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This Bright, Modern L.A. Home is Giving us All the Beach Vibes

Aside from living on the sand with the ocean as your backyard, this home tour is next best thing. It’s California coastal with clean modern lines and cheeky beach decor masterminded by Orlando Soria of Homepolish. What does a perfectly executed beach abode include? Natural rugs, ocean inspired art, blue hues and a surfboard for good measure. See more shot by Tessa Neustadt in the VAULT.

For a client in Los Angeles’s coastal San Clemente area, Homepolish West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria designed a bright and airy home.

My favorite room in the house was also one of the more difficult to decorate. The library/sitting room overlooks the back yard and is really more of a pass through to the backyard. But I also wanted to make it inviting. We knocked down the wall that originally separated the stairs from the space, thus creating one large bright space.

We even added a little sleeping nook under the stairs (with a twin mattress) that functions as a daybed/reading nook AND a place for a guest to sleep. Like, you know, in case Harry Potter or Cinderella come over. They love sleeping under stairs.

This concrete table was perfect for the space because it brings in a new material and is super durable so the kids can draw or do their homework on it. I’m kinda obsessed with concrete and stone, fyi.

The backyard has a lovely deck that’s just made for champagne guzzling. So we created a simple dining area that interacts directly with the library/sitting room.

The kitchen was original from the 1953 construction and was in desperate need of refreshment. So we went with a modern, minimal, integrated white kitchen.

The biggest splash came from from the backsplash. Sorry I just said “splash” twice. But it’s the beach so I had to. The gorgeous glass tiles from Fireclay (in 1×4 offset “Prickly Pear”) add a beautiful color and texture to the kitchen.

The owners have had this “Cocktails” sign for ages. We originally tried to find a place for it in a house I designed for them a few years ago. But it didn’t fit anywhere, so we were determined to fit it at the beach house. I added a little edge by accessorizing it with a super cool Ben Medansky sculpture.

The dining room used to be walled off from the kitchen and sitting room. But you know what’s fun? KNOCKING DOWN WALLS WHILE YELLING! So we opened up the whole space making it a lot less choppy and a lot more roomy.

There are large accordion doors at the front and back of the home so the sea breeze can flow through the front and fill the house with salty sea air that flows directly into your mouth as you scream for joy. I also found a dining table and set of chairs that perfectly match that salt air, beach vibe.

The biggest impact in the living room came from the giant framed art above the sofa. They spent a ton on the renovation, so by the time we got to the art, we were on a tight budget. 

The solution was to use this beautiful wallpaper from Black Crow Studio, custom framed. (That’s right. That’s not even “art” proper! Sometimes wallpaper is just amazing by itself!) The Restoration Hardware sofa adds a sandy vibe to the living room. Together, it’s like waves lapping up on the shore.

The master bedroom is on the second floor and has a lovely large window that overlooks the beach. The couple has slightly different aesthetics, so I tried to make both of them happy. I balanced their needs by going pretty minimal on well decor and adding in some accessories for table top styling.

I found a spooky ladydrawing at Shopclass, one of my favorite vintage spots in LA. I like to think she’s a good witch, watching over them as they sleep. The CB2 bed has a simple metal frame, but coupled with a pillowy cloud of linens and a giant oversized bench is looks completely luxurious. And can we just take a moment to gaze into the eyes of that dreamy chandelier?

Styling the nightstands was a delicate balance between looking too sterile and being too crowded. I ended up keeping it pretty simple by using a tray from Lawson-Fenning to corral everything and a small sculpture by Ben Medansky to add visual interest.

The guest bedroom is light and bright like the rest of the house, but we needed a bit more color. So I added a teal blanket and a vintage map from Shopclass. The bed and side tables are all from CB2 and the chandelier is from West Elm.

I love a glimmering pillow, so I added this wonderful peacock one .

The guest bathroom on the ground floor got a glamorous makeover. I have a strong and unbreakable love for rectangular tubs so this one (by Americh) made me super happy.

The bathroom is clean and white, but I didn’t want it to feel like a sterile hospital. (I don’t think ANYONE wants that!) So I added in some warmth with accessories from Lawson-Fenning and West Elm.

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Photography: Tessa Neustadt | Design and Styling: Orlando Soria of Homepolish

7 Must-Know Rules for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

What’s the last thing you do when you’re getting ready to go out on Friday night? Put jewelry on, right? It’s the final step that completes your look. Well, I like to think about my home the same exact way, from glowing candles tucked in corners to luxe throws and of course, art on the walls. Ah, the gallery wall—the one thing we all still have on our home to do list. Well, throw procrastination out the door friends because we’ve got Agata Dimmich of Passion Shake walking us through the step-by-step today!

From Agata Dimmich of Passion ShakeMy favorite part of each interior project is definitely decorating! In case you thought I preferred having concrete on my face, paint under my nails, cleaning or have a back pain from carrying furniture, nope. I don’t. I’m much more happy when I get to play with the pretty things – like hanging Art.

The most important thing about the gallery wall is WHAT the wall says and I guess if my could speak, we would be having a relaxed kind of conversations. I’m definitely one of these people who like to be surrounded by pretty pieces which get me in a good mood, nothing too heavy or dark. So, today I will share with you a few tips and tricks I follow each time when hanging art.

1. Choose color palette

This is quite important, unless you are going for a totally eclectic and random look. To make your gallery wall coherent, try to think about main colors you want to see and choose your art accordingly (I would go with 3 main colors, in my case it was pink (kind of predictable!) gray and white + a few side colors. On my wall you can see pops of black + brownish + green.

2. Mix your Art

Try to choose different kinds of art and different sizes to create interesting look and then mix them all up – I have used – graphic art, watercolor, typography with my own framed photography, a DIY art…and a hat.

3. Frame your art

Somebody once told me that the frames should be chosen for the art not for a room – hence even if you think that a gold, antique frame would go great with your room decor, maybe it’s not the best choice for a modern, graphic poster. I think you got the point. Of course it is important to keep in mind, the look of the room, when choosing frames but make sure they enhance the art you are going to place inside or go for neutral, light frames like I did.

4. Now comes the hard part

How do I hang my art? I’m not sure if I’m an expert but I have hung art a few times in my life so I can share with you my experience. Once your art is framed, arrange it on a floor to see how much space it takes when grouped together, as ONE gallery wall. Then play with the arrangement until you like the composition. I have arranged it, in front of the sofa, so I could immediately see the width of the composition in regards to the sofa size.

5. Add unexpected element

Who said gallery wall has to consist only of frames? Add mirros / clocks / dream catchers / clothing items (a hat like me or necklace), dried flowers / vintage camera / geometric mobile – get creative and see what will look best on your wall.

6. Wall check

You probably know this already but it is the best way to check how your composition works, without immediately attacking your wall with a hammer is to trace and cut each frame to size. I have used carton boxes but you can also use colorful paper. Then, hang the cut pieces on the wall using washi tape and see if you like the final result. I didn’t.

I loved my arrangement when it was on the floor, however once I hung it the carton cut outs on the wall I realized some ‘frames’ are too high. The good thing is, if this happens, you are still on time to make adjustments without having wall full of holes.

7. Heights

I guess there are no rules on how high the frames should be hung, it is important that when you stand in front of your gallery wall, you don’t have to look up or down, it is right at your eyes’ level. Also remember to leave minimum 5 cm distance between your frames.

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Photography: Agata Dimmich | Design: Agata Dimmich | Styling: Agata Dimmich | Studio: Agata Dimmich

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Now that Summer is here and social calendars are filling up, party dresses are in order. But not just any party dress will do. Sorry LBD! Warm weather means floral patterns and Summer brights, pastel lace and off-the-shoulder numbers.  Shop 22 of our current faves that will work for any and all gatherings from cocktail to wedding and maybe even a fancy BBQ.

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