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Chocolate Martini

Chocolate lovers—you’re in for a serious treat! This decadent chocolate martini from Olivia’s Cuisine is a must-try. It’s made with vodka, Bailey’s and a special ingredient – chocolate ganache instead of the typical chocolate liqueur – for an extra rich and creamy take on the dessert cocktail.

How genius is the grated chocolate rim? We think it’s the perfect drink for parties or really whenever a chocolate craving strikes. Go ahead and treat yourself!

For the full post and more delicious recipes, check out Olivia’s Cuisine!

Chocolate Martini
prep time
10 Minute/s
cook time
total time
10 Minute/s
Serves 2Ingredients
  • For the chocolate ganache:
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 5oz semi sweet chocolate (I use 1.5 bars of Lindt), roughly chopped
  • For the Chocolate Martinis:
  • 1oz good quality vodka, divided
  • 4oz Baileys irish cream, divided
  • Grated chocolate to decorate glasses
  1. To make the ganache: Heat the heavy cream, over medium high heat, until it starts to boil.
  2. Pour the heavy cream over the chopped chocolate in a medium sized bowl and stir until the chocolate melts.
  3. Let it cool before making the cocktails
  4. To make the Chocolate Martinis: To decorate the glasses, moisten the rim of your glasses with cold water. Turn the glasses upside down and dip them into the grated chocolate, twisting them around so you get more chocolate on the rim. Reserve.
  5. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway through with ice.
  6. Add 1 cup of chocolate ganache, 0.5oz of vodka and 2oz of Baileys. Shake it vigorously for 30 seconds.
  7. Pour the Chocolate Martini into one of the decorated glasses.
  8. Repeat those steps to make the 2nd cocktail.
  9. Serve cold.

Photography: Olivia's Cuisine | Recipe: Olivia's Cuisine

Eclectic Home Tour

We first spotted the kitchen from this lovely home here and just knew the rest would be good. So we begged and threw a few pretty pleases out there and oh did Melissa Jill Photography deliver. It’s a space that’s warm and lived in but still maintains a level of style that most only dare to dream about with an eclectic mix of vintage and industrial that really brings these rooms to life. See the full tour right here.

My husband and I got married 10 years ago, went straight to IKEA and furnished our whole house in black, white and red. My husband was happy it was done and I was satisfied… for about a month. I started to get bored with our decor but we had no money to change it. 

My understanding husband said I could redecorate if I could figure out how to do it for free. So I started to pick things up off the side of the road and was an avid garage sale hunter and I painted EVERYTHING in site! Slowly I was able to find pieces with history and character.  

When we purchased this home, I knew I wanted to add character and make it look like the house has been here forever. We brought in cement tile, lots of trim and molding and old pieces that make the home feel warm and inviting. As co-owner of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market (a bi-annual vintage market in Scottsdale, Arizona with 180 vendors) I had first pick at AMAZING finds from our vendors!  

As we were buying for this home, I was very conflicted what style I wanted our house. I love mid-century, shabby, traditional and modern.  I just couldn’t pick one.  So I decided to stick to my gut and step out of the box I had put myself in. 

My motto was, “If I love it, buy it and I will find a place for it.”  I am so happy I did and I just love how all the styles meshed together so well. 

Mixing old with new brings our home to life. I could spend hours telling all the stories of the pieces in our home. We have some family heirlooms mixed with garage sale finds and some new pieces here and there to complete the spaces.

Army Cabinet: Hawk Salvage | Barn Door: Craigslist Find | Bathtub: Craigslist | Boys Beds: Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market | Buffet: Family Heirloom | Chippy Pantry Door: Rafterhouse | Design And Styling: Coley Arnold Of Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market | Desk: For The Love Of Old | Green Chairs: Overstock | Headboard: Twigs And Twine | Island: Old Brick House | Metal Cabinet In Master: Stuff Antiques | Mid-Century Couch: Modern Manor | Photography: Melissa Jill | Piano: Family Heirloom | Pillows: The Mod Boho | Rolling Shelf: Salvaged | Ship Lights: Big Ship Salvage On Ebay | Wood Shelves: Porter Barn Wood

Decorating Tips for Anyone on a Shoestring Budget

From our friends at Domaine Home… Call us optimists, but we think everyone under the sun can and should have a beautiful home. If you’re pinching pennies, there’s plenty you can do to create a stylish and inviting home for yourself and your friends. The first step (and this is true no matter where or how you live) is to clean your home and get it organized. Doing those two things alone will drastically improve the quality of your space. Then, on to decorating. With years of budget decorating behind (and in front of!) us, we’ve amassed a few helpful tips for making house with a slim wallet.

Inexpensive Decorating Idea's
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Inexpensive Decorating Idea's
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Written by: Julia Millay Walsh

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How to Fake a Blowout

While we’d all love to treat ourselves to a professional blowout multiple times a week, busy schedules and hectic lives often prevent this kind of pampering. But with Jennie Kay’s awesome tips, you can get the perfect “fake” blowout right at home! Don’t believe us? Get ready to be awed by this fake blowout in the video below!




step-1Gather a “mohawk” section in the center of your head and separate this section into two parts, front and back. Spray each section with hairspray.

step-2Begin curling these sections away from your face, using a 2″ curling iron. When releasing the curl, maintain its shape and pin it to your head to cool. Repeat with each section on the top of your head.

step-3Create sections on the side and back of your head and clip to keep them out of your way. Like you did with the top section, begin curling pieces away from your head and pin the curl in place to cool.

step-4Continue in this pattern all the way around the head, spraying with hairspray as you go. Let all rolls cool to set.

step-5Gently release each curl and tousle with your fingers for a natural look!

Film: Elysium Productions  | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty

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Delicious Super Foods for Spring

The ladies at SoulCycle know a thing or two about healthy lifestyles and folded into that are favorite snacks to keep you energized. When looking for something to munch on they turn to super foods. Super is their name and healthy, energizing power is their game. Have a look at some of their go-to’s for scrumptious super snacks all photographed by Rebecca Yale.

Super Foods for Spring
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Super Foods for Spring
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