started with a ministry to visit a retirement home. We did not know each other at that time, but a common friend that organized the event introduced us. “It was love at first sight”, professed Kevin. The rest, is history.

THE PROPOSAL: Kevin proposed in Singapore, at the roof top of Marina Bay Sands overviewing the magnificent view of the bay and the city. He knelled down on one knee with a diamond on one hand, and asked me to marry him.

THE WEDDING: Every element we used in the wedding was personalized to incorporate our character and taste. There are stories behind the choice of venue, food, etc. to result in a signature wedding that is very much a reflection of us, and our story.

White wedding was the chosen theme. White exudes purity, holiness, and sacredness that brings forth magical feeling to the atmosphere. Rows of white Orchids were tastefully arranged in tall vases by the chapel aisle, which led to the center stage and the main focal point of the decoration. A transparent altar table was beautifully decorated with an array of white Roses and white Orchids, under the umbrella of hanging honeycombs and flying butterfly ornaments.

We wanted to continue with the white wedding theme at the reception however needed a twist to it. Hence, we added cream and champagne color into the palette to bring the guests to experience a more elegant yet warmer ambiance that would reflect the extravagant food and wine, under an intimate wedding experience. A small stage fully decorated with white drapery, hanging crystal and white roses was especially built for the bridal table. Instead of the typical long table, we opted for an interesting arrangement of a sweetheart table.

Traditional tea ceremony is a ritual that is performed to respect parents and other family member. As tea ceremony is rooted from Chinese culture, we wanted red, gold, dark colored wood and some Chinese elements to be the theme of the decoration. Also, instead of the usual indoor tea ceremony, we made use of the gorgeous Indonesian Ocean as their backdrop. The result was breathtaking.

Photography: Erika Gerdemark | Cinematography: Balimetro | Wedding Dress: Melta | Invitations: Goodmoments | Stationery: Papeterie | Reception: Banyan Tree Ungasan | Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss | Chapel: Tirtha Uluwatu | Event Concept & Design: Flying Bride

Ubud, Bali Wedding on Paradise Island from Angga Permana

I sort of knew I was going to adore this wedding the moment I read the darling bride’s sweet description.  I mean, any bride that describes her Big Day as a “Love Wonderland” is pretty much awesome in my book. And her wedding?  Well, it really IS a Love Wonderland with a beyond gorgeous setting (hello Bali) playing host to some crazy awesome stylings, beautiful blooms and a Mr. and Mrs. who are so in love, it’s downright contagious.  See it all captured by Angga Permana right here.


On the morning of our special day we woke to blue skies and the tweeting of the birds throughout the valley, our very own Love Wonderland was to become a reality. All the details were handmade by us and with the help of friends and family the perfect setting we had imagined for so long transformed before our eyes. We created an intimate ceremony in a beautiful and special place surrounded by our most loved and together wrote our vows and made our promises within the arms of the sacred Bodhi tree. As a couple, our commitment of love was the most important part of the day and as the heavens opened and the sun shone down, it couldn’t have been a more magical and perfect moment.

A delicious banquet was served and all enjoyed many laughs and tears over stories of the Bride and Groom as we toasted to love and friendship. After dinner, guests were treated to an amazing Kecak fire dance performed by over 100 men from the local village. Staged under the light of the full moon the atmosphere for all was that of wonder and awe as the story un-folded. Dancing and celebrations continued into the night and wish lanterns were released into the darkness of the sky as many hoped for love and happiness for the years to come.

We produced beautiful handmade tea towels for the guests to take home in memory of their time in Ubud and we feel privileged to have shared such a wonderful and very special moment in time with all who were there. The memories will never fade of our most special of days and thanks to our wonderful photographer we have the moments captured in time forever more. Love is to be cherished each day regardless of the obstacles life may bring.

The Cake Topping- The cake was a simple sponge cake with white icing. The ribbon around the bottom was the same ribbon we used to decorate the bouquets and the Bodhi tree. The decoration on top was some fresh flowers that were the same as the table decoration flowers. The bride and groom statue was given to us by Dallas’ mother and father having been bought in Germany on the announcement of our engagement and there was also a silver shoe on there that had also been on my grandmother’s wedding cake in the 1940′s.

Meaning of Candles – The candles ceremony was to symbolise the joining of 2 souls. 2 candles were lit individually at the beginning of the ceremony to symbolise Dallas and I as 2 separate souls. 1 candle was left un-lit. We then picked up the 2 lit candles and held them together to light the 1 un-lit candle. We then blew out the 2 original candles and held the 1 candle to represent the joing of our 2 souls and becoming 1 soul together.

Head Piece + Jewelery – I made the feather headpiece to match the feather pieces on the dress. It was to hold on the veil, and add some extra decorative touches to the final outfit. My father helped me to stick the comb to the back so it was a joint effort again! I added a diamond vintage brooch to it to bring together the diamond cufflinks and the ring elements. The beautiful gold jewelery I am wearing on my head is made by one of my best friends ‘Tigerframe Jewellery’ and I decided to wear it on the day as I liked the fact it made me feel close to her as I took my final steps as a single woman.

Wedding Dress – I drew it up, designed it and had a wonderful Italian lady make it for me in Brisbane. I hand made the feather details on the hips myself. It is made of silk and chiffon.

Decor + Design Inspiration – ‘A Love Wonderland’ – relaxed, festival vibe with a vintage and creative twist. Sentimental touches such as the photos of family and friends that couldn’t be there made it feel very special. The decor was all handmade by us – using bits and pieces found at the venue on the morning of the wedding.

At the moment we were pronounced husband and wife! We turned around and everyone began to throw fresh rose petals as the Marvin Gaye song “You’re a Wonderful One” started to play. It brings tears to my eyes as I write about it! We had hugs and congratulations from all and it really was wonderful!

Shoes: Aldo | Wedding Photography: Angga Permana | Wedding Venue: Panchoran Retreat