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A Genius + Creative Way to Celebrate a Birthday

A few years ago, we featured this gorgeous, moody 30th birthday and we thought it most certainly couldn’t be beat. Fast forward to today, we have the same birthday girl with a brand new soirée and she did it. Anna Wu completely topped her 30th with a genius and oh so creative way to ring in a new year. It’s spoon carving made gorgeous at the hands of Melanie Abrantes + Amanda Vidmar + Kayla F Photography. See it all here!

Each year for my birthday, I like to gather a few of my friends and celebrate with a little party. Last year it was a pottery class; the year before, a lovely dinner party in the garden.

This year, I decided to get creative again, this time with a spoon carving workshop taught by Oakland-based artist Melanie Abrantes.

We learned to gouge, whittle, and finish our wooden spoons and each went home with a one-of-a-kind piece. Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in making this a wonderful celebration!

Photography: Anna Wu Photography | Photography: Kayla F Photography | Flowers: Amanda Vidmar | Cupcakes: Sift Dessert Bar | Calligraphy: Brown Fox Calligraphy | Spoon Carving: Melanie Abrantes

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A Sweet 5th Birthday Through the Lens of a Genius Photographer

When your dad is the one and only Greg Finck Photography, it’s a given your birthday bash is going to be captured beautifully. Sweet Juliette turned the big 5 and for her celebration a woodland inspired party was in order. Feathers and critter masks, pine trees and a golden topped cake all make this day one for the books. See even more right here!

This is the birthday celebration of my baby girl Juliette, who just turned 5 two weeks ago in Paris. This year, I had decided to throw a Woodland Animals theme party, with the great help of Synie for the cake and pastries.

We decorated our apartment in a glitter and pastel  color palette, and brought some touches of greenery in the decor. Synie designed a wonderful vanilla/raspberry cake in the same color palette. She also designed these stunning feather cookies, covered with glitter. They were as yummy as beautiful. Finally, she designed and cooked these small watercolor cookies, bringing a soft touch to the buffet.

Juliette wanted to dress as Pocahontas to match the theme, so we dressed her with a native American dress, a fake fur, and some Minnetonka shoes. She wore a bohemian feather crown from Addaxfeathers via Etsy.

We kept the buffet very simple with a feather garland from My Little Day, some jars containing Lemon Squash and Grenadine. The kids have fun at a Photo Booth with personalized animals mask, ordered via HipHipHaRae on Etsy.

Photography: Greg Finck Photography | Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins | Animal Masks: Hip Hip Ha Rae | Cake and Pastries: Synies | Feather Crown: Addaxfeathers | Feather garland and accessories: My Little Day | Jars: Casa | Private Home: Private Home

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This Studio is an Entertainer’s Dream Space

When your studio is so gorgeously designed, it is prettier than most homes, you know you’ve got a good space on your hands. And I’m only slightly jealous of that whole wall full of entertaining accoutrements. Ok, ok maybe a bit more than slightly but do you blame me? Tour the stunning hub of Spread Love EventsThe Collection Rentals through the lens of Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography  and prepare to fall hard for all those well styled bookshelves.

It’s every creative’s dream to have a space to call their own! Spread Love Events has been able to tick that goal off their list, opening their own studio on the North Shore of Vancouver, Canada in 2016. Sharing the space with their sister company, The Collection Rentals, principal planner and creative director Ashley Bond had a vision in mind from the start.

“When we first found this space it was exactly the size we wanted – but it had a black and red lino floor, black ceiling and very little natural light! It needed some love but we could see it had so much potential!”

Along with her team, Ashley set out to transform the space into an inspiring yet functional work environment.

“We wanted our studio to be visually pleasing for ourselves and our clients, but also practical. We knew we wanted to have a lounge area to showcase our rental furniture, an inviting table to meet at and natural light; but we also needed more practical items like work desks, shelving for our inventory, an industrial sink, and plenty of space for designing and creating our florals, stationery and decor.

“We chose some specialty pieces from Restoration Hardware and The Cross Decor and Design in Vancouver, and combined these with other affordable pieces we picked up along the way that still complemented the more modern aesthetic we were after. We’re pretty thrilled with how it came together!”

I feel most inspired when I’m out in nature, or taking in the sights and sounds of a new neighborhood or city. Creating the space and time to allow your mind to wander and dream, and eyes to take in new environments, is so important. For me, it’s when I feel free to explore (in my mind or through a forest or city) that the best ideas come. Fortunately our studio is located close to the ocean and the mountains!

Natural environments, fashion and design, personal memories, art, the seasons, architecture and our surroundings inspire our designs. It is important to look outside of weddings for event design inspiration. A pattern, favorite song, or place is enough for us to begin the inspiration process with our clients. Ultimately our designs are about our clients, reflecting what they love and how they fell in love or like to celebrate.

Photography: Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography | Styling: Spread Love Events | Hair and Makeup: Denise Elliot | Ceramics: Provide | Furniture and Decor: The Cross Decor + Design | Furniture and Decor: The Collection