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Organic Bali Destination Wedding

The only thing more beautiful than this wedding – and believe me, it’s stunning – is the love story leading up. It’s what happens when love surpasses 5 years and 5,000 miles to an “I do” that was most certainly worth the wait. Scroll on for the story in the bride’s own words, and brace yourself for full gallery perfection designed in the hands of A & B Creative and photographed by Em The Gem.


From The Bride…The inspiration for our wedding was curated around our love story.

King and I first met at church small group in Beijing, just 3 months before I had to return to Melbourne Australia for my career move. I didn’t expect to be in a relationship at the time let alone a long-distance one. Neither did I expect a guy would like to be in one, especially with a girl who’d be 5,000 miles away. But chemistry has its own way to creep into your better judgement and so 3 weeks after we got to know each other, say hello to a new couple in the group. As if the idea of long-distance wasn’t challenging enough, we are also different nationalities. When you’re dating a foreigner for 3 months but have to live thousand miles apart, you can’t have expectations for the future if you don’t wish to be heartbroken. So we took it easy and we took it by faith; that if we were meant to be together, God would do miracles. So after developing and growing our relationship for almost 5 years apart, gladly to say, God truly brought us through. And so did technology!

A passage from Joshua Harris’ ‘Boy Meets Girl’ sums it perfectly:

‘It’s a simple story really…
Two people learning to trust God
Two winding paths that God made straight
Two straight paths that He chose to cross just at the right time
The Creator of romance, the Maker who arranged
the first “boy meets girl” in the garden so long ago,
is still at work.’

King and I believe that we wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t by God’s grace. So we wanted to bring our story back to him. We designed and framed the passage as part of the wedding detail that reflects the story of our journey.

We decided to have destination wedding in Bali because it’s close to home where I was from which is Jakarta, Indonesia. It was also perfect for a lot of our overseas friends and families to travel as far from North america, Australia, and other parts in Asia and make an exotic holiday out of it. We chose Kayumanis Villa Nusa Dua for it’s perfect space for intimacy, as well as its unique architectural structure that has Indonesian, Italian and Western influence, giving it a mix of modern minimalist and rustic feel. Not to mention the greenery around the venue, which all worked perfectly together for my love in rustic and french provincial style.

From the genuine promise of “we’ll stay in touch” through the occasional complaints “are we ever gonna be together?” to the happy finale “will you marry me?”, our journey is summed up in 3 words in Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir’s calligraphed banner “Worth The Wait” that was beautifully styled and hung as our ceremony backdrop, and still kept for my wedding memoir.

Last but not least, my favourite & best moment of my wedding day was not even the ceremony nor the reception. But it was after the last guests had left the venue, and it was just my husband and I, under very dim moonlit walking back to our honeymoon suite villa, with my bare foot. Just seconds when we were standing in front of the door to get in, that was the moment where I could finally be IN THE MOMENT and realised that we’ve made it!

Photography: Em The Gem | Wedding Gown: Angela Marcuccio Bridal Couture | Cake: C For Cupcakes | Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Ceremony Venue, Reception Venue: Kayumanis Nusa Dua | Concept + Styling: A & B Creative | Floral: Chantelle Madison | Hair + Makeup: Lona Bali Make Up Artist | Photography - Assistance: Ashley Kelemen | Wedding Stationary: Eza Nasir

Colorful, Tropical Destination Wedding in Canggu, Bali at Chalina Estate

This gorgeous new Mr. and Mrs. set out to plan a wedding their guests would never forget, and I think it’s safe to say that mission was accomplished. With the help of Cher Ange, they whipped up a happy and colorful Bali destination wedding that defines unforgettable. Veli Photography was behind the lens to make sure not a moment was missed, and you can see it all right here.


From The Bride…Gerard & I met in late 2009, on one of his many routine visits to my office. What started off as an innocent friendship quickly blossomed into a partnership that kept growing stronger & stronger. When we got engaged 3 years later, it didn’t take us long to decide on a destination wedding. It combined our greatest passions – exotic food, travel and entertaining – with a laid back vibe. On top of that, it would give our guests a good excuse to have a holiday and escape reality for a few days. Despite not having travelled there for a few years, Bali was chosen as our wedding location. It was a leap of faith but we were confident that it was the ideal place to make our vision a reality. A few reconnaissance missions before the wedding really paid off and cemented our belief. Bali had evolved into a haven for foodies and sophisticated revellers. Conveniently located between my family in Singapore and our nearest and dearest in Perth, we relished the opportunity to share the Bali we grew to love with our family & friends.

We embarked on our mission to throw a party that no one would soon forget. Gerard & I have always loved entertaining, so this would be our pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake, as it were. We organised events at our favourite places, including a little fiesta at our favourite Mexican restaurant the night before the wedding. This gave our guests the opportunity to get to know each other & really set the tone for the whole event. We wanted this intimate group of people, who would share in our day, to leave Bali having made new friends and many fond memories.

I found Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration and after much research, we knew exactly how we wanted our day to unfold. Hints of shabby vintage chic with splashes of colour that came so naturally on this tropical island. This was, after all, a celebration, and we wanted the energy from such a joyous occasion to infuse the entire event. It was going to be a personal affair, reflecting our personalities and quirks.

It wasn’t long before I realised that planning a destination wedding was not going to be an easy undertaking. I, like many brides before me, was fuelled by the fervent need to plan, to book, to make our vision a reality. After a few false starts and frustrating emails back and forth with various resorts, a friend recommended a wedding planner she had heard of, Karen, from Cher Ange Wedding & Events. I was delighted with what I saw on her website; amazing locations, stunning backdrops and mouth-watering food. I contacted her immediately and the rest, as they say, is history. Karen introduced us to the crème de la crème of wedding vendors in Bali. For us, the holy trinity of food, photography and music would be the key to a successful day.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Chalina Estate, a fully staffed private villa in Canggu which we called home in the days leading up to the wedding. Slightly secluded & nestled between the beach and rice paddies, it was the perfect backdrop for our day. As guests entered the property, they were transported to our very own private sanctuary. We were able to incorporate Balinese touches into the day; gamelan players & Balinese dancers welcomed our guests as they arrived. Showers threatened the day, but a local rain stopper made sure that we weren’t drenched as we said our vows. The staff wore traditional Balinese outfits.

Whilst we knew the reception was going to be when everyone would kick up their heels and get a little bit crazy, we wanted our ceremony to be something special, shared with our closest of family and friends. For this reason, we chose to have an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, so that our guests could share in the intimacy of the moment with us. There would be no photos, videos or social media posts of the ceremony; that was left to the professionals. The flowers for the ceremony consisted of lightly coloured imported & local roses, hydrangea, coral ginger & cockscomb. Together with the decorations, they were subtle, understated & elegant. Once the ‘official’ business was concluded, the tone of the day took a festive & upbeat turn, with cocktails and canapés preparing the guests for what was to come.

Vibrant flowers, fairy lights and colourful lanterns set the mood for the reception. There was no mistaking that it was going to be a fun night in this tropical wonderland. We hired a photo booth for evening, complete with props, which was a massive hit with the guests. DJ Jono, an Aussie based in Bali, spun tunes for all ages. Kiddies and grandparents alike were cutting loose on the dance floor. This, to us, is a sign of a successful party.

Being self-proclaimed foodies, Gerard & I knew that the food we served our guests had to be special. Enter M&M Innovative Concepts. From the delectable canapés served between the ceremony and reception, to the 3 course feast which included entrees of lobster & roast duck, main courses of barramundi (an Australian freshwater fish) and lamb and a dessert buffet to cater to every possible taste, every dish served by M&M was perfectly crafted and garnered compliments from everybody seated at our communal table. Cocktails flowed freely all night, and to make sure that we didn’t leave anyone feeling too giddy, we served late night snacks of chorizo hot dogs.

Gerard, a photography buff himself, scoured the internet to find a photographer who would meet our lofty expectations. After toying with the idea of flying an Aussie photographer over for the day, we decided that a locally based photographer, who knew the lay of the land, would be a better option. It didn’t take long to find Veli Photography, who caught our eye with his creatively composed shots that took advantage of the beautiful colours found everywhere in Bali. Together with our videographers, Balimetro, our entourage of paparazzi made sure that every moment was captured for posterity.

My dress was a beautiful off-the-rack dress by Perth designer Aurelio Costarella. I found it on my first dress shopping excursion and fell in love with it immediately. The bridesmaids’ dresses were custom made, as were the suits for the groomsmen. I found exquisite flower girls’ dresses online from a department store in the UK. With Karen taking care of the planning in Bali, I was able to embark on many little DIY projects, which included all the wedding stationery and a ‘happily ever after’ sign which greeted the guests as they entered. These personal touches were present throughout the day, bonbonnieres filled with sweet treats that hark back to our childhood indulgences and programs that doubled as fans to provide relief from Bali’s notorious humidity.

Our guests were treated to a night of fun, love and decadence, and in return, we got to share our big day with the people who mean the most to us. Our wedding day was everything we dreamt of and more. I know that the fond memories we now share will bring a smile to our faces for many years to come.

Photography: Veli Photography | Videography: Balimetro Wedding Cinematography | Event Planning: Cher Ange | Floral Design: Bloomz Fine Flowers | Wedding Dress: Aurelio Costarella | Cake: Ixora | Bride's Shoes: Nina | Jewelry: Fletcher & Grace | Catering: M&M Innovative Concepts | Groom's Shoes: G-Star | Celebrant: Bali Wedding Celebrant | Bow Ties: Gentleman & Scholar | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Chalina Estate | Flowergirl Dresses: BHS | Photobooth: Bali Snapz Photobooth | Sound & Lighting: Vision 1 | Veil: Gilded Shadows

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Classic White Wedding in Bali

We usually don’t think of classic details paired with destination weddings in Bali but, (and this is a big but) that pairing is crazy beautiful. Like drop all your plans thus far and go the destination route. Photographed by Angga Permana, this affair takes the natural beauty of Bali and throws in all white florals, the prettiest lace linens and al fresco dining under a tropical night sky. It’s pure perfection.


From the Bride… Reminiscing the most beautiful day of my life, “I remember the corner. The corner of your colour, the corner of your smile. The street corners turning into corners of the corridor. Into the corners of the place where we hold hands. The corners of your mouth, of your eyes. The corners of words we spoke. The corner of your name. On the corner where we exchanged our vows for life. The corner where we kissed. I remember the corner.”

It has always been personal right from the very beginning. Each and every little thing about this wedding is a reflection of us. We knew exactly what we wanted: a wedding stripped to its very core, the union of two souls and a celebration of love, no glitz and glam. Far from typical Indonesian weddings with thousands of guests and the fanfare; it was going to be an intimate affair with our closest friends and family, a personal sweet memory lasting for years to come..

The inspiration was simple: nature’s beauty meets ethereal elegance. Simplistic, subtle, yet stylish. First things first: the wedding dress. Instead of world-class designer-labels, we opted for a piece by a talented local designer, for the sake of originality. The dress holds special significance since it is one of a kind, with a hand-painted design incorporated into the gown through laser cut. No other dress in the world could be the exact same.

Venue pick comes naturally: Secluded Uluwatu area of Bali was perfect fit, and Alila Villas Uluwatu, perched at the cliff of Indian Ocean instantly stole our hearts. We didn’t even bother checking on other venues. For once, we’ve decided we were going to have our wedding at the edge of the world. We were to fly the whole pack of family and friends to paradise island for a wedding getaway.

It was a remarkable journey: humbly starting with the vision and some scattered creative ideas, watching it take form and in the end, unfolding to a realization before our eyes. We couldn’t have done it without the help of a solid teamwork from the vendors. On the day of our wedding, our décor was a portrayal of subtle elegance and the pureness of white. Sunset Cabana was basking in golden sunshine, white floral arrangements and ornaments, embellishing the beauty of the wooden structure as it already was. The ceremony began just before sunset with white petals down the aisle, tingling crystals above our heads, and the perfect shade of blue as backdrop, that of the clear sky and the Indian Ocean. Nothing could be more perfect.

Next was alfresco dinner under the stars, serenaded with a selection of our favourite music. Our wedding reception was set on poolside terrace of the villa, overlooking the serene ocean. Wooden structures and withering frangipani tree blended beautifully with lushes of white floral, accented with chandeliers; creating a surreal image of our very own secret garden. The table setting was a romantic image of its own, white floral composition on Victorian vases, gold tinted crystals and glassy cutleries, soft lace table runner on rustic wooden tables, completed with lovely Tiffany chairs. Each set comes with a laser-cut box of macarons and a personalized thank you cards, showing our deepest gratitude towards the people that are dearest to our hearts. To top it all up, this splendid setting captured gorgeously by our favourite photographer!

Crazy after-party all the way through midnight make the night unforgettable. Everyone was down on their feet having a really good time. It was not only our night, but theirs too. It warmed our hearts to hear everybody’s compliments of how amazing the day has been. A few months passed, I still remember vividly stills and episodes of the wedding; it will be our cherished memory for the rest of our lives.

Photography: Angga Permana Photo | Wedding Dress: Fifi Firianty | Wedding Cake: Alila | Ceremony Venue: Alila Villas Uluwatu | Reception Venue: Alila Villas Uluwatu | Wedding Shoes: Venilla Suite | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Priska Henata Couture | Cinematic Videography: Axioo | Groom Suit: Wong Hang | Hampers: Silverbox | Stationeries: Cottonville | Wedding Decor: Rose Barrel Décor