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Learn to Frost the Perfect Cake

Everytime I walk into a bakery,  I think two things: How does it smell this good? And how come my desserts never look like that? Well friends, after much trial and error, we’ve finally learned how to frost a cake just like the pros. With a few important tools, some patience, and loads of buttercream, you can have a beautifully smooth cake in no time at all. Elysium Productions captured every sweet moment, and you can too by watching the video below!











  • Bench scraper
  • Ice cream scooper
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Flat frosting knives or a metal ruler


step-1Place 2-3 scoops of buttercream frosting on top of your cake and begin spreading a thin layer across with your flat frosting knife. Scrape off your knife as you go to keep it even!

step-2Begin pushing the extra frosting over the corner onto the sides of your cake. Use a smaller knife to frost the sides of your cake.

step-3Use a bench scraper at a 45 degree angle to scrape off any excess frosting from the sides. Repeat in a circular motion across the top until you have a smooth, even coat of frosting.

step-4Use a smaller knife to fix any uneven edges, and then refrigerate to set the frosting.

step-5Once the frosting has chilled, apply another 3-4 scoops of frosting to your cake. Use your large benchscraper to begin pushing frosting across the top and sides of your cake.

step-6Again, use your benchscraper to even out and smooth the buttercream. Finish with a fun embellishment!

Film: Elysium Productions  | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Design and Styling: Style Me Pretty Living

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Beachy Hamptons House Tour

I’m so stealing the entire look of this house for my own little seaside cottage. It’s easy elegance at its best.  The kind of place that is undeniably gorgeous but still feels totally approachable with kid-friendly spaces and charming color splashes all designed by Jenny Wolf along with photography by Emily Gilbert. It’s also the kind of place that is straight out of the dream home handbook. See even more right here.

Jenny and John Wolf were looking for a big, open house in the Hamptons, but they didn’t buy one. Instead, they ended up falling in love with a small, dark farmhouse from the 19th century. The beautiful garden was too good to pass up. Of course, this also meant that Jenny, a Manhattan-based interior designer, would have a lot of work to make it the dream home they had in mind.

The couple wanted to make the house feel bigger without actually adding it. They got rid of the attic, which allowed 6 feet more of vertical space and exposed vaulted ceilings. They also exposed the wooden beams on the first floor to add some more room and a touch of the old farmhouse it once was. 

A wider thruway between the living and dining rooms added much desired light to both. The walls were all brightened up with white paint, and the floors were given a pleasing pale green everywhere but the kitchen.

Jenny wanted to step outside of her comfort zone with the furnishings. In the dining room, for example, she combined Tolix metal chairs and a modern Knoll table with a jute rug that gives a beach feeling. The kitchen has a light blue retro refrigerator and a big chalkboard for anything that needs to be jotted down.

Now, the Wolfs couldn’t be happier with how their home turned out. They managed to open up the space and add elements inside that make the cottage reflect the beautiful garden and the nearby beach.

Photography: Emily Gilbert Photography | "Beach" Letters: Anthropologie | Canoe (Master Bedroom): Restoration Hardware | Coral Artwork: Karen Robertson | Dining Room Lighting: ABC Carpet & Home | Dining Room Rug: West Elm | Eames Rocking Chair: Design Within Reach | Interior Design: Jenny Wolf | Kitchen Lighting: Barn Light Electric | Living Room Sofa: Lee Industries | Paint: Benjamin Moore | Patio Table and Benches: Kingsley Bate | Pool Furniture: Kingsley Bate | Pouf (in daughter's room): Serena & Lily | Refrigerator: Smeg | Saarinen Dining Table: Design Within Reach | Sawhorse Table: Maison 140 | Tepee (in daughter's room): Hayneedle | Tolix Chairs (Dining Room): Design Within Reach | Wire Storage Rack: The Upper Rust

Pretty Picks – Spring Must Haves!

Spring has officially sprung and aside from the obvious jubilation over warmer times ahead, we are also stocking up on items perfect for infusing a little sunshine and merriment into our day to day. From sunnies to cheese boards, blushing flower pots and pastel satchels, this little list will send your Spring fever into overdrive.

Spring Must Haves
View Slideshow
Spring Must Haves
View Slideshow

If you’re like us, and snow is still gracing your lawn; fear not. These springtime essentials will get the party started even if nature is taking a little time to catch up. Pastel hues are just the tip of this pretty iceberg. Get cozy with our cheat sheet of goods and get ready to fill those online carts!

Shop These Items: Wayfair Agate Lacquered Box | Geo Grid Linen Napkin | Navy Geo Print | Pink Mini Flower Pot | Geo Soprock | Super Mona Ferragosto Sunglasses | Marble Wood Cheeseboard | Maize Aqua Umbrella Stand | Jelly Belly Bunny Cookies | Color Block Messenger BagLa Jolla Baskets |


Speckled Egg Cupcakes

Nothing says ‘spring has sprung,’ quite like birds chirping in the newly blossomed trees, and these sweet little robin’s egg cupcake toppers help bring that undeniable sign of spring right to your table! These little sweeties are perfect for a festive Easter desert spread, but would also be right at home at a little boy’s birthday or baby shower. Read on for the recipe and our simple how-to below.

Speckled Egg Cupcakes
prep time
40 Minute/s
cook time
30 Minute/s
total time
1 Hour/s 10 Minute/s
Serves 12Ingredients
  • Your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe
  • 1 cup butter (softened)
  • 1 lb confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbs milk
  • Light blue icing color
  • Cocoa powder
  • 1 bag Cadbury mini eggs
  • Small paintbrush
  • Icing bag
  • Blue and white cupcake liners
  1. Bake cupcakes in blue and white liners and let cool.
  2. While cupcakes are baking, make the buttercream. Beat the butter in a large bowl until fluffy. Mix in vanilla, then gradually add sugar while beating on medium speed. Scrape the sides of the bowl often.
  3. Gradually add milk while beating on medium speed until frosting is light and fluffy.
  4. Add light blue icing color (just a little!) and mix until you reach a nice, even blue close to the blue of the blue Cadbury eggs.
  5. Cut the tip of an icing bag so the bottom is a large circle when opened. Scoop the frosting into into the bag and pipe a large, smooth swirl of frosting onto each cupcake.
  6. Press 3 blue Cadbury eggs into the center of each cupcake.
  7. In a small bowl or cup, mix a spoonful of cocoa powder with just enough water to make it liquid.
  8. Dip the paintbrush in the cocoa liquid and use your finger to bend and brush through the bristles so that little flecks of cocoa splatter on the cupcakes. Repeat from all sides until all the cupcakes and eggs are speckled.
  9. If you got cocoa or cupcake batter all over your pretty liners, don’t worry! Gently pull the cupcakes out of their liners and insert into clean new liners- voila!

Photography: Nicole Baas | Styling: SMP Living

A Paris Themed Nursery

This Parisian inspired nursery is not only gender neutral but incredibly stylish. I mean, when you envy a newborn’s changing table, you know that nursery is on to something. It’s vintage maps and campaign style goodness designed by mama Maggie, who also happens to be the designer behind Mint Space Design along with images by Lisa Dolan. Click here for so much more.

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting Maggie, and interior and event designer and co-founder of Mint Space Design. Maggie happened to be engaged and was looking for a photographer and (luckily!) decided to hire me. Working with Maggie and her team at Mint was amazing, and her wedding was quite possibly the most stylish wedding I have ever photographed.We’ve had the chance to work together on many other projects, and she is always such a pleasure to work with!

Fast forward 2 years later, and now Maggie is a new mama to sweet baby Oliver. Not only is he one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen, but he also has the most stylish parents ever. And that hair! The boy is destined for success.

As a designer Maggie has an amazing eye for detail. She used a recent trip to Paris as inspiration in designing Oliver’s nursery. How sweet is that little Eiffel tower music box?

Maggie sourced a vintage style map of Paris as the focal point in the room, just over the dresser. She also created a gorgeous painting in coordinating colors to go above little Oliver’s bed.

If his nursery isn’t cute enough – those two little pups just put the whole thing over the top. They love being big sisters to Oliver!

Photography: Lisa Dolan Photography | Design: Mint Space Design

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DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Easter is a DIY’ers dream come true, because there are so many chances to try out a new project! Of course, eggs are this holiday’s go-to item, but if you’re sick of dipping them in the same old dye time after time, give this project a try! Easter eggs are getting a new lease on life with this gold leaf tutorial from Southern Living, and we can’t wait to add some shine to this year’s Easter decor!











Gold leaf kit
Two foam paint brushes
Hard boiled eggs
Tissue or wax paper



step-1Build a drying rack for your eggs using four toothpicks stuck into styrofoam.

step-2Apply adhesive all over your eggs using a foam brush. and let dry on the drying rack.

step-2Once the adhesive is dry and tacky, place a sheet of tissue paper on your palm, with a sheet of gold leaf layered on top of it. This ensures the gold leaf doesn’t stick to your hands! Place an egg in the middle of the gold leaf, and close your hand around the egg to fully cover it.

step-2Gently rub off any excess using your cheesecloth, and seal in the gold leaf using a the sealer and your second foam brush.